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7-Pin Interface Cables


Core Sound is pleased to offer the widest range of low cost 7-pin digital audio interface cables. They allow Sony's portable DAT recorders (e.g., TCD-D3, TCD-D7, TCD-D8, TCD-D100 and PCM-M1) to interface to other pro and consumer digital audio devices and to each other. They're a low cost alternative to Sony's high-priced accessory cables, often in short supply here in the US and around the world. Some of our cables offer interface options that are otherwise unavailable.

All Core Sound digital audio cables use the highest quality Teflon-jacketed, impedance controlled coaxial cable. All connectors are soldered using premium high-strength, silver-bearing solder.

All of our 7-pin cables are passive. Passive cables work fine in almost all situations except in a very few situations. (Need to know more about the constraints and limitations of various 7-pin cables in lots of different situations? See our 7-Pin Bible!)

Feel free to call us to discuss your cable needs.


The Sony 7-pin interface uses the S/PDIF data format but its voltage levels are not per the standard. If you n