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Core Sound 7-Pin Interface Cables for Sony Portable DATs

The Sony 7-pin interface uses the S/PDIF data format but its voltage levels are not per the standard. If you need a strict S/PDIF-standard signal, the Sony signals must be converted to the proper levels.

7-Pin-To-Coax Cable: Straying from the ideal (i.e., you don't need a strict S/PDIF-standard voltage level), if you want to record from a Sony portable DAT to another device's coax (RCA) inputs, almost all of them will accept the Sony's levels even though they're not per the S/PDIF standard. We've found that Sony DTC-75ES, -59ES, -60ES, -670, -690, PCM-2600, PCM-R500/R300, Tascam DA-20, -P1, -30 Mk II, Panasonic SV-3700 and -3900, Radius Telecast and Audio Media II and III cards (for the PC & Mac computers), Zefiro ZA1 and ZA2 cards (for the PC), Lucid Technologies PCI-24 card (for the Mac and PC), Event Gina, Audio Alchemy DTI Pro32, Audiowerk 8, Terratec EWS64XL, Creative Labs SBLive, Opcode DATport and Sonicport, the DAT-heads DSD, Fairlight CMI3 Digital Sample Card, Yamaha 03D digital mixer, Midiman/M-Audio's Audiophile and DIO, Philips Acoustic Edge, all Turtle Beach cards and our DFT and DPP products all accept it with no problems. So we offer the "7-pin-to-coax" cable at low cost ($45). It works fine with every deck it's been tried with, including between the new Sony TCD-D100 and the Tascam DA-20.

Coax-To-7-Pin Cable: If you want to record from a device with a coax output to your Sony portable, another simple cable: the "Coax-to-7-pin" cable will do the job. It too is $45. This cable will work fine with all modern Tascam decks including the DA-P1, DA-20 and DA-30, most Sony decks including the DTC-59ES, -A7, -R500/-R300 and PCM-2600, the MTU Microsound system, Fairlight CMI3 Digital Sample Card, Lucid Technologies PCI-24 card (for the Mac and PC), Yamaha 03D digital mixer and Roland VS-880 hard disk recorder. It also works fine between the TCD-D100 and the Audio Alchemy DTI Pro32. It works fine between the newer Sony portable DAT decks (PCM-M1 and TCD-D100) and the Opcode DATport/Sonicport, however older Sony portable decks (TCD-D3, -D7 and -D8) will not accept the Opcodes' voltage. There are some devices that do not generate the right voltages for the Sony portable DATs -- these include the oldest Sony DAT decks (e.g., DTC-75ES), Marantz CD players, some Turtle Beach sound cards, the older Creative Labs SBLive card (the newest cards do work!), some Event cards (Layla), E-Mu ESI-4000 turbo sampler, Ensoniq ASR-10 sampler and the Audiomedia III card for the PC computer. Sony also makes a cable (the RK-DA10P) that will work with these. The Zefiro ZA2 card will work fine after shorting one resistor on the ZA2 -- contact Zefiro for details. Some Event Gina card work fine. If you have a deck or device that we haven't mentioned please contact us.

7-Pin Combi Cable: The two simple 7-pin/coax cables can be hooked together with a simple coax-jack-to-coax-jack adapter (a "barrel"). This creates a 7-pin-to-7-pin cable assembly identical in function to our TCD-Cable (see a description of the TCD-Cable further on). You can use it to record from one Sony portable DAT machine to another Sony portable DAT. And you can disassemble the cable assembly and use its two cables to interface your Sony portable to other devices. We can provide this very useful assembly for $95.

7-Pin-Coax-I/O Cable: If you need both input and output from your Sony portable, a third cable provides them in a single product. It's a "Y" cable with a 7-pin plug at its base and two RCA coax plugs at its branches. Each branch is three feet long. One coax plug is for input and the other is for output. This cable is called the "7-pin-coax-I/O" cable and is priced at $70. The same limitations hold for it as for the 7-Pin-To-Coax and Coax-To-7-Pin cables.

TCD-Cable: If you need to cnnect two Sony Portable DAT machines, Core Sound is pleased to offer the TCD-Cable, a three-foot cable with a 7-pin plug on each end; it allows direct digital connection between two Sony TCD-D3s, TCD-D7s or TCD-D8s. One end is labeled "play/out" and the other "record/in." The "play/out" side is plugged into the playing machine; the "record/in" side is plugged into the recording machine. The TCD-Cable is $65.

7-Pin-to-XLR Cable: We're pleased to introduce a new cable that allows Sony portable DAT machines (TCD-D8, -D7 and -D3) to transfer digital audio to the Fostex D5, Otari DTR-8S, Tascam DA-30, Panasonic SV-3800, T.C. Electronics Finalizer and Sony PCM-2600 via their AES/EBU XLR inputs; it works between the Sony TCD-D100 and the Otari DTR-8S. It also works fine transferring data to an EMU E4X sampler. The Fostex, Sony and Tascam are all smart enough to recognize the Sony's S/PDIF data stream, ignore the the non-standard voltages and even accept Start ID information; they also ignore SCMS. The SV-3800 respects SCMS but does not increase generation counts. We expect to have more information about this cable's suitability for use with other AES/EBU decks soon. The 7-pin-To-XLR cable is priced at $45.

XLR-to-7-Pin cable: We're please to now offer our newest cable, to allow professional digital audio devices using the AES/EBU XLR interfaces to send data to Sony's PCM-M1 and TCD-D100 DAT recorders. (This cable will not work older Sony DAT recorders.) We know that it works fine with the StellaDAT, and expect that it will work well with any device using the standard AES/EBU data and physical format. The XLR-to-7-Pin cable is priced at $45.

All of our cables come with right angle 7-pin-plugs.



For pre-sales consulting or to place an order, call Core Sound at 1.888.538.6744 or 1.201.801.0812.

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