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Core Sound Mic2496 V2
Battery Notes

(Last updated 03/19/2008)

Disclaimer: If you choose to buy and use the Li-Po batteries, battery pack and charger, you do so at your own risk. The Li-Po battery pack and charger are intended for professional use only. Core Sound assumes no resposibility for injuries, damages or losses caused by use or storage of the Li-Po batteries, battery pack and charger, nor for consequential injuries, damages or losses.

V2 was designed to be a battery-powered portable, though it can also be powered from the AC wall (mains) power; its performance was not compromised in any way to make it portable.

The original Mic2496 (V1) could operate for more than 4 hours on a single 9 Volt alkaline (non-rechargeable) battery. But its 48 Volt phantom power supply was not very efficient -- when supplying its maximum 4 milliAmps of current, operating life of the battery was reduced to under 2 hours.

In V2 we've incorporated the extremely efficient 48 Volt circuitry that we developed for our 2Phant dual phantom power supply. As a result, V2 can supply over 10 milliAmps of current per channel, more than four times what the original Mic2496 could do. V2 can power every phantom-powered microphone that's out there, including the Earthworks mics that require the maximum 10 mA of current per channel.

We also added top-notch headphone monitoring to V2, using the expertise we learned from developing our HeadLine portable ADC/headphone amp/ source selector.

V2 is the first battery-powered, portable mic pre-amp/ADC in the world to offer both of these features (headphone monitoring and full-spec 48V phantom power).

All these features require power. V2 was designed to use the leading edge, state-of-the-art in batteries: Lithium-Polymer (Li-Po) cells. Li-Po are the highest power density, rechargeable batteries available today.

The V2's Li-Po option consists of a Li-Po battery pack and a battery charger. The battery pack consists of two protected 15400-series AA-sized 3.7 Volt Li-Po cylindrical batteries and a battery "sled" that houses the two batteries. The sled has two snap-on contacts similar to those on 9 Volt alkaline batteries, and plugs into the two contacts in V2's external battery slot. We can also provide the Li-Po power option without batteries -- we will provide the battery sled and charger only, and you will buy batteries locally.

The first generation of Li-Po batteries were somewhat fussy and potentially even dangerous. If you shorted them out, they could heat up and catch fire. If you charged them to too high a voltage, they failed. If you let them discharge to too low a voltage, again they failed.

The latest generation of Li-Po batteries incorporate circuitry that protects them from shorting out, from being charged to too high a voltage and being discharged too far. And specially designed chargers are now available to charge the Li-Po batteries safely and quickly.

Still, we must caution you: Li-Po batteries can be dangerous if not used and stored correctly. Please follow these guidelines:

  • Only use "protected" 15400-size 3.7 Volt Li-Po batteries and battery packs. Use of unprotected batteries and battery packs, or batteries of other voltages or sizes can cause damage and injury to you, your V2 and other people and property.
  • Only use properly operating battery chargers that are clearly labeled for use with Li-Po batteries and battery packs.
  • Be present during battery charging. Be attentive to the batteries and charger during the charge process.
  • If a Li-Po battery or battery pack (including a protected battery pack) has been accidentally shorted, overcharged or discharged too far, please discard it and dispose of it correctly. Do not use it again.
  • Store the Li-Po batteries and battery pack in a cool, dry place.



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