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Core Sound OctoMic
User Comments

(Last updated 11/07/2018)

Mirek Stiles, Head of Audio Products at Abbey Road Studio in the UK, writes:

I was blown away by the clarity and sense of spatial resolution. When I was informed of the street price, my thoughts were this is going to be a game changer. I recently experimented with composer Stephen Barton and the LSO in Studio One with the OctoMic placed just above the conductor's head. Once encoded into the ambisonic format, the orchestra spread beautifully over everything from binaural headphones right through to the Abbey Road Dolby Premier accredited ATMOS Mix Stage.

This is an awesome piece of hardware for any spatial audio engineer to have in their arsenal!

Bruce Wiggins (University of Derby) wrote:

Just had a quick listen to this with our MSc students (in our 32 speaker listening room). The 2nd order mic is a marked improvement compared to the tetra mic. Sounded really good (especially noticeable in the coughing/talking moments, but more natural sounding and better localisation quality throughout!) Great job, well done!

P.W. wrote:

I have been using an Octomic under VR rigs for several weeks now and it is the smallest and easiest to hide Ambisonics mic I have seen! It also sounds amazing!

A few months later he wrote:

Loving the Octomic. Extremely detailed and great for VR production!

H.C. wrote:

I can say that it indeed makes first order obsolete. I own an OctoMic, and have used first order mics before, and the spatial accuracy you get with the OctoMic is much better.



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