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Core Sound OctoMic™
OctoMic Usage

(Last updated 04/12/2019)


Getting a Copy Your OctoMic's Calibration File and the VST Encoder Plugin

When you've received your OctoMic, please contact us with its serial number. We'll send you the calibration file for your specific OctoMic and a coupon code for downloading the VVOctoEncode VST encoder plugin.

Once you have your coupon code, you can download VVOctoEncode here.

Which side of OctoMic is the front and which capsule is channel #1?

OctoMic's front side is indicated by the "Core" logo.

If you hold OctoMic upright so that the Core logo is facing you, capsule number one is the one directly facing you, in the top capsule ring. If you look down and to the right, you'll see capsule number two, in the lower capsule ring. Capsule numbering alternates between the top and bottom capsule rings, and proceeds toward the right. The odd capsules are all in the top ring. The even capsules are all in the bottom ring.


OctoMic's base houses a 12-pin jack The twelve pins carry eight unbalanced microphone signals, power and ground.

Cabling for the PPAc8 System

The compact PPAc8 transmitter box converts the OctoMic's unbalanced audio signals to balanced ones. It allows a maximum separation between OctoMic and your recorder/soundcard of more than 500 feet. It is very immune to picking up electromagnetic noise and hum.

One end of a PPAc8 cable connects to OctoMic and the other end to the PPAc8 transmitter. Two rugged shielded Ethercon cables connect between the PPAc8 Transmitter, and the two PPAc8 receivers. Each PPAc8 receiver has four short cables coming out of it; each terminates in a color-coded XLR-M plug. Plug a total of eight XLR-M plugs (four from each PPAc8 receiver) into your recorder/soundcard.

OctoMic is normally powered by your recorder's or mic pre-amp's 48 Volt Phantom Power via the PPAc8 System. Provide 48 Volt phantom power on all eight channels. The PPAc8 system can also be powered by an external battery pack.


When OctoMic is used with its PPAc8 system, it can be powered either by standard 48 Volt Phantom Power or an external DC battery/power supply that provides between 9 and 12 Volts DC. Apply 48 Volt phantom power on all eight channels. A single alkaline 9 Volt battery (type MN1604) will power OctoMic for more than 2.5 hours.



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