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ATI ML200: Portable Dual Channel Microphone Pre-Amp

Power Supplies

  • WA100-1 Wall mount power supply (UL), 24VDC @ .4amp, 115 VAC/60Hz.
  • WA100-2 Wall mount power supply or Table top power supply with IEC 320 Male 3 pin AC input connector, 24VDC @ .4amp, 230VAC/50Hz
  • PH48-1 48VDC phantom power option

Rack Mount Kits

  • 20604-501 Center mount for single unit
  • 20604-502 Side-by-side mount for two units
  • 20604-503 Side-by-side mount for three units

Desk Mount Kits

  • 20617-501 Angled Desk Mount Base.
  • 20617-502 Angled Desk Mount Base and One Stacker(2 units high).
  • 20617-503 Angled Desk Mount Base and Two Stackers(3 units high).
  • 20617-504 Stacker (2 units high)
  • 20604-504 Horizontal Joiner (2 units side-by-side)

Field Accessories

  • PROK-1 Unit protection kit which consists of a set of side plates with attached side brackets. The side plates protect the front panel controls and the rear XLR connectors from impact damage, and for attachment to carry strap (not included); the slide brackets provide ease of access and exchange of the power assemblies i.e. PPA, DCA, or BBU. ($75)
  • ABAG-1 Carry case with strap (PROK-1 included), houses the MX series of mixers with PPA, DCA, or BBU. ($125)

Remote Power Packs - For use with Field Accessories

  • PPA-1 Integrated power pack assembly for remote operation which mounts to a mixer. Includes housing, rechargable gel-cell battery pack (four hours operation), and an external battery charger operating at 115VAC/60Hz.
  • PPA-2 Same as above except battery charger operating at 230VAC/50Hz. Europlug. Contact factory for other plug configurations.
  • PPA-B Extra rechargable battery pack, charger not included.
  • DCA100-1 Integrated DC/DC assembly which mounts to a mixer and accepts external battery power with DC inputs from 10 to 32 volts to produce 24VDC at 200mA maximum.
  • BBU100-1 Battery Pack houses four 9V alkaline or lithium batteries (not included) for remote operation or back-up power. (~1/2-inch thick plate that mounts under the ML200)


For pre-sales consulting or to place an order, call Core Sound at 1.888.538.6744 or 1.201.801.0812.

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