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Core Sound Attenuator Cables

When recording loud sound sources, sensitive microphones can put out a level that overloads a recorder's microphone pre-amp. Knowledgable tapers would then switch the mics to feed the line inputs, which can typically accept a signal 26 dB higher.

However, some devices (e.g., video camcorders and lower priced analog cassette recorders) don't have line inputs. For these devices, our attenuator cables are worthwhile accessories.

And if you want to use a bass roll-off filter with your microphones , you can't use the Line input because its impedance is too high for the filter, so you should again be using an attenuator cable with the Mic input.

And when recording from a soundboard's pro-level outputs into a recorder's line inputs, attenuator cables prevent overloading.

Keep in mind that attenuator cables can't be used between a set of microphones and a recorder if your microphones are powered from the recorder's mic input -- what's sometimes called: "Plug-In Power."

We offer attenuator cables in values of 11, 20 and 32 dB.



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