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Core Sound High End Binaural microphone set (using DPA 4060/4061 capsules)

Core Sound's High End Binaural ("HEB") microphones starts with two DPA 4060 (or DPA 4061) capsules, selected so that they are matched to within 1 dB. To round out the microphone package, Core Sound adds its very rugged battery box (with premium, matched components), custom made cabling, and very reliable, professional quality, USA-made connectors.

The microphones have a satin-black shell. (Beige and white colors are available by special order.) The shell is much smaller than a common jelly bean or pencil eraser: roughly a fifth of an inch (.54 cm) in diameter and a half-inch (1.27 cm) long. The microphone cable enters the shell from the bottom. Removable light-duty foam windscreens are available in black. (Other color windscreens are available by special order).

A flexible, shielded 1.6mm cable exits the base of each microphone. The cables from the two microphones are bound into a single cable roughly twelve inches from the microphones. The cable runs for six feet and terminates in a high reliability, US-made multi-pin locking mini-XLR plug; the mini-XLR plug connects to the battery box. Also connected to the multi-pin plug (in a "Y" configuration) is a two foot cable terminating in a gold-plated, stereo, 1/8-inch (3.5 mm) mini-phone plug. Other connectors can be supplied on request, including high quality right-angle 1/8-inch (3.5mm), XLR, RCA and 1/4-inch phone plugs.

We recommend ordering a pair of DPA DMM0004 miniature clips along with the HEBs. They're perfectly suited to allow you mount the two DPA capsules to the earpieces of your eyeglasses, the band of a hat, and many other places.

The HEBs can be configured to be powered directly from our Mic2496 dual microphone pre-amp/A-to-D converter. The two DPA capsules are terminated in a single mini-XLR plug; no battery box is required.

By special order, we can provide the DPA4061s (or DPA4060s) with connectorized cables, so that they can be used individually, outside of the High-End Binaural system. A wide variety of connectors are available -- please contact us for details.

For binaural recordings the cartridges are aimed outward (not forward) much as your ears are. This copies the human ear, ensures a true binaural pickup pattern, and accurately captures sonic information coming from all directions.

For stereo recordings, the microphones are arranged as "spaced array," with each microphone placed eighteen-inches to three feet from the other and facing forward. Another alternative that provides superior stereo imaging, is to use a Jecklin Disk or Schneider Disk.

The 4060/4061's microphone element has been specially designed to provide optimum performance even when exposed to high humidity, perspiration, wind and pop-noise.



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