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Core Sound Stealthy Cardioid microphone set (tm)

C.F. wrote:

I purchased my Core Sound Cardioids with the fixed battery box last May and have been delighted with the results. I have recorded between 50 and 60 shows, mostly rock bands, during that time frame and have found the recordings to be excellent, even in different acoustical settings.

...your product has been an exceptional performer for me and I appreciate your work!

M.A. in Wisconsin wrote:

Order Received!!! ...the stealthy cards arrived. I thought my previous mics were good but yours are GREAT! I love the quality and they really are nearly perfectly matched. My old mics (diff vendor) were WAY off with the left channel being extremely low. Nonetheless thanks for using top quality gear, even the cables are impressive. Thanks for excellent service.

A. in France wrote:

I've bought few years ago (in 2005) one stealthy cardiod mic and I have to say that this is one of my best bought I've done in my life. (really) These mics is real treasure and gave me lot of pleasure with personnal recordings.

(first, sorry for my english, I'm french but I try to write english)

D.T. wrote:

I bought these from you about a year ago , to say I am delighted is an understatement, great recordings.

R.M. wrote:

I debuted your cardioid mics this evening...


T.H. wrote:

I just checked my mailbox here at work and was astounded to see a package from Core Sound! I just placed this order on Friday . . . and my mics are here? Amazing! I appreciate your incredibly quick attention to this order so much. The mics I've been using gave up the ghost a few shows ago, and while I have had mics on order with another maker for quite awhile now, I still don't have them. I feel certain that my favorite band's current tour will be long over by the time those mics reach me. But now it doesn't matter, and I can get back to recording! These new mics will be at 4 shows in 4 states over 8 days beginning on Thursday, and I'll probably be the only taper at all of those shows. Many, many thanks for your incredible service!

M.R. wrote:

I used the mics this past weekend and everything is great, I made maybe my best tape of one of my favorite bands, I couldn't be happier.

R.M., in Boise Idaho, wrote:

...I bought a pair of Stealthy Cardiod mics from you more than 10-years ago. I use them all the time since they are the best thing since sliced bread! I will call in an order tomorrow for a pair of the low cost mics for use with my jazz ukulele.

M.W. wrote:

I wanted to let you know that I used my stealthy cardioid mics to record a concert. The quality from the mics is amazing!!

R.D. wrote:

Thanks alot for getting the Stealthy Cardioid Set to me so quickly!

Last night I used them to record an outdoor Allman Bros. show, 60 rows back, on a stand with a shock mount 8 feet high and 12 inches apart. The recording is incredible! I can't wait to use them indoors!

P.I., an MD taper in Australia, wrote:

I used your Steathy Cardioids to record 5 concerts. 3 in Sydney and 2 in Melbourne, all of the same artist (Elvis Costello and the Imposters). The Melbourne venue had better acoustics and sounds great right off the recordings. The Sydney shows were a bit muddy sounding in the venue (way too much high bass/low midrange 200 - 600 Hz) but still reveal more detail on the (minidisc) recording than they did to my ears during the shows! A little tweaking of the EQ and people are raving about the Sydney shows too (and these are people who've heard a lot of audience recordings). I found that the noise levels were acceptably low - and the the mics (mounted on my jacket) were fairly resistant to any movement I made during the show.

All in all I'm one satisfied customer and have already recommended your mics to a frustrated US friend who's never got really good recordings!

R.M., an MD taper in NJ, wrote:

My wife and I have been using your Stealthy Cardioid microphones for about a year now, together with our Sony Walkman MD MZ-R909. We have used it to record our children's High School Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble as well as individual performances and audition presentations. Wow. The sound quality is phenomenal and amazingly lifelike. Thanks for a great product which actually lives up to its hype!

D.S. wrote:

I have purchased 2 sets of mics from you. First a set of binaurals and later a set of cardioids. I currently use a D-8 with the stealthy cardioids and the standard battery box. My main "band of choice" for taping is Bon Jovi. I captured 11 shows in the last 1/2 of 2000 with the above setup and after mastering in my computer (SV-3500 to Delta 66, Wavelab 3.03d and Waves and Arboretum Plugins) traded them heavily in the Jovi tape trading community on CDR. Without exception these shows were called the best ever recorded of the band outside of a few soundboards over the years. One show (an acoustic charity gig) made it's way through a mutual friend to Jon Bon Jovi and his mother and Jon said "this is the way a bootleg is supposed to sound". Well not really a bootleg of course but the band actually likes bootlegs and buys them frequently, so .... :)

J.V.G., a taper in the Netherlands, wrote:

Love lots of different kinds of music. Taped a superb Art Garfunkel show back in 1999. Sitting 4th row, looking Garfunkel right in the eyes, clips mounted to my cap, the recordings turned out to be almost PA quality.

The same year I taped Dream Theater at one of their fanclub shows. The boot cd that came out (some stuped fuck used my recordings!) was grated better than the official FanClub CD! The fanclub members love the cd. Thanks to your mics.

Last year I recorded Spock's Beard in the fucking rain. You can even hear the rain falling on my umbrella! What a sound. And then Slayer: soundboard recording! With your mics!

Keep on doing the good work.

G.S. wrote:

I'm just writing to you to let you know how my Stealthy Cardioids worked. I saw Our Lady Peace in a small music hall (500 capacity) the other night. I stood probably 60 feet from the speakers right in the middle of the crowd. It was a very loud crowd and I had the mics clipped on the hood of my sweatshirt. It picked up the band great. Very minimal crowd noise, especially for where I was standing. There was no apparent bass boom, you can actually hear all instruments, but the vocals are amazing. ...

Once again, I couldn't be happier with the mics. Thank you very much.

A.C., in Australia, wrote:

I just got in from the Matchbox 20 concert here in Newcastle Australia. I'm listening to the recording I did (stealth, using your cardioids) at the moment and am totally blown away by it.

Being my first attempt I was not expecting such an excellent result but your microphones are little champions - crowd noise is barely noticeable but Rob Thomas' voice comes through loud and clear as does every drum hit and guitar string. WOW!!

I had less than perfect placement of the microphones - one through a buttonhole on my shirt and the other clipped just inside the top of my collar. I was being a bit anal about being spotted so I thought these were the safest locations so as not to be noticed... If I can acheive such great results on my first attempt, who knows what can be acheived with more practice.

I could keep going on about how happy I am with your microphones but I'll leave it here. Once again well done on such fine equipment.

[He then wrote us again!]

I ordered your stealth cardioids from you last year and just wanted to let you know that I uploaded a few songs from 2 concerts I recorded to get some feedback on their quality and the first response I read gave them an "A" quality.

Here's the message posted on the minidiscussion website in the live recording section: "Hey andrew I just downloaded and listened to all your mp3's u recorded and have to say those recordings are very ****ing good! I have like 150 pearl jam audio bootlegs and I'd rate those A. They are really good man. Everyone else should take a listen."

I sent you an email saying I was impressed with the first recording but I thought you'd like to know that other people thought the quality was very good also.

[and he wrote again:]

i just recorded another concert (Australian band Powderfinger) with your stealth cardioids. its the first one i've done in a while but once again the results are amazing.

my mate had a listen to the recording right after the concert and was blown away by how much clearer the sound i recorded was compared to the boomy nature of the auditorium.

i now expect top results from your microphones all the time and once again they proved to be a quality piece of equipment.

Dave wrote:

I recently purchased a copy of your Stealthy Cardioid mics with the battery box and I finally got a chance to use them at a show. I went to an A Perfect Circle show at a venue with VERY bad sound, the building was over 100 years old with horrible acoustics that reverberated the bass making it very hard to understand the lyrics. After having the levels on my Minidisc recorder way too high for the opening band I lowered them a bit and recorded the show not expecting it to come out good at all; I've heard too many recording with the bass just making the recording shakey and unlistenable. While I still had a bit of clipping (Live and Learn about the levels...have to bring a flashlight next time to check them during the show) I was shocked to listen to it in the car and hear the vocals plain as day. The recording was amazing! Being my first ever attempt I figured it would sound horrible, but it sounded great.

I was a little nervous about the amount of bass (there was some venue rattling bass parts) and the lack of a bass rolloff filter on the battery box but like you assured me, there was absolutely no problems with the bass...it ended up being the highend that gave me the problems (which were caused by level setting errors on my part). The two people behind me who wouldn't stop talking for the show were also nearly impossible to hear except for silence between songs...the cardioid mics picking up mosly sound where they were "aimed" really took them out of the equation.

I wore the mics on my shoulders taped down by simple grip tape for hockey sticks since it would stick pretty well but left no sticky stuff behind. I wore a black mesh football jersey over it them to conceal them and allow the sound to pass right through. I was also a good deal back from the stage and speaker stacks (about 150 feet or so) so the mics worked as promised for loud sounds far from the source.

I'd highly recommend the mics to anybody looking for a great recording that won't wipe out their wallets.

T.E. wrote:

I doubt that you need any more testimonials....

I have recorded two shows now with your Core-Sound Cardioid Mikes, with amazing results. First, Edgar Winter / Night Ranger in a small dance hall, about 500 people. The mikes did not pick up most of the crowd noise. I had them pointed at the stacks, and got an amazing stereo recording. Then last weekend I recorded Roger Waters in Boise, ID. The crowd was rather unruly, we were about 70 yards from the stack. My impression during the show was that my tape would probably have a lot of crowd noise on it, and not too much music. Wrong again, the cardioids made my recording sound way better than I was able to hear with my own ears at the time.

Thanks for a great product, and great service.

C.T. wrote:

The mics themselves work great. I'm not an audiophile and I've never recorded live before getting these mics so I have nothing to compare them against but to me they are worth the money and I do get the sound I would expect from mics that cost this much. When I was comparing mics available on the net these stealth cardioids seemed to be the best thought out design, with the smallest battery box and the sturdiest removable clips (which work suberbly well).

The stereo imaging that the mics provide is awesome. Obviously a good soundsystem is required and you need to stand in the correct spot, but I didn't think that the stereo imaging would be so noticeable with the mics only shoulder length apart. Some of my earlier recordings I did partly in mono but I do everything in stereo now even though it costs twice as much as mono. Even when recording from a mono pa I think stereo recording provides a more 'natural' sound especially when playing back through headphones because there are slight differences from each channel.

The cardioid option is great for restricting unwanted noise from behind. I tape mainly is smallish pubs and larger clubs and most of the time the best location for sound is in the middle of the audience and invariably there are people talking but if you point the mics away from the unwanted sound it hardly appears on the recording!

Mike wrote:

Been using a Sony Ecm 959a since '95. A friend bought some marc sounds mics a year or so ago..Been very jealous of his hands off advantage, till now. We both did George Clinton last week. My first with Core Sound Cardioids. Used my Pcm m1. Being follically challenged, I clipped them to my shirt (black) collar.Took a chance(since my friend was taping to) and set it on Mic in/Auto Agc/low mic sensitivity. Tried that because of the Pcm's low level noise when the meter light is on. Course I could use a pinlight flashlight to check my meters, but who needs another piece of equipment to screw around with. Boy I'm I happy with the results!!! I can see the possible need for a line in setting with bands intent on rivelin L.A. International, but Clinton was loud and there is no distortion at all. I had been concerned about a couple reviewers need to turn up the bass after the fact (I've trained all my stereos to be bass heavy, I love it!! ) , But the bass is perfect. As is everything else. No E.Q. will be needed on this one. I think your Cardioids did a much better overall job than my friends marc sounds. Many thanks!!

J.M. wrote:

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the set of stealth cardioids I recently purchased from you. I used the mics with my Sony MZ-R70 minidisc recorder recently, and the quality of the recording is amazing. Thanks for developing an excellent product.

J.K. wrote:

I just wanted to get back to you regarding the mikes I purchased. I recorded two Springsteen shows recently and was blown away by the sound. I was pretty bad seats for one of the shows, but I actually got a better sound, even though I was further away from the speakers. I've gotten a couple of recordings of other shows from this tour, and these are two of the best I've heard! The vocals are just so clear!! As you can tell, I'm quite happy! ...

I also used the mikes for a unique recording yesterday. I was at the sports car races at Lime Rock Park. I thought it might be fun to do some field recordings with your mikes and my minidisk. I was able to position the mikes on the fencing next to the track. Lime Rock is set in a natural amphitheater, surrounded by woods and hills. The sound of the V8 Fords, flat 6 Porsches, and V12 Ferrari's just came out wonderfully. I was able to place myself on the inside a corner, and place one mike facing the enterance of the corner and the other on the exit. What a fantastic stereo recording it made!

Thanks again!

P.K. wrote:

A few comments about the Stealthy Cardioids. I recently taped one of the Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band reunion tour shows. The tour has gotten universal criticism for the quality of the sound at the shows. Too much echo, speakers are very directional and in a lot of places most of the sound coming to a particular spot is reflected. The tape I obtained with the Core Sound Stealthy Cardioids is breathtaking, however. I've heard several other tapes of this particular show, and the one I recorded with your mics is hands down the best. I attribute this to the directionality of the mics in rejecting reflected sound (and drunk bozos behind and next to me), and the frequency response of the mics, which rejects bass boominess and emphasizes the highs in the direct sound.

All in all, a fine tape, a fine set of mics. Congratulations.

R.S. wrote:

I bought a pair of cardioid's a while back but have not put them to a good test.

I was at an arena show last night and taped from about the center ice area but about half way up... there were morons all around hooting and hollering. I had those mics fixed to my head and I did not move my head all night... 3 hours.. (boy was I stiff after the show..)

Anyway, the sound is INCREDIBLE.. the morons were not captured on DAT and I'm extremely pleased with the performance.

I'm a convert!!

A.K. wrote:

I purchased your stealth cardioid mics on Thursday, and first want to say thanks for getting them to me by Friday. I just got back from a Bob Dylan concert, in which I tested the mics out. I was kind of skeptical about how things would turn out, but I must admit I am amazed. While the bass is a bit light, the recording still sounds like I was right next to the PA (I was the second farthest row back in the arena). I can even understand Bob Dylan's words better on the recording than I did while actually watching the show. You mics are great, and thanks for the rush order.

S.C. in the UK wrote:

This is a quick email to let you know how pleased I am with my Coresound Cardioid microphones. I used them last week for the first time and I cannot get over the quality of the resulting tape using my Sony D8 DAT. The tape I have sounds better than the actual concert did at the time. For taping rock concerts these microphones are the business.

E.P. from NJ writes:

I finally got to use my Cardioid mics last night with my WMD3 at Roseland (I taped Beck). The recording came out great. I was standing all the way in the back, yet the recording sounds like I'm standing right next to band.

M.F. from Illinois, writes:

How do they compare to more expensive microphones? I was able to get a copy of the 12/29/96 show made with Gefell M300 mics [approximately $1000 per pair], a Beyerdynamics MV100 & DA-P1. ... The bass response seemed about the same, but the Gefells didn't sound as 'bright' as the Core Sound mics did. The vocals and percussion had a more 'rounded' feel to them. Overall, I think the Gefells produced a more pleasing recording, but not by much!

To sum up -- both Core Sound mics are easy to use and ideal for stealth situations. The omnis [Core Sound Binaurals] work well in outdoor venues and up-front with a quiet crowd. The cardioids seem to work better indoors and when further back. When you consider their cost, they give good value for the money.

A West Coast taper writes:

I taped a well-known band in a small East Bay club with no problem -- their size is a major plus. And the sound on tape is even better than I expected (and I expected it to be quite good).

J.S. wrote:

Just wanted to thank you for the speedy service in shipping my Stealth Cardioids. They work great and have a very clean sound ("clean" is the first word I thought of when hearing the recording), just the way it sounded at the concert. They do need a bass boost on playback, but that's easy to do with a little EQ, and this adds no noise (on the contrary, when having to boost treble during playback a hiss noise is invariably added). Anyway, thanks, you have another customer for life!

D.T. from Indiana, write:

I got your mics about a week ago and can't say enough about how great they are. The Cardioid Stealths are small and very good. I taped my first show (Keb Mo) with them and with a few mistakes on my part the show still turned out quite nice. Last night I went to see a ska band (mU330) and taped from the audience about 10-15 ft. from the stacks. The sound is awesome. Brings back the night's show tremendously well, only a little crowd noise. Also the vocals were superb. During the show I thought the vocals were too low in the mix, but on the tape they were crystal clear. My friend borrowed the mics to tape the Counting Crows in an auditorium and he said the sound is remarkable, especially the vocals.

You have a very satisfied customer in Bloomington and my friend may be placing an order as well.

[A few weeks later he wrote again.]

You're probably getting tired of these messages but I just wanted to say I've taped three shows since the last time I emailed you and they are great. I have been collecting bootlegs for years but just started taping shows myself with your mics. The shows I've taped are the pride of my collection. And a few are some of the best sounding I have. So the Cardioids have made me very happy and I just wanted to thank you again.

[And then he wrote again!]

A few weeks ago i took the little mics to see a punk triple bill that included Shades Apart/Suicide Machines/and the Descendents. Your mics not only captured the sound remarkably well but they survived being near a large mosh pit. They are VERY durable and didn't fall off my collar which is where i have decided to keep locating your mics.

Fortunately I was at a more laid back venue to see Art Alexakis from Everclear perform solo/acoustic. The tape is awesome! Great sound a little crowd noise since it was a packed bar, but not very noticeable during the songs. ...

Thanks again for making these great mics.

[and again!]

Just wanted to say hello and let you know that I'm still taping shows with the CS Cardoids, it's just that I was gone for the summer. I'll say right now that I taped MANY shows in a variety of venues and am still quite happy with the mics. I did have some problems with outdoor venues due to the windy days in S. Florida where I spent my time.

Best tape had to be Rollins Band. It was so loud that I could feel the bass lift me off the floor. But the tape came out perfect with no bass distortion.

J.M. wrote:

My experience at the CC show was similar to Jonathans' 2/20. It was also my first attempt with the Core Sounds Cardioids. The vocals and guitars have a fantastic presence. ... We should expect some good shows from these (not affiliated, just presently satisfied).

S.H. writes:

I just tried out the new Cardioid mics at a pretty loud concert with a ton of (techno like) bass, yet the recording has a pretty flat bass, which really suprised me. The clarity of the recording is pretty remarkable. ...The vocals and the drums came through very nicely. I would say the recording sounded better than the actual show when it was happening.

D.L. wrote:

Just purchased the new Core Sound Stealthy Cardioid mikes. I've taped a few shows with them, with varying results unrelated to mike quality (positioning, Room quality, etc). Last night, however, these mikes proved to be of remarkable high quality. I taped Bela Fleck at the Knitting Factory in NYC. Since Bela allows taping, I did not need to stealth them. Instead, I lucked into the first row center balcony seat, attached the mikes to the railing, and spread them as far as the cable would allow, about 3 feet. The Knitting Factory's main PA speaks are at eye level to first row of the balcony, so that the mikes were pointed directly at the PA, maybe 30 feet away. The Knit is a small room, with nice acoustics, with a wonderful ambiance. The DAT is extraordinary in its ability to both capture the room feel, and to reproduce the music in a crystal clear fashion. All instruments are easily distinguishable, and there is no "muddiness" at all. The uni-directional nature of the mikes rejected the mild bit of chatting behind me, so that unwanted crowd noise is not present.

I'm very pleased with the results.

I have no connection with Core Sound other than as a satisfied customer.

M.G. wrote:

The 2nd show I taped was Grand Funk Railroad, in a true stealth setting. I was in quite possible the most horrible taping seats I could ask for ;) The venue seats 12,000, I was at the very back, very top row slightly left of the stage. I sat atop the back of my chair in an attempt to get away from as much close up crowd noise as possible. Mounted the CSSC's on my glasses using the supplied clips & ran the cable down the back of my shirt, into my purse that held the battery box, D3 & Eco Charge battery back. The concert was the quietest I have ever attended at the venue, usually my ears ring for a few hours after the show, but this time not at all. (maybe I am going deaf ;) Set the 'MIC ATT' switch on the D3 to '20db' and the recording level at about 6. Being very nervous about going over 0db, I check the levels frequently. I was afraid that this would show on the recording, me tilting the mics downward to check the D3, but it did not come through at all on the recording. On to the actual recording. Amazing. Great response. Bass was fine, not boomy at all, and the mids and highs were very clean.

Anyways, I am very happy with my CSSC's, and look forward to taping with them all summer.

J.M. writes:

I recorded about 20 hours of music this past weekend with the Stealth Cardioid mics. The tapes came out incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am extremely happy with them!!!!!!!! I recorded in every possible situation -- far away, close up, in a tent, outdoor stages, indoor arenas, etc. -- the festival I went to had about 15 different venues, so I was able to try them out in lots of different settings.

I will definitely spread the word about your mics -- they are the best stealth mics I've ever used!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C.W. wrote:

I just wanted to get back to you on my experiences with the Cardioids. I've used them to record 2 arena shows, and 2 club shows. First, the mics are really great at cutting out excess crowd noise. While at the shows, I could hear people's conversations around me, but the conversations are not on the tapes. Also the cheering of the crowd doesn't drown out the performance at any point.

T.P. writes:

I want to thank you for delivering a pair of your cardiod microphones to me in record time. My current favorite band in the universe was on tour and was playing 3 venues late last week. Thanks to you and your product, I now have some astounding live recordings. The mid-range and upper frequencies are ultra clear, and the bass is not overpowering. Although the venues were small clubs, there is very little audience noise when the band is not playing, and virtually no audience noise when the band is playing.

G.A., in France, wrote:

I would like to thank you. Last night, I taped the first Springsteen show gave in Paris. I was located at the 8th row, just in front of the mic. The sound is simply brilliant!!!! I followed your advices: I switched to low sens and turn on the recording level to 8 or 9: no distortion, the recording level is always above -12 db, the overall dynamic is of a great magnitude, and the recording avoid much of the crowd noise. This show was, in the short term, my main objective and it succeed!!!

J.B. writes:

Hey! I'm loving the CSCs! That pickup pattern is really ideal in less-than-ideal situations!

Just thought you might want to see what some other traders were saying about my recordings with your mics. This guy uses Neumann KM184s on a regular basis as well.

[Quoted from mail he received:] "...got your tape today. I think it sounds great! At first i thought it was lacking bass but two minutes into it I realized that it was just good clean sound! These are the Core Sound Cards? How much are they?? I may rather stealth with these rather than sonics."

J.L. writes:

The Stealthy Cardioids are incredible. I was BOB [in back of the soundboard] by one section, approx. 200-250 ft from the center-stage-left. Using a painters-helper (adjustable long handle for a paint brush to get to ceiling) pole and a #1 spring clip I attached the mic's and raised them about 7ft from the ground. I couldn't be happier.

The sound is some of the best I've recorded live.

H.T., in Hawaii, writes:

I would like to thank you for making those mics! I had the opportunity to use them for the very first time yesterday. I taped 311 and Wu Tang Clan and I couldn't believe the clarity of what I had recorded. I plugged the mic into the line in jack and set the level at 4.5 and positioned myself 10 feet away from the stacks (unfortunately I was surrounded by many ppl who talked quite a bit hahaha). ...the tapes came out pretty cool and clear.

R.T., in the Midwest, writes:

Been using the heck out of the CS cardioid mics you sent me. An excellent tool. Seem to address what few shortcomings I experienced in my old non-rolled off CSBs, due certainly in large part to my usual taping environment (loud rock in small, SRO clubs).

J.S. wrote:

I recently recorded Ziggy Marley in Austin with my coresound cardioids. The tape came out great, the clarity is incredible with good instrument separation, though it needs a little bass boost.

R.K., in Germany, wrote:

BTW, a friend of mine bought a pair of direct mics from Marc Sound. I like the way they handle the bass roll-off and they have a very good bass response. But it's all needless because they distort and are not very clean in treble! I have the direct comparisson because we taped the same event! So I think it was a good choice to buy your Cardioids!

Your demo tape is excellent. I think that I will buy your Omnis as soon as I have some money left.

T.H., in NJ, wrote:

just wanted to thank you for getting my new cardioids to me in plenty of time to experiment and tape the recent fleetwood mac show at the e-centre in camden. i am cloning a copy for a friend and am listening to it now. the sound is very impressive and i am glad because this is turning out to be a well sought after trade in the circles i trade in. the vocals are clean and clear, the band mix is excellent with the drums nice and punchy, lindseys guitars sounding nice and thick. the bass is not too boomy. we were in the 26th row, a little off center from the stage left flown array of clair s-4 boxes. the crowd noise is suprisingly quiet (much nicer improvement over the binaurals:-)).

i had experimented with 3 different positions for the mikes beforehand. the first location, at the end of my glasses, next to the lenses allowed for the mikes to point forward, but i felt were too easily noticeable. the sound was fine. the next position was clamped to the sides of my glasses, just as the binaurals go. again, the sound was fine with perhaps a bit more bass...(perhaps some reflection or selective absorption from off of my hair and temples?). the last position was the one we used at the fleetwood mac show. i was able to attach them on the sides of my glasses, pointing forward, just in front of the ears. i am going to record a show using the 2nd position and do a compare and contrast...

R.W., in Tennessee, wrote:

Just wanted to let you know I received my Stealthy Cardioid Microphones a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for the rush job. My intent was to use them a week ago at a Kansas concert but could not go. I used them for the first time last night. I recorded G3 (just Vai and Satriani) at the Mud Island Amphitheater in Memphis, TN. The sound is amazing. The sound is cleaner on the tape than during the actual show. A nice sounding tape dispite a night adversity. ...

Well I have rambled quite enough. Just wanted to say that I am thrilled with your product.

D.R.W. wrote:

I received your cardioid mics on Friday, and thank you for the prompt delivery! I opened the box like I was a kid on Christmas day. My first opportunity to test them out was Sunday night at my church! It's a special college service late at night, with around 400 in attendance. I got there late, so I was stuck in the back row a little to the right. It is a very high-powered service. There were taller people standing all around me singing loudly to the songs, and my own ears didn't pick up a very good sound. After the service, I played the 'concert' on my car stereo, and I was blown away!! The drums were clear, punchy, and had the perfect amount of bass. The acoustic guitar was crystal clear. It's kind of funny that a recording with these things sounds better than what my own ears heard. =) Oh yeah, nobody noticed I had the mics clipped onto my lapels, and I must have said 'hello' to twenty people!

J.S. wrote:

I was wondering how to deal with a situation in which a show I taped may be made a commercial release. No, not to some bootleg company, but actually to the artist's own record company. (btw, the sound quality on this show is excellent, sounds like a soundboard but was recorded with coresound card's 6 feet directly in front of speakers). I did a trade with a guy who works for a record company (which shall remain nameless) which just happened to be the record company of this artist, and he said his boss heard the tape and now wants a DAT of the show. He added "You'd be dealing with him if anything was to happen with it." Of course I didn't get into taping for commercial gain, but should I be paid for taping the show if becomes a commercial release? I've never been in this situation before, so I thought some of you might be able to help.

Y. wrote:

I've got the core sound Cardioids and love em to death~ :). i normally clip them to my collar and stand as close to a PA speaker as i can... (well....i don't go more than 10 feet...unless i want to get some loud person BEHIND me and my mics... ;) and since most of the venues i go to seem to have mono PA, it really doesn't matter if I'm center stage or not...as the stereo effect is nihil... although at times I've tried it and not really liked the sound...too much crowd noise...

N.B. wrote:

I purchased a pair of Stealthy Cardioids a few months back, and I just wanted to let you know that they are phenomenal! I've been able to use them a few times now, and I've been amazed at the turnout of my recordings! Keep up the good work!

D.T. wrote:

First off let me say I used your Cardioids last night at an Everclear show and it came out splendidly. I was dead center of the floor slightly elevated. No one bumped into me only one person talked. What a tapers delight. Your mics really cut through the PA distortion though. I couldn't understand one word at a couple of spots early on, but on playback it was easy to decipher.

H.Z., in the Netherlands, wrote:

Some time ago I purchased your Core Sound Stealthy Cardioid mics. I am very happy with them: they give chrystal clear recordings under difficult (live) circumstances! (and you may quote me on that ;-)

John wrote:

A friend lent me his CS Stealthy Cardioids to tape the Yngwie Malmsteen show at the Birch Hill last night. I did everything wrong, including not mounting the mics properly. They were stuck through the button holes on my shirt, and aside from being too close, they were not even parallel to each other. In spite of this, the mics made a great recording!! Imagine if I used them properly!

B.W. wrote:

You rush ordered a pair of the Cardioid mics to me. I ordered them friday, and got them not even 24 hours later. THANK YOU! This is the most AMAZING tape I have ever made! I was recording in a smallish club, the sound is so rich and full! I've never been able to get a tape like this before!! I can't wait til tuesday and thursday when I get to use them again! Thank you so much!

M.V. wrote:

Well I finally got the chance to test out my new CoreSound Cardoids at this show.. I mounted them on a metal bracket and sewed it into my hat, above the bill... I was very impressed with their sound, particullary with the amount of surrounding crowd noise that wasnt picked up...

T.S., an analog taper, wrote:

Just sitting here listening to my Page Plant Miami show that I recorded on my Sony WM-D3 Stereo analog recorder with your Stealthy Cardioids and I am so amazed still by the sound. Granted I was in an arena with lots of echo and I was right in front of Jimmy Page in the 4th row. So got some echo/reverb when just Plant was talking from the venue. I had a friend put the tapes on cd's for me and they sound incredible. A solid 8-9. My friend thought for sure the tapes came from a DAT source. ...

T.H. wrote:

Got the heavy duty windscreens from you for the cards...used them for the first time at lilith fair in Hershey in the rain. no wind noise at all :-) was in the 28th row right in front of the speakers and made an outstanding recording. Sarah Mclachlan sounds stunning!. thanx.

J.G. wrote:

First of all, I wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed the Stealth Cardioids I purchased back several months ago. I've gotten a lot of use out of them, and they've never failed to satisfy me. Now the only problems I have are user error!

R.W. writes:

The Stealthy Cardioids are still working great. I recorded a couple of Kansas shows at a local casino that some people say sound almost like "soundboard" recordings.

H.C., from the UK, wrote:

Thought you'd appreciate knowing that I've used the Cardioid mics I ordered a few more times recently in a variety of venues both large and small and I am very pleased indeed that I decided to try these in conjunction with my Sony D100.

I recently recorded a show in a large indoor venue which is notorious for it's bad acoustics. I had seats about 25 rows from the stage on the floor and was not expecting any great results from the tape but to my delight it's come out sounding great, the sound is clearer than at the show.

You can hear some echo in the recording but the mics did a great job of getting right to the music and ignoring most of the sound reflections. It sounds like I was standing a lot closer. Plus the bass is handled very well and even some very high frequencies that overwhelmed the sound on the night are kept under control on the recording, excellent stuff.

I also recorded a show in a slightly smaller venue that is often very boomy and bass heavy. Again the mics handled the job very well giving a nice full sound with the vocals in particular coming through very clearly and just the right balance of bass.

The few recordings i've made so far have all sounded better than many I have previously obtained from other sources and I look forward to getting many more in the future.

H.Z., in the Netherlands, wrote

I got this e-mail this week from a guy I traded with, I send him a cd I made of a Cramps show I taped with my Sony MZ-R30 and the Stealth Cardioids: (feel free to quote!)

...I got your CD in the mail and gave it a listen. What a great disc! The sound quality is absolutely exceptional! I have some really good sounding Cramps boots, but this one surpasses all of them. ... Great job, Harold! I would like to know about your taping methods. What equipment do you use? How do you set up your equipment in the show? ... It sounds like it was a great show. Tell me how you made this incredible CD! All I can say is thanks. It was well worth the wait. I love this disc!

I guess he'll be wanting those Stealthy Cardioids too now!



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