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DPA 4003 Omnidirectional Microphone (130 Volt)

Cartridge Type:
Pre-polarized condenser Br?el & Kj?r Type MM0042
Principle of operation:
Frequency Range:
On-axis: 10Hz - 20kHz ?2dB
Cartridge lower limiting frequency (-3dB):
3 to 5Hz
Directional characteristics:
Phase response:
Phase matching between any two microphones: ?10?
Nominally 40mV/Pa; -27dB re. 1V/Pa unloaded (at 250Hz)
Equivalent noise level A-weighted:
Typ. 15dB(A) re. 20 ?Pa (max. 17dB(A))
Equivalent noise level CCIR 468-1:
Typ. 27dB (max. 29dB)
Maximum sound pressure level:
154dB SPL peak (f< 4kHz)
151dB SPL peak (f< 14kHz)
Total harmonic distortion:
129dB SPL peak (<0.5% THD)
135dB SPL peak (<1% THD)
Preamplifier frequency range:
20Hz to 50kHz ?0,2dB
5Hz to 150kHz -3dB
Preamplifier output impedance:
<75 Ohm
Cable drive capability:
With HMA4000: Up to 300m (984ft)
With PCC4000: Up to 100m (328ft)
Microphone Length:
165mm (6.5in)
Microphone diameter:
19mm (0.75in)
150g (5.29oz)
Accessories Included
Microphone Holders & Suspension Mounts
UA0639Microphone Clip
Acoustic Modification Accessories
DD0251Near-field Grid, Silver
DD0297Diffuse-field Grid, Black
UA0638Windscreen for ?16mm (0.63in) Microphone

Accessories Available
Microphone Holders for Musical Instruments
MB4000Magnet Base
Shock Mounts
RSM4000Shock Mount for Windjammer
UA0897Shock Mount
Shock Mount Rubbers
DDS0731Rubber Mount 19mm (0.75in), Medium Soft
Microphone Holders & Suspension Mounts
UA0961Microphone Holder
Stereo Accessories
UA0836Stereo Boom with Holders
UA0837Stereo Boom excluding Holders
Floor & Table Stands
TB4000Table Base
Acoustic Modification Accessories
APE/A>Acoustic Modification Kit, Mono
APE/A>Acoustic Modification Kit, Stereo
L110CAcoustic Pressure Equaliser, 110mm (4.33in) Cylinder
L30BAcoustic Pressure Equaliser, 30mm (1.18in) Ball
L40BAcoustic Pressure Equaliser, 40mm (1.57in) Ball
L50BAcoustic Pressure Equaliser, 50mm (1.97in) Ball
UA0777Nose Cone
Connection Adapters
PCC4000Passive Connection Converter: P48 to 130V
AO0261130V Microphone Cable, 5m (16.4ft) (Type 2812)
DAO0130130V Microphone Cable, 5m (16.4ft) (Type HMA4000)

For usage with:
Microphone Amplifiers
HMA4000Hi-Voltage Microphone Amplifier, 2 channel


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