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DPA 4006 Omnidirectional Microphone (48 Volt)

4006The DPA Audio 4006 is, without a doubt, the most popular microphone in the DPA 4000 series. Since its release in 1982, it has become the worldwide studio standard microphone. It's been rated "Class A" in Stereophile Magazine's Recommended Components List for as long as we can remember.

The 4006 is an omnidirectional condenser microphone using a 1/2-inch diameter diaphragm, with an extremely flat frequency response, high sensitivity and a low noise-floor.

The 4006 is phantom powered (P48), which together with the extended range of acoustic pressure equalizers and protection grids, turns the 4006 into an extremely cost effective solution. All in all, the Type 4006 has up to 7 different acoustic signatures.

The 4006 has gained its reputation through its total transparency in both the near-field and in the diffuse field.


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