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Denecke AD-20/Zefiro Inbox dual Microphone Pre-Amp and 20-bit/44.1 A-to-D (Standalone)

K., a DAT taper in Seattle, wrote:

I LOVE the inbox!!! Working magic with the HEB's and my M1! Thanks my friend. No more debating "Mic In" or "line In" before every show.

DWB, on the DAT-heads mailing list, wrote:

I have a pcm-m1, dpa 4061s and a zefiro inbox [AD-20]. i bought the zefiro because i couldn't stand the 'should i use line in or mic in with or without a -20db attenuator cable' decision before every show. not knowing if i would be able to get acceptable levels drove me mad.

The zefiro is an excellent pre-amp, able to handle the loudest show right at the stacks as well as an acoustic jazz set. solved that problem 100%.

The a-d conversion on the zefiro is way better than that of the m1 to my ears. i had the chance to do an a-b comparison just a few weeks ago with my rig and a pcm m1 dpa4061 rig. the zefiro was much better. (and isn't the sbm-1 the same a-d as the m1? i think so). ...

Speaking for myself and from my own experience, the inbox is a great upgrade to the dpa 4061--pcm-m1 rig. solves a lot of problems with minimal inconvenience.

C.F., a DAT and MD user, wrote:

...BTW, I have been using them with the Zefiro AD-20 connected to my TCD-D7 DAT. I've been plugging your modified AD-20 to my friends, so to speak. The AD-20 turns my dated cheap consumer DAT into an expensive Pro-DAT recorder. My DAT wasn't able to record at 44.1kHz through its analog inputs. With this configuration it gives me 44.1kHz sounding greater than anything it could produce alone. I can plug my balanced output mics straight in without risking buzz with adapters. The digital converter on the AD-20 is probably even better than the ones on most Pro-DAT recorders anyway. The setup of the AD-20 and TCD-D7 is lighter and easier to wear than those bulky Pro-Units also. And, I just got sony's MZ-R55 mini-disc recorder and it works great with the AD-20. Since the MZ-R55 has an optical input, I can run the AD-20 to it and the TCD-D7 and record to both at the same time.

D.H., using our High End Binaural mics, wrote:

Just a quick thank you for getting my new toys to me so fast. I have literally spent the whole day experimenting with them and they look and sound great! The microphones alone are a big improvement over the CSB's (don't get me wrong, I loved those too), but the real magic happens when you hook up the Inbox. I never noticed how canned and tunnelized the music I have been recording sounded until I used the Inbox and compared. It finally has real ambiance. I don't think we (the taper) could have asked for a better discrete taping setup. Thank you again for making it possible.

C.B., a DAT taper, wrote:

Just wanted to drop you a line & let you know how pleased I am with the inbox. This has got to be the most bang for the buck in the taping world,WOW!! I taped Gov't Mule Sat. 3/20/99 & these are the best sounding tapes I've made yet, ya I know acoustics & energy help, but the inbox eased my mind (only one 9 volt battery to worry about!) & helped me enjoy the show more than usual. Again thanx, anyone who asks me I'll tell 'em. THE INBOX IS THE BEST PIECE OF EQUIPMENT YOU CAN BUY FOR $300.


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