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Core Sound Low Cost Binaural Microphones and
Low Cost Stealthy Cardioid Microphones (tm)

Core Sound is pleased to offer lower cost versions of our Binaural and Stealthy Cardioid microphones. They are very well suited for tapers on a budget and are a good choice for recording concerts and lectures.

Unlike our Binaural and Stealthy Cardioid microphone sets, the capsules used in the Low Cost mic sets are unmodified. While they don't provide the much lower distortion and much wider dynamic range of their more expensive siblings, they still provide exceptional performance for their price.

The Low Cost Binaurals are omnidirectional and pick up sounds in all directions more or less equally. The Low Cost Stealthy Cardioids are directional and pick up sounds coming from the forward direction, while reducing the level of sounds coming from the sides and rear.

If you had to choose just one set of Low Cost microphones, we strongly recommend the Low Cost Binaurals. In general, they will make better recordings under more different circumstances than the Low Cost Stealthy Cardioids.

The microphones are very unobtrusive; many customers have called them "stealthy." When in place, they look like eyeglass retainers, the devices that athletes and librarians use to ensure that their glasses don't fall off. The microphones themselves are amazingly small. When the cord is routed down a shirt or sweater, there's little evidence that you are creating a very high fidelity recording of a sound event. (We strongly recommend that before you record, you obtain permission to do so.)

CSB microphones have been sold to customers all over the world, including the United States, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, England, Scotland, Norway, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Serbia, South Africa and many others.

If you're looking to make great tapes at low cost, our Low Cost Binaural microphone and Low Cost Stealthy Cardioid microphone sets can't be beat.

October 13, 2000: We're pleased to announce a new "Low Sensitivity" version of our Low Cost Binaural (LCB) microphone set, especially designed for folks who tape loud music with the Sony MZ-R37, -R55, -R70, -R90, -R91, -R700, -R750 and -R950 MD recorders.

On those specific recorders (and not others), Sony omitted the microphone pre-amp's "low sensitivity" (-20 dB) setting, so they are unusually prone to mic pre-amp overload distortion when recording loud music. Our new "Low Sensitivity" version of the LCB and LCSC microphones are approximately 15 dB less sensitive than the standard set, and will reduce or eliminate the occurrence of that distortion. Like the LCBs, they are powered from the recorder -- neither an external battery box nor attenuator cable is required.

Note: The LCBs with the low sensitivity option are not recommended for use with M-Audio's MicroTrack 24/96 flash memory recorder. It does not provide adequate "plug-in" power.



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