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Core Sound Low Cost Binaural Microphones and
Low Cost Stealthy Cardioid Microphones (tm)

S.G. in the UK wrote:

These things sound amazing! Three shows using the Zoom H1 last week and I have 3 more coming this week. The first show I had the level up just a hair too much, but now that I have it dialed in the results are wonderful. No longer will these incredible performances live on only in my memories!

I.C. wrote:

This is my second set in 8 years. These are just fantastic.

T.J. wrote:

I'm buying the Low Cost Binaurals for the second time because my first pair, along with my Sharp MS-722 recorder was stolen! I have recommended these mics to several other artists, and they have been quite happy with them. ...the Low Cost Binaurals work great for jazz combo rehearsals.

C.C. wrote:

Thanks again for your time and some great microphones. I have made a short demo with ringing telephones, drawers of silverware opening and closing, waves crashing on the beach, background conversation and other everyday sounds. Invariably, the uninitiated listener (wearing earbuds) turns to locate the sounds, with momentary confusion on his or her face. And then comes the smile. That is the realism that your binaural mics bring to the audio world. I am very much looking forward to the CSBs. The LCBs I've got are phenomenal. The CSB's increase in dynamic range will make for even better recordings.

R.P wrote:

Thanks to you all for your help in choosing the mics for my minidisc recorder (Sharp MD-M15). I bought the LCB with the low sensitivity option from Core Sound. Today I plugged them in and recorded myself playing pandeiro on my leather head pandiero which is the lowest volume thing I have. The mics did great! As you move around, the mics pick up the movement so it's like being in the room with the player. Very cool.

We go to Brazil on Thursday for the real test in the field with the samba schools. I'll report back in late Feb.

T.H., a MiniDisc user, wrote:

I recently brought a set of Low Cost Binaural mic with the low sensitivity option for my Sony MZ-R700 minidisc recorder. I just want ed to tell you that it worked great! I was about to give up on my minidisc recorder being able to record my band's live shows becaus e of distortion. Another one of your clients, who has a minidisc recorder, recommended your mics. I was hesitant to try your product because I had brought another company's mic that didn't work well with my recorder. My band played last night and I recorded the show. I was just amazed by how well your mic worked. With a little EQ'ing, we could create a live CD for our fans.

L.O., a MiniDisc user, wrote:

As I trade all over the world, more and more people are impressed with my recordings and ask me what equipment I use.

M.G., in Wisconsin, sent us a greeting card and wrote:

I just wanted to thank you for all your advice in selecting my new mics. The mics are amazing! I purchased a set of low cost binaural mics [with the low sensitivity option] and a set of the low cost cardioids with the low sensitivity option. I've used them for several shows with great success. There was no distortion or pre-amp overload. These mics have proven to be a great investment. Thanks for the great products.

A.D., a student in Indiana, wrote:

I recently purchased a set of the low-cost binaural mics to go with my Sharp MD-MT877 recorder. I am voice student and find it an excellent tool to use to record lessons and also my own practice sessions. The quality is so fine and really helps you "hear" all those finer points of sound production that voice teachers are after. My teacher (a former professor at Indiana University- the renowned Vera Scammon) listened to one of my recordings and immediately asked me to order a set for her also. One last comment - it's a pleasure that in the midst of all kinds of large department store type businesses, to find a business where the owner still answers all of the phone calls. The service and helpful suggestions have been most appreciated.

J., a taper in London, wrote:

i bought a pair of your binaural mics after a friend of mine that lives in talahasee florida recommended them to me. he actually ordered them and brought them over to me, he was so sure that they nwere what i needed.

i had read the reviews of your customers on your web site and thought that were being a bit over-enthusiastic. but after using them, i've got to say that i am blown away by their quality.

i have mainly been using them to record found sounds for my own compositions and recordings, you know stroms, waves that sort of thing. but i took them with me to the theatre the other night and recorded the philip glass opera galileo galilei and the results are really unbelievable. i wasn't expecting too much because i was way up in the upper circle and my opinion of the sound on the night was that the balance between singers and orchestra was too much in favour of the singers as the orchestra were in a pit under the stage and it was also difficult to make out the bass instruments.

listening back to the results i can't believe that it is the same concert, everything is in balance and the bass is fantastic. i don't know how you do it, but i thank you very much for the care and attention given to your product. i am looking forward to seeing femi kuti in concert in a few weeks. i have found an enjoyable new hobbie.

i have just sent an email to some friends in paris france recommending that they buy some, as they go around recording street performers a lot.

J.L., an MD taper, wrote:

... By the way, I was taping a folk concert last week, and one of the musicians was setting up his own minidisc using none other than a set of your binaural mics-same as mine. He also raves about them :-) .

D.L, an MD taper, wrote:

SUPER PERFORMANCE from the Low Cost Binaural mics with Low Sensitivity option. The venue was Buddy Guy's Legends in Chicago. We were front and center table location, the mics clipped to my shirt. Three piece group, drums, electric bass and overdriven slide electric guitar. The result with my Sony MZ-R70 were awesome!! Clean through the whole range of volume and frequencies. Sharp drum reports did not cause distortion, bass thumps also were clean. As a result, the first use of the mics has captured a great memory for us and our enjoyment of the performance. As a bonus, the MC indicated the show was being taped for a live CD early in 2003. It will be super to have a this show as a "before" the mixing board and editting panel example. In summary, Len, thank you for creating a product which allows me to use my recorder to full advantage.

D.K, an MD taper in the UK, wrote:

Just a note of thanks for my low cost binaural mics! I sing in an 'a capella' quartet (www.songcycle.co.uk) and they arrived the day of our rehearsal so I tried them out. Even just standing round a grand piano with the mics in the middle, the quality of recording was excellent. We'll be using them to fine tune our performances!

W.O., an MD taper in Chicago, wrote:

I am a percussionist in a gospel group that ministers in an old Catholic Cathedral in Chicago (even apprentices know that this is an acoustical nightmare) - I purchased as set of the low cost binaural microphones to record us "live" during Sunday service. I am using a Sharp MT90 portable mini disc recorder. THE SOUND IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I hereby challenge anyone to produce a higher quality microphone- particularly at this cost! I am telling you, this is CD quality sound...the average listener would not doubt that the sound was recorded in a studio...the professional would be hard pressed to find any flaws. Get these mics now before these guys realize what they got and change the prices! If you have any doubt...call me...ask me whatever you want...I tell you like it is! [Telephone number provided on request!]

R.S., an MD taper in the UK, wrote:

Well, thank goodness I found your site before rushing out to buy a Sony microphone to go with my MZ-R55 minidisk machine! I can't imagine enjoying anything like the quality and convenience of your mics with a Sony costing twice the price! Having used cassette and reel to reel recorders in the past, with several types of dynamic and electret microphones, I had almost given up the idea of getting a decent low frequency response in my recordings. I have now got a fantastic quality recording system that is so portable and discrete that no-one knows that I'm even making a recording. Being a spectacle wearer, I clip the LCBMs on as you suggest. Even with the wind shields on, only one person has ever asked me what those funny things on my glasses are! He wouldn't have known that they were microphones if I hadn't told him.

Just after buying them, I recorded friends and family and amused myself by playing it back to them over headphones and watching them reacting to phantom people! I went out to an exhibition and recorded salesmen. I recorded tube trains on the London underground, waves at the seaside in Wales. Now I've just returned from a holiday in the far east, where I recorded sounds of festivals, temples markets and guided tours in India, tropical storms in Malaysia, animals at Singapore zoo and insects at dusk in the jungles, etc. etc. The recordings supplement my holiday slide photographs nicely and I can play them whilst giving slide shows.

C.T., using the LCBs with the low sensitivity option, wrote:

when i first got the mics, i clipped them on and walked around my apartment for about 5 minutes. it was amazing to listen to the playback to hear how life-like everything sounds, including the noise from the tv and the street as well as the sort of "soundspace" of the room.

i've only used the mics on two seperate occasions to record live bands. the first time was at the house of blues in LA to record a live acoustic show and the second time was at a much more intimate venue to record an experiemental noise rock/free jazz band. both times it seemed to work out really well for my setup. i'm going to record a punk band tomorrow nite at the same venue so we'll see how that goes. i won't know fully how it well it sounds until i transfer the recordings to my computer and burn cds of them, but suffice to say that the mics are a really good deal considering the size, how well they record and the price!

M.P., an MD taper using the low sensitivity LCB mics, wrote:

I just wanted to report on how good your microphones are. ... I advised I needed them before the 18th. You said no problem. They got here on the 18th and since I didnt need them til that night I was okay. I am a first time taper and I used a sony mini disc MZ-R700. I was sitting about 2 rows from the main speakers. The microphones performed amazingly well! Very clear sound, almost sounds like a soundboard tape (if not for the little bit of audience noise they also captured. Thanks for such a fine product.

J.M, using a Sharp MD-SR60 wrote:

Amazing mics.

D.D., an MD taper, wrote:

I want to thank you for helping me to get the proper equipment I need to make the recordings that I want to make! You have been a great help!

I received my set of Low Cost Binaural microphones for my MD recorder yesterday and decided to make a test and see if they are as good as what I read. To do this test I set the recorder and Microphones 13 feet away from me and picked up my electric guitar which was not hooked to the amp and just played for a couple of minutes. When I played back the recording I was extremely impressed with the sensitivity of these mics!! Not only did they pick up what I was playing but they even picked up the pick hitting the strings and my fingers moving on the strings!! I couldn't believe it!

I spend quite a bit of time in a local music store and I have recommended these mics to the people I know in there so they can record their bands playing! These people were the ones that turned me on to using a MD recorder to record what I am playing and I am turning them on to the Low Cost Binaural Microphones that you sell! I just couldn't believe how sensitive these mics were! Actually I had to turn the ceiling fan and air conditioner off for this recording so I wouldn't get a lot of background noise on the recording! I will have to play with it some more to learn about using my mic levels to help eliminate some of the background noise but these mics are just awesome!!

I am more than pleased with the money I spent for these. There is no doubt that I did not waste my money! Thanks again for your assistance and the product that you provide!!

In case you decide to use this as a testimonial for your product I would like to include that I am using a Sharp MD-SR60.

M.E.H., an MD taper, wrote:

I have been using with FANTASTIC results your low-cost mics with my old MZ-R90.

D.B., a taper in the UK, wrote:

Just wanted to say thanks for the very swift delivery, you got my order on 7th and I got my mics here in England on the 11th! Fantastic, haven't had chance to use them yet but already I am very impressed with the build...

P.S., an ambience taper, wrote:

I used the pair of LCB mics I received today from you to do a brief field test.

I will tell you unequivocally that this is one of the best purchases I have ever made in my life.

Aside from some very minor phase-shifting (which may be attributed to microphone placement), the realistic recording of environmental sounds is quite simply, astounding. I took a short stroll around the neighborhood, with the microphones clipped to the temples of my sunglasses. I recorded approximately 15 minutes of ambient sound to a Sony MD-R50 minidisc recorder. No other processing was used.

The microphones and recorder faithfully reproduced even very subtle environmental sounds: distant songbirds, church bells, and traffic noise from 4 blocks away were clearly audible. I noticed no particular coloration of the recorded sounds; to me, it was like re-living the moment, which is precisely the result I was seeking.

...you've got a terrific product here. I can only imagine how much better the top-shelf binaural mics must be. I am now a faithful customer. Thanks very, very much for a great product at a great price, promptly delivered.

By the way... this ain't a paid testimonial. Anyone who would like to hear it straight from me is welcome to e-mail me.

B.C, an MD taper, wrote:

I record acoustic (old-time string band ) music using a Sharp 702 minidisc recorder. Most situations are once-in-a-lifetime opportunites. These (low-cost bianural) mics do a much better job than the usual alternatives (e.g.,SONY), are very durable, and are very reasonably priced. They beautifully capture what you really hear, even at loud volumes, though at times, the recordings seem to have more bass in them than I remember in the "live" performance.

R.Z. wrote:

Hello! A couple years ago I purchased the low-end binaural mikes and have used them for everything from recording my jazz-and-poetry ensemble as well as balinese gamelan and ghanaian drumming practices. They are fantastic. ...

E.W., a MiniDisc taper, wrote:

I ordered a set of your low-cost binaural microphones awhile ago. I must say they pickup an excellent sound. I had tried recording a piano performance of the piece that I wrote (which is now scored for wind ensemble) using a microphone that my Dad had that came with his computer. Then when I got your microphones I played the same piece....and, WHOA! It sounded like someone was really sitting in my living room playing my piece. The sound quality was excellent for the price and has suited my needs. I am looking forward to recording my former high school's wind ensemble performance of this piece with your microphones and my sony mz-r700. I know the sound quality will be much better than that other microphone I used. Thanks!

C.D., a MiniDisc taper, wrote:

I received a pair of the stealthy cardioids with the low sensitivity option for the Sony MZ-R70, and I recorded a very loud show and it turned out excellent. The mics were elevated 10', and I had no problems setting the levels correctly. I was nothing less than completely pleased with the mics performance.

T.L.O., a linguistics researcher, wrote:

I bought a couple of your low-cost binaural mics about a month and a half ago and I've been using them to do linguistics research here in Portland and in Beijing.

Upon listening to one of the recordings that I made (using a sony MZR-900 minidisk recording device) in a noisy lunch room, I actually stopped what I was doing twice to get up and look around. I was trying to find out where all the chaos was coming from. Only after my second time taking the headphones off of my head did I realize that the disturbance was all in the recording. That is how good it sounds. I repeatedly mistook what I was hearing to be live sounds in the room where I was playing back the recording.

So I really wanted to thank you for producing such high quality products.

P.F., using the Low Cost Binaurals with the low sensitivity option, wrote:

I went to a small venue and recorded the show and it turned out very good. I was very impressed. I like it a lot. ...

C.N., an MD taper in Canada, writes:

I got my new Low Cost Binaural mic with the low sensitivity option on Friday (ordered Wednesday!!) in time for a show I wanted to tape that night. It was the second time I'd taped with my Sony MZ-R37 and the new mic certainly blew away the old Sony I had. The distortion I experienced with the first recording was gone despite the fact that the show was probably twice as loud as the previous one. As I watched the show I was thinking that if the mics would take that they would take anything I'd record. I was a little skeptical that maybe the low sensitivity version would not pick up every thing but my concerns have been put to rest.

I shopped around a lot trying to find a good mic for a reasonable price. Your web sight was a great find-informative and carried a mic I felt was specifically designed for my MD. Many thanks!!

P.F., using the Low Cost Binaurals with the low sensitivity option, wrote:

I went to a small venue and recorded the show and it turned out very good. I was very impressed. I like it a lot. ...

P.G., an MD taper in New York, writes:

My wife and I bought two pairs of the low cost binaurals. Service was friendly and responsive: I got a quick answer to a question and they didn't even seem to mind that I couldn't pronounce "binaural".

The microphones work great. One pair is commuting between Italy and Switzerland for use in a spoken word recording. The other has also traveled internationally but is mostly used in Manhattan to record chamber music. These microphones paired with a MD recorder make a great, inexpensive, good sounding, easy to carry, digital recording solution.

B.R., an MD taper in Michigan, writes:

I got my low cost binaurals over a year or so ago and it's one of the best purchased I've ever bought in my life (that and my Sharp MD821 minidisc of course). My friends are always blown away by my recordings of our jams and shows we go to.

L.F. wrote:

The Low Cost Binaurals performed wonderfully at their first concert. I recorded my favorite band and it came out very good, especially considering the circumstances that I was on the outskirts of the bleachers with five obnoxious teenage friends. I am looking forward to making even better recordings now that I have the hang of it! Thanks a lot! They definitely give great bang for the buck. My ex-boyfriend paid $300 for his microphones that give the same performance as mine! The only difference is that I paid $75!

M.B., an MD taper, writes:

...I bought a set of the low cost binaurals a couple of months ago. Unbelievable! The sound of these things is astonishing. I've used all kinds of mics and this blows them all away. Although I bought them for recording shows, I've been finding new uses all the time. Also, your customer service was great. It's a pleasure to deal with a company that has such (well deserved) pride in ownership.

J.S., a MD taper using the Sony MZ-R70, writes:

I recently was the first one to purchase the new Low Cost/Low Sensitivity Binaural mics.

Used them last night with my Sony MZ-R70 minidisc to tape a pretty loud concert at a small club. Came out great. Every instrument and voice is picked up clearly and the distortion is not a problem at all. In a similiar situation I used the Sony ECM-MS907 mic, and there was way too much distortion. The Low Cost/Low Sensitivity mic is the superior performer, and for less money than the popular Sony mic too!

A.S., a MiniDisc user in Italy, wrote:

I'm writing because you've asked to hear my impressions regarding the product I've bought form you some days ago: well, I'm not a "pro user", not a "technic", I'm only guy with a big passion for music, so please consider this when your read my words. I play the drums, and I have a rock band: we play in my house in a small room - the first reason I've bought the minidisc (and your mics), it's for record our sessions and try to use them for working in new ideas - well, I can't find a good word to say how many "GOOD" was our impressions! I'm really happy for this stuff.

D.M., a MiniDisc user in California, wrote:

I have just ordered another set of your low cost microphones. My earlier set sprouted legs and walked away. I took these mics to Africa last year to record work I was doing with some of the native healers there. Using a Sony minidisk, I came back with some amazingly clear recordings. You can even hear the flies that were in the room! I used them outdoors with the windscreens, and the recordings of some of the drumming were incredible. These mics were definitely abused on this trip, stuffed in my pocket, drug on the ground, stepped on by a goat, etc., yet they continued to perform like new. Thank you for this excellent and affordable mic.

M.T., a concert taper, wrote:

Just wanted to let ya'll know that you have another happy customer. I bought the [Low Cost] Stealthy Cardioid model mics, and used them for the first time tonight. This was my first concert recording experience at all, and to say that I used these mics in less-than-ideal conditions would be an understatement... The sound quality is far better than I would have thought, the "special tuning" of these mics for recording from a crowd is no jive. Now I can't wait for the next show that I go to, and wonder what kind of results I'll get now that I have an idea of the performance of these units. Thanks again!

R.T., a MiniDisc user in Massachusetts, wrote:

Just got the low-cost binaural mics. Excellent, excellent!

J.F., a MiniDisc taper in Washington, wrote:

I know I probably should have gotten the higher priced ones but I really can't see why. The results with my Sharp 722 minidisc are awesome. All of the jazz musicians that I play with as well as our friends love the recordings. I have had people say " this sounds like real music" meaning a professionally produced CD.

R.E., a DAT user in Massachusetts, wrote:

I am impressed! I received a Sony DAT Walkman for Christmas. I bought the "official" microphone suggested by the manufacturer and was very dissatisfied with the results. Then I came upon your site on the Internet and ordered a set of your low-cost microphones.

They are awesome!

I own a Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ which is installed in our home. I also record other Theatre Pipe Organs. These instruments are incredibly difficult to capture faithfully. Guess what? Your microphones do a great job. I can only imagine what the more expensive models would do; but hope to find out some day soon.

Your microphones are absolutely wonderful.

P.W., a MiniDisc user, wrote:

These mics are working out great! Last night I recorded Yes at The Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, CT. It seats 4,800 and must have been close to sold out. We had 2nd row balcony seats. The mix is superb.

W.C., a MiniDisc user in Canada, wrote:

Thanks for speedy delivery. The mics were there at camp when I arrived. I was very impressed with the recordings I made, as were all the people who listened to them. During one recording, the dinner bell rang. When I listened to that recording (with earphones), I was sure I was hearing the live bell and not a recorded one and I had to be convinced by the people around me that it wasn't time to go to dinner.

JMG, a MiniDisc user in North Carolina, wrote:

I received your microphones last week but was unable to use them until last night. When I recorded a local Jazz/Cabaret band "Vendetta & The Nines" at a local pub. The sound quality of your Low Cost CSB's is nothing short of amazing. The recording has a richness and depth that I have yet to find in any of my other recordings. The reproduction of the evening on my Sharp MD-702 is all that I could have hoped for.

Also I wanted to praise the worksmanship that is evident in the construction of these microphones, they look and feel like they can withstand a lot of abuse.

Thanks for a quality product, Len.

P.C., a MiniDisc user, wrote:

...I recorded a friends jazz quartet over the weekend, at an airport of all places! It was actually a sort of open day at the airport, with music, stunt planes and drag bikes. Quite an interesting acoustic combination as you can imagine. Anyway I just stood about 10 feet from the band with my "low cost" (or "high value" as I prefer to call them) binaurals on my shirt collar, plugged into my Sony MD - a little level adjustment and off we went. The recording turned out great - much better than anyone expected - the band were really chuffed and there were lots of "it sounds better than a studio recording" type comments. Only problem being the occasional low flying aircraft (which force you to look up to see where they are coming from). Anyway, a big thumbs up, I am really impressed.

B.V. wrote:

Holy ***!

That was my first reaction. I recorded my daughter playing her Baby Grand Piano in the living room with your low cost binaural mics. I wasn't expecting, anything just wanted to see if they worked. I intend to tape bands with them. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I've got all kinds of mics for the band I'm in. We use Sure sm 57's and 58's and all types of things. Until today the best way for me to record acoustic instruments was with a PZM (Pressure Zone) mic. But the only way I can describe this sound is "Stunning," and with head phones it gets even better. I can't wait to try them out with a band. ...

I also appreciate that Len called to tell me when they were being shipped. I will tell the world about you guys.

PS: I can't even imagine what the expensive version must sound like!

C.G., a MiniDisc user from Oregon, wrote:

I recently ordered a set of Low Cost Binaural Microphones, and I just wanted to thank you for everything. I had them "rush" ordered, and you delivered all the way out to the west coast on time - and that alone is worthy of much appreciation. After I received the microphones, I went to a concert featuring a jazz musician who is among my favorite performers ever, and was able to record her show on my Sharp 702 portable minidisc recorder, using the mics that I had ordered from you. This was the first time that I had ever recorded anything live myself (although I have an extensive collection of live material). When I got home I listened to the recording of the concert and was extremely happy with the quality of the recording. My father and I both agree that the recording I made sounded just as good as an actual CD, and that it was just like being at the concert again. I will admit that before the show, I had reservations about the quality of the recording I would be making. However, I am happy to say that I have been pleasantly proven wrong!

I just wanted to extend the gratitude that is felt by myself (and my father) to you for offering a great product at an affordable price.

J.F., a MiniDisc user, wrote:

I just got my Low Cost Binaural Microphones and I used them with my Sharp 702 MD recorder to record the Supersuckers. I am totally impressed with the results. It was a puck rock show and the sound can be kind of muddy sometimes. But the mics picked up everything great. I only wish I had ordered them sooner.

My recording of the Smashing Pumpkins with a lot lower quality mic didn't turn out nearly as good.

E.S., a MiniDisc user in Germany, wrote:

Recently i've recorded my first live concert with your low cost binaurals and i must say i'm delighted with the result. I've recorded with a sony RZ-30 minidisc recorder and had the mics clipped to my glasses. the concert was more like rock music (meaning reasonable loud) - for some reason the sony in automatic recording level control and your mics managed that no distortions were audible even at pretty high sound levels - low (drums) and high frequencies (sax and human voice) came through very clear.

friends judged the recordings typically as follows: like from a CD.... best live recording i've ever heard, how did you do it?...etc

P.C., a MiniDisc user, wrote:

Wanted to drop a line and thank you for the ultra-fast service. The mics got here the night before the show, to my surprise. This allowed me to set the recording levels of my Sharp 702, before doing it "Live". As for the show itself, the Binaurals proved to be the best mics for the job. They were small enough to be tucked away yet sensitive enough to catch every thing I wanted them to. The dynamic range was the biggest surprise: The lows were waaaayy lower than I had thought (better sound than what I heard live!) and the highs were great despite the mic placement being out of line with the horns in the stacks.

I commend you for your work, and will recommend your mics to amateur recorders everywhere!

G.S., a taper in South Africa, wrote:

Just to say the mics arrived safely, and that the quality is, as expected, superb. I am going to be using them mainly for interviewing and "on-the-go" journalism. Many thanks.

W.G., a MiniDisc user in Missouri, wrote:

Just received your low-cost binaural mics yesterday, and I've been using them to record piano with my Sharp minidisc recorder (MS722). I am absolutely amazed by the results -- a clean recording with solid bass and crisp treble. I suspended the pair of mics, aimed left and right, at the top of the post that supports my grand piano lid, and the sound is very balanced. Interestingly, the windscreens seem to eliminate a bit of harshness that I heard in a few very loud midrange chords.

For my purposes, this was an ideal solution. The only problem is that I can hear my musical mistakes all too clearly!

C.C. wrote:

Thanks for getting the low cost stealthy cardioid mics to me on time. ... I used them for the Motley Crue and Laidlaw shows last night from the 5th row with my sony analog recorder. It is definitely the best recording I've ever made and better than a lot of DAT or MD recordings I've heard.

J.N., using the Low Cost Binaurals, wrote:

Just wanted to tell you that I've been using the the mics for about a week now and the quality of the recordings I've been getting has been unbelievable. They really do reproduce the sound that you hear when you make the actual recording. I've recorded myself playing, a piano/bass/drum trio and a bass duet all with amazing results. I even tested them against an earlier recording I had done with a friend's Sony mic and the difference between the two is pretty apparent. While the Sony gets a nice, clear recording, the dynamic level is much lower then the Binaurals, which seem to pick up every little nuance of the performance. I've found that they handle bass frequencies particularly well, without distortion. Overall, I'd say I'm very pleased with the mics and would recommend them to anyone who's a musician looking to do cheap, great sounding recordings.

A.J., a Low Cost Binaural Mic and MiniDisc user, wrote:

Used them the other night. Wow. Wow. Truly amazing. I made a recording of my old time string band , The Polecats, (banjo, fiddle, guitar, and upright bass) using the low cost binaurals and my Sony MiniDisc recorder. Amazing. I've been having friends listen to it. They are all equally impressed. The recording has presence, depth, highs, lows - it has everything. And all I did was drape the little mics over some pegs at one end of the room and turn the MiniDisc on to record. I think a multi-mic studio setup would have a hard time matching what I got.

I'll be saving my money for the regular non low cost mics you offer. Again, wow, wow, wow.

Field recording just evolved up a few big rungs of the ladder.

S.A., using the Low Cost Binaural mics, wrote:

Great Mics!..just got the opportunity to use them....I play sax and percussion and we did a show saturday where I wore the mics while performing....great sound..the whole band recorded to mini disc exceptionally well.

I can scarce believe the quality!

M.R., a MiniDisc user, wrote:

For anyone who is considering CSB low cost binaurals, but is concerned about distortion at high intensity, I just made an excellent MD from about 50 feet in front of Dave Matthews' stage right speaker array. Surprised the hell out of me when I played it back. The bass drum was moving my shorts!! I figured that the mics didn't stand a chance, but they performed very, very well. Thanks Len.

C., an MD user, wrote:

I just wanted to thank you for getting my budget binaural mics to me so damn quickly. I ordered them on a Tuesday, told you I needed them in 9 days, and I had them (2nd-day overnight) in FOUR.

Because I got them so quickly, I was able to bring the mics and my mini-disc recorder to a 3-day folk festival in upstate NY, and I got some killer recordings. These mics seem perfect for recording acoustic and electric folk; I'm not really worried about distortion, and the dynamic range seems fine to my untrained ears.Thanks for helping me come up with a nice portable recording solution for under $400.

C.G. wrote:

I received the microphone at the end of last week, and my first experiments with recording crickets and regular noises around the house already left me very impressed!

T. wrote:

I used your [Low Cost Stealthy Cardioid] mic at the Beastie Boys concert with my Sharp 702 and the recording came out great. The sound is clear and there is no static or distortion. The mic worked while I was recording from far away...

J.P. in The Netherlands wrote:

Your Low Cost Binaurals work wonderfully, really it is amazing what they can do for you. I can have a streetcar (tram? what do you call it?) passing by at a location where there are no rails at all ;-)

P.S., a MiniDisc user in Maine, wrote:

I just received the Low Cost Cardioids in the mail the other day, just in time for last night's Pearl Jam concert in Hartford, CT. It was my first time recording a concert, but everything turned out great! I used my Sony MZ-R30 Minidisc Recorder to record the show, and the recording is amazing! I am generally quite picky about bootleg sound quality, but the recording I got last night gets an easy "A" in my book. Thanks for the mics, I love 'em.

S.L., a DAT user, wrote:

Just wanted to say thanks for rushing my order to me for the Low Cost Binaural microphones and the coax to 7 pin cable. Even though the order was shipped second day air, it arrived the next day, in time for me to experiment with them before I took them on the road.

After several recordings with the microphones, I must say they are excellent.

M.S., a MiniDisc user, wrote:

I recently purchased a set of the Cardioid microphones for use with my Sony Mz-r30 portable minidisc recorder. I used them to record an Elton John concert a few days ago and I must say they performed very well. The off-axis crowd noise was rejected nicely....it was nice not to hear the people next to me talking instead of the concert!

U.S., a MiniDisc user in Germany, wrote:

Thank you very much for the quick delivery. I received the mics on Friday Jan 15 (!!). I tried them out immediately and as far as I can see, I will have much fun ! I compared your mics with a Sony ECM 717. It was funny, the record with the Sony sounds like in a bathroom :-))

Dr. Les Turoczi wrote a review for the "Stereo Times" Web magazine.



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