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Core Sound Microphones for Musical Instruments

S.M. wrote:

I have received the MI mono omni mic - had not had a chance to work with it until after Christmas - must say I am impressed. It does not have boom effect and frequency response is very much workable for micing the Native American flutes and ... well I could go on and on about it. Suffice to say it will be a major part of my recording and performance setup and that over the next months I plan to add a few more of these to my toolbox.

M.S. wrote in the Internet's Mini-Disk mailing list:

...I've also used these [omnidirectional] mics to record acoustic guitar by clipping one to the bridge and another pointing inside the guitar...by setting the MD to record in mono it blends the two signals perfectly into what rivals some of the best studio acoustic guitar recordings I've heard (ie Tracy Chapman's self titled debut album). The mic on the bridge picks up the crisp strikes of the string, and the mic in the hole adds the depth of the lower tones.

M.S., a MiniDisc user, wrote on the MiniDisc mailing list:

Just a note about [how] my brother & I use our MD decks to chronicle his progress as an aspring acoustic guitarist. We've used 2 setups for recording his songs: ...


What we did was clip one microphone to the hole of the guitar, facing inside the guitar to pick up the fuller/lower tones. The second mic was clipped to bridge (where the strings connect to the guitar) facing the strings....this picked up the contact with the strings as well and the higher tones. The mics are then run into the mic input on the MZ-R3 and the record mode is set at MONO. The reason for this is to combine/mix the two mics and get a rounded tone. It works WONDERFULLY! No need to hold any mics, and with the mono record function, you get a 2.5 hour digital music diary.


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