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Core Sound Binaural microphone set

The two microphone cartridges are each mounted in their own satin-black metal shell. The shell is approximately the size of a jelly bean: roughly a quarter-inch (.6 cm) in diameter and a half-inch (1.2 cm) long. Being all metal, the microphone mounts are very durable. The black finish is heat-fused plastic and is much more durable than paint. Removable black light-duty foam and heavy duty windscreens are optional.

The microphone cable can enter the shell in one of two locations: the side or the bottom. We now offer three mounting options: two for the side cable entry and one for the bottom cable entry.

For the side cable option, the shell can have either a fixed (included in our standard mic set) or a removable miniature alligator clip (optional) attached to its base. The clip can be used to attach the microphones to any convenient mounting surface, including your eyeglasses, lapels, collar, shoulder, hats, headband, lighting grids and many others. The alligator clips are finished in black and their handles are covered with a pliable black plastic. The fixed clip is permanently fastened to the microphone shell. The removable clip sits on a black nylon disk that snaps into and out of the microphone shell.

For the bottom cable option, the cable enters the shell from the bottom of the shell, on the surface opposite the microphone face. This allows you to easily insert the microphones into a set of elastic eyeglass holders ("Croakies"), sew them in a bandana or mount them in a hat. They have no alligator clips so you have to be creative about how you plan to mount them. You can use velcro strips, double sided foam tape or whatever you can dream up!

A very flexible shielded cable exits the base of each tube toward the rear of your head. The cables from the two microphones join into a single cable roughly twelve inches from the microphones. The cable runs for six feet and terminates in a high reliability, multi-pin locking connector for the connection to the battery box; also connected to the multi-pin connector (in a "Y") is a two foot cable terminating in a gold-plated mini-stereo straight 1/8" (3.5mm) phone plug -- other connectors can be supplied on request. (October 4, 2002: A high quality right angle plug is now available as an option.)

If necessary, the cable can be easily split for its entire length, so that the microphones can be separated as much as 12-feet apart. This is especially useful if you use the microphones for interviews: one microphone can be mounted on the interviewer and the other on the interviewee.

For binaural recordings the cartridges are aimed outward (not forward) much as your ears are. This copies the human ear, ensures a true binaural pickup pattern, and accurately captures sonic information coming from all directions.

The microphones can also be used as a classic stereo (not binaural) "spaced array" with each microphone placed eighteen inches to two feet from the other. One user says that this configuration provides excellent stereo imaging. This fellow clips his microphones to the light grid over his club's stage. Another user clips the microphones to the shoulders of his jacket.



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