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Core Sound Binaural microphone set

Want to know how mics from other manufacturers compare to our mics? We can tell you -- just ask! Send email to:

One of the most important features that make our mics special are the modifications we perform on the mic capsules. No other manufacturer offers such modifications. The modifications add over 20 dB of dynamic range, dramatically reduces distortion at higher sound pressure levels, flattens the frequency response, reduces the microphones' self-noise (hiss), and better matches the microphones' sensitivity to popular audio recorders' microphone pre-amps to eliminate mic pre-amp overload problems. The results are crystal clear recordings of even the loudest concerts, recordings that capture the fine details of delicate musical passages and low noise.

Comparing our Core Sound Binaural mics to a pair of mics with unmodified microphone capsules, here's what one customer said:

I have recorded about 10 hours worth of music with either set of microphones on a ... recorder. Both sets of mikes worked very well. I record classical chamber and ensemble music concerts played by myself or my friends, for our own personal use. I also plan to use recording to help in practicing and rehearsals.

While you seem to advertise the primary advantage of the [Core Sound Binaural] mikes as being in recording very loud sound sources, I hear a clear increase in sound clarity and a clear decrease in the noise level with the [CSB mics], even at fairly low sound levels. While the [unmodified mics] would be quite sufficient for recording rehearsals for learning purposes, the [Core Sound Binaural mic] gives recordings of recitals that sound "fairly-near-to-professional,"though not quite as good a job as our university A/V engineers do with about $3000 worth of equipment. But quite good enough to already be hunting around as to who would transfer my second-ever ... recording to 30 CD-R copies at a reasonable rate. ...

Thanks from a satisfied customer.



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