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Core Sound PDAudio® System
PDAudio System News

(Last updated 05/25/2007)

5/25/2007:The new Socket SoMo 650e PDA is now being offered by Socket and Dell. It should support PDAudio-CF and Live2496. It includes (for the first time in any PDA) USB 2.0 Host capability! This means that it should be able to record to any USB hard drive at 24/96.

10/19/2005: We've tested one of the new 4 GB Secure Digital flash memory cards in our PDAudio handheld digital audio recorder and it works wonderfully. Now you can record 6 hours of CD quality 16-bit/44.1 KS/s, four hours of 24-bit/44.1 KS/s or two hours of 24-bit/96 KS/s without swapping memory cards.

8/2/2005: Pretec has announced that it is now shipping their 4 GB SD card. This will allow PDAs that have one CF and one SD slot to record 2 hours of 24-bit/96 KHz before changing cards. (PDAudio allows card changes on-the-fly without a single bit lost.)

3/11/2005: Technica Del Arte has released their latest version of Luci. Luci is an audio software application for news reporters. The latest version now supports PDAudio!

3/9/2005: ATP (http://flash.atpinc.com/) has begun shipping their 2 GB SD cards. Using one, PDAudio can record more than 3 hours of 16/44.1, two hours of 24/44.1 or one hour of 24/96. Street prices are currently around $240.

2/8/2005: PDAudio can now record at 192 KS/s using the Dell Axim X50v PDA, Gidluck Mastering's Movie2496 recording software, and a SanDisk SD flash memory card! You can do stereo recording at up to 16/192 and mono at up to 24/192!

12/28/2004: We've added a page that describes how to configure your PDA for PDAudio. Click here.

12/27/2004: We've revised the Web page that compares our PDAudio high-resolution digital audio recorder to the Marantz PMD670, Fostex FR-2 and Edirol R-1. Click here!

12/12/2004: Gidluck Mastering's Live2496 recording software for PDAudio now allows you to change storage media while you are recording, without losing a single byte!

11/18/2004: Gidluck Mastering's Live2496 software now offers an optional Mono recording mode. That's great news for you Electronic News Gathering folks!

8/26/2004: Bruce Bartlett (noted recording engineer, microphone engineer, and pro audio journalist) reviewed PDAudio in the August 2004 issue of Pro Audio Review magazine. He said: "The PDAudio system offers a new paradigm of recording. It is compact and low cost, offers pro-quality sound, and has no moving parts if used with a memory card. Highly recommended."

8/26/2004: Resco, one of the leaders in PocketPC software, has announced that their popular Audio Recorder software now supports PDAudio. Audio Recorder was nominated by Pocket PC Magazine for the "Best Software of 2004" award.

5/31/2004: Now you can listen to the high resolution files you recorded with PDAudio on your PDA's stereo headphones. We're pleased to note that Conduits' "Pocket Player" software for PDAs can now play back 24-bit Wav files recorded at up to 96 KS/s. You can download a trial version of "Pocket Player, Version 2.51" here. It's available for purchase at low cost (under $20) and is a fine player for those of you using Gidluck Mastering's Live2496 with PDAudio.

3/18/2004: We're pleased to announce the release of a WDM driver Beta for Windows 2000 and XP. You can download it by clicking here. The WDM driver is used on laptop and desktop PCs. It allows standard Windows audio applications including Adobe Audition (formerly Cool Edit Pro), WaveLab, Sound Forge and many others to record with PDAudio-CF.

2/26/2004: The folks maintaining Linux's ALSA system have moved PDAudio-CF's driver from the alsa-driver module to alsa-kernel tree. It is merged to latest 2.6.3-mm3 kernel from Andrew Morton and will be integrated into Linus's official 2.6 tree sometime soon. Now almost any Linux PC can run PDAudio!


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