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Core Sound OctoMic™
Downloads of OctoMic Recordings

(Last updated 06/01/2020)

All of these recordings were recorded with a single OctoMic.

Rob Anderson (Rob Anderson On-Location Recording Services) accepted Core Sound's offer of an OctoMic second-order ambisonic microphone to record Stile Antico's performance at Music Before 1800 in NYC.

We decoded the OctoMic recording to Blumlein, binaural and to three coincident second-order hypercardioids pointed at -45, 0 and +45. (The OctoMic recording could also be decoded to full immersive surround sound (including height), headtracked binaural, and many others.)

For the Three Hypercardioids decode, the center microphone was mixed at -3 dB.

Here are download links for some of the decoded recordings:

Blumlein array


Three coincident second-order hypercardioids


And finally, for comparison, here's the same performance, but made with Rob's ORTF array of two high-end mono mics:

ORTF array of two high-end mono mics

(B-format file provided on request.)


Thanks go to Rob Anderson for the opportunity to make these OctoMic recordings.

We thank Stile Antico and Music Before 1800 for their permission to post these clips.

Stile Antico: https://www.stileantico.co.uk

Music Before 1800: https://mb1800.org

(Photo credit - Stile Antico performance at Music Before 1800: The NY Times)

The Angelica Women's Chamber Choir (angelicavoices.org) recently performed in concert at the Church of St. John Nepomucene in NYC. A single Core Sound OctoMic second-order ambisonic microphone was used to record them.

The room is large, with a six second reverb period - direct sound dissipates very quickly. That usually makes recording a demanding effort. It's much simpler to get a good recording with OctoMic, because of its very tightly directional patterns, with almost no backlobes.

The choir was arranged in a semi-circle with the OctoMic at the center. A theorbo was also positioned in the center, but deeper into the semi-circle. And two recorders were played from the right side.

Below are links to recordings of "Gaudete gaudio magno". You can download files that have been decoded to stereo (two virtual microphones - second-order), stereo (three virtual microphones - second-order), Blumlein (first-order), and binaural (second-order). Or you can download the second-order B-format file and decode it yourself.

And here's Lumen by Abbie Burt Betinis (b. 1980). For the moment it's only available in B-Format (second-order) and stereo downloads:

(The files are 48 kHz/24 bit. Posted with the kind permission of Marie Caruso, Artistic Director, Angelica Women's Chamber Choir.)

Grammy-nominated and Emmy Award-winning audio engineer Dan Dzula recorded Khorikos with a Core Sound OctoMic, at The Shrine Church of St. Anthony of Padua church in lower Manhattan (NYC).

Khorikos is a 23-voice choir, with Alec Galambos conducting. They performed a mix of early music and brand new compositions from four international composers.

The concert opened with this selection:

IV: Choral (from Trauermusik)
Paul Hindemith: composer
Alec Galambos: arranger
Leonard Fu: soloist, violin

We're pleased to provide download links to recordings in second-order B-format, binaural and stereo. (Posted with permission of Khorikos, all rights reserved)

And here's another track from that concert, again in second-order B-format, binaural and stereo. (Posted with permission of Kala Pierson and Khorikos, all rights reserved)

Joyful No
Kala Pierson: composer

Vid Sontest records ambiences in VR360. He recently recorded a bicycle bridge in Belgium, using his OctoMic for the audio. You can hear the resonance of the metal bridge, bicycles, walkers, trains, birds, frogs and the river.

Here's a link to the video with second-order audio on Facebook: Bicycle Bridge Ambience (Second-order)

Here's a link to the video with first-order audio on YouTube: Bicycle Bridge Ambience (First-order)

Listen on headphones and use your mouse (or rotate your device) to change your perspective.

(YouTube unfortunately hosts only first-order ambisonic soundtracks.)

If you're interested in immersive ambience recordings, follow Vid Sontest on Facebook and subscribe to "Listen to 360" on YouTube.

Alan Paul is the noted biographer of The Allman Brothers Band in his book "One Way Out: The Inside History of the Allman Brothers Band". He also leads Friends of the Brothers.

Friends of the Brothers is the finest Allman Brothers tribute band; every key member is closely associated with the original band.

Last Wednesday they played a two-and-a-half hour set at The Loft at City Winery in NYC.

Here's Midnight Rider from that performance.

You can listen in stereo, binaural, or to second-order B-format ambisonic files.

Phillip Westbrook has been recording a choir with an OctoMic. Here's a link to a 2nd-order ambiX B-format file of the choir, accompanied by an orchestra, singing "America The Beautiful" in a mid-sized church.

We think that it's a wonderful recording!

Phillip also created a wonderful 360VR 8k video of a gondola ride in Venice using OctoMic:

Click here to view the Facebook video.

(The Facebook video has 2nd-order ambisonic audio.)

Click here to view the YouTube video.

(YouTube currently accommodates only first-order ambisonic audio.)

You can download the second-order video file here.

You can download the second-order audio-only file (B-format, ambiX) here.

Here's an OctoMic recording of a relaxed women's chorus rehearsal, recorded in-the-round. OctoMic was positioned near the center of a circle of 14 women singers.

(Thanks to Angelica Women Chamber Singers and Marie Caruso (Artistic Director).)

Annie Masciandaro is the drummer/vocalist with the Woodstock tribute band Back to the Garden 1969 in the NY/NJ/CT area.

Here's Annie and the band doing Jefferson Airplane's Somebody To Love.

Remi Enzo Janot recorded a cellist and a guitarist with OctoMic for a Facebook 360 video. Pan and tilt the video around with your mouse to see other perspectives, and hear how the spatial audio follows precisely.

The binaural decoding for these recordings was done with the IEM BinauralDecoder plug-in.

The stereo decoding for these recordings was done with VVAudio's VVDecodeH plug-in.



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