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Core Sound TetraMic
TetraMic Specifications

(Last updated 03/14/2017)

Specifications (see Note 1)

  • Microphone Type: tetrahedral, single-point Ambisonics surround sound
  • Raw capsule information:
    • Number: four
    • Medium-sized diaphragm: ~12 mm
    • Pattern: cardioid
    • Type: electret condensor
  • TetraMic pattern: variable, selected at decode
  • Capsule ordering and channel assigment (the "front" of TetraMic is indicated by the "Core" logo; the "left/right" assignment is based on viewing the TetraMic capsule from its rear):
    • Channel 1: LFU (left/front/up)
    • Channel 2: RFD (right/front/down
    • Channel 3: LBD (left/back/down
    • Channel 4: RBU (right/back/up)
  • Capsules tested, selected and matched into sets, with calibration data supplied to "VVMic for TetraMic" decode software
  • Spatial resolution: Five degree or less, when used with appropriate software
  • Frequency response:
    • Raw: 40 Hz - 18.5 KHz +/- 4 dB
    • Corrected: 30 Hz - 18.5 KHz +/- 2 dB
  • Self noise: 19 dBA per capsule. Self noise can decrease or increase depending on selected decode
  • Phase: non-inverting when used with the PPAc (shipped with all orders after July 1, 2015); inverting when used with the earliest Core Sound PPAs
  • Maximum SPL per capsule: 135 dB
  • Sensitivity per capsule: 7.0 mV/Pa nominal (-43 dB ref: 1V/Pa)
  • PPAc output impedance: 85 Ohms
  • Output connector:
    • compatible with Switchcraft TB6M (mates with TA6F)
    • breaks out via breakout cable to four XLR-M plugs via PPAc system
  • Power:
    • 48 Volt Phantom Power with optional PPAc, and older PPA2, or PPA3 (Phantom Power Adapters)
    • approximately 8 mA @ 48 VDC total (2.0 mA per capsule)
    • If 48V is not available, PPAc can be powered by an external battery pack or power supply: 9 to 12 VDC, DC power connector: 4.0mm x 1.7mm, center pin +. An alkaline 9 Volt MN1604 "transistor radio" battery lasts 5 hours or more.
  • Shaft diameter: 1/2-inch (12.5 mm)
  • Overall length: 5-1/16-inch (12.9 cm)
  • Weight: 3 ounces (85 grams)
  • Re-calibration interval: 3 years (general usage), 2 years (precision acoustic measurements)

Note 1: Using TetraMic with 48V phantom power adapters other than those provided by Core Sound will void all performance specifications.



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