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Core Sound TetraMic
Accessories For The TetraMic

(Last updated 01/05/2017)

Accessories For TetraMic


Core Sound now offers the amazingly flexible PPAc system to power TetraMic. PPAs accept 48 Volt phantom power and converts it to the correct voltage to power TetraMic. It also converts TetraMic's unbalanced audio signals to balanced, uses a single Ethernet or rugged Ethercon cable, and allows TetraMic to be separated from the recorder/pre-amp by 850 feet or more.

PPAc (New!)

PPAc (pronounced pea-pack) is TetraMic's most flexible and compact PPA. A single PPAc provides power to all four TetraMic channels.

PPAc has two parts: a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter has two connectors: a 6-pin XLR-F and a CAT-5e/CAT-6/EtherCon connector. The receiver has a CAT-5/CAT-6/EtherCon connector on one end and four XLR-Ms on the other. To easily identify the four channels, the four XLRs are numbered and color-coded.

The PPAc transmitter is connected to the TetraMic with a short PPAc adapter cable having a 6-pin mini-XLR-F plug on one end and a 6-pin XLR-M on the other end. An 18-inch adapter cable comes with the PPAc system. Longer adapter cables (e.g., 6-foot) are available as an option.

The PPAc transmitter and receiver are connected by a shielded CAT5e/CAT6 LAN or a more rugged EtherCon cable. The cable can be as short as you want, or as long as 850 feet (or more). That makes it especially convenient when the recorder must be located far from TetraMic.

Because there are so many different possibilities and everyone has their own preferences, the PPAc system does not include a shielded CAT5e/CAT6 or the more rugged EtherCon cable. Please select and order one (or more) as an option.

When 48 Volt phantom power is not available, PPAc can also be powered by an external battery pack or AC power supply ("wall wart") via a DC power connector (1.7mm) on the PPAc transmitter. It requires 9 to 12 Volts DC at 10 mA minimum. The center pin is positive (+).

The normal cabling configuration for TetraMic when using PPAc is:

  • TetraMic
  • PPAc adapter cable (6-pin mini-XLR-F to 6-pin XLR-M)
  • PPAc transmitter
  • Shielded CAT5e/CAT6 or more rugged EtherCon cable (up to 850 feet long - or more)
  • PPAc receiver

The PPAc receiver's four XLR-M connectors plug directly into your recorder or mixer.

PPAc replaces the ETS InstaSnake. It reduces the amount of equipment needed to use TetraMic remotely.

Microphone Stand Mount -- Fixed and Shock

TetraMic should be used with a shock mount. We offer a very compact and effective one as an optional accessory. It mounts to any standard 5/8"-27 threaded microphone stand or fixture. A fixed stand mount (non-shock mounted) is also available.

If you need the most effective shock mount for TetraMic, we highly recommend Rycote's part number: 041120 (available from Rycote dealers). It uses their INV-7 62-shore Lyres & split grommet, mounted onto an InVision bar.

Wind Screens

Wind screens are available to reduce wind noise when recording outdoors with TetraMic.

The two-part foam wind screen fits over and under TetraMic's capsule head. It should be used in light wind conditions without significant gusts/blasts.

The windscreen with a combination furry outer layer and foam inner layer should be used in medium wind conditions without gusts/blasts. (The furry/foam wind screen includes the foam wind screen -- there's no need to order both.)

Furry/Foam Windscreen Usage: Push the bottom foam collar up onto the TetraMic shaft as far up as it will go, seated against the bottoms of the two lower capsules. Fit the top foam over the top of the TetraMic and push it down as far as it will go. Then fit the furry sleeve over it.

An even more effective (and considerably more expensive) windscreen system is available from Rycote dealers. You would order the TetraMic Kit, Rycote part number: 086047. It includes a small Modular suspension, fitted with 62-shore 19/22 Lyres (non-soft grip) and split grommets to hold the 12mm body of the TetraMic. The kit also includes a Modular windshield, Windjammer and an XLR Holder Mk II (Rycote part number: 048493) for mounting the PPAc transmitter.

You can also get a suspension-only kit from Rycote (Rycote part number: 041120), without the windscreens. It uses the same INV-7 62-shore Lyres & split grommet, but mounted onto an InVision bar.

Slightly less effective but much less expensive than the Rycote system described above, is the Rycote S300 using the Lyre suspension. One user reports that it is considerably better at reducing wind noise than a similarly priced Rode blimp.

Cables for the RED Digital Cinema Camera

TetraMic works great with the RED Digital Cinema Camera. Its microphone pre-amp inputs are four mini-XLR jacks. We offer 6-foot cables that plug into the TetraMic PPA (XLR-F) on one end, and the RED camera mic inputs (mini-XLR-M) on the other. If you need other lengths please contact us.



For pre-sales consulting or to place an order, call Core Sound at 1.888.538.6744 or 1.201.801.0812.

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