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Core Sound Services
(Last updated 02/11/2014)


Core Sound offers audio testing services to support new product development, equipment evaluation, maintenance and calibration.

Are you designing a new analog, digital or mixed analog/digital audio device? Do you need to test it but don't have the resources?

Are you modifying or upgrading your studio and want to quantify the improvement?

Do you need to match two or more pieces of audio equipment?

Does your SoundField SPS200 A-format microphone need calibrating?

Consider using Core Sound to do your audio testing. We have (and maintain) some of the finest audio test equipment made in the world. And we have the expertise to apply them to your needs.

Please call Len Moskowitz at 201-801-0812 to discuss what we can do for you.

Available Test Equipment

  • Audio Precision System Two Cascade, Dual Domain (SYS-2522)
  • Bruel & Kjaer 4145 1-inch precision condensor measurement microphones, matched pair (plus others)
  • Bruel & Kjaer 2639 microphone pre-amps
  • Bruel & Kjaer 2804 200 Volt dual power supply
  • Bruel & Kjaer 4230 microphone calibrator
  • DPA 4003 16mm omni microphones, matched pair
  • Linear X LT360 turntable
  • Linear X LMS computer audio test system
  • Software pseudo-anechoic testing

Digital Audio Measurements

Sample rates 28.8 to 200 KHz. Word widths from 8 to 24 bits.

DSP analysis including spectrum analysis, harmonic distortion (THD + Noise), FFT, AES/EBU and S/PDIF data format and electrical specifications, jitter to 1.6 ns, rise/fall time, level (wide and narrow band amplitude), frequency response, multitone, MLS, phase (and much more)

Computer sound card measurements and characterization per Microsoft's WHQL standards

Analog Audio Measurements

Frequency to 500 KHz, amplitude to 0.003 dB, crosstalk to -140 dB, THD+N to -108 dB, (and much more), phase


Analog and digital generators

Frequency to 200 KHz, flatness to 0.003 dB, harmonics at -130 dB, low noise (-118 dBu, 22 - 22 KHz)

Low distortion sine wave, sine burst, square wave, noise, SMPTE/DIN test signals, CCIF/DFD test signals, DIM test signals, arbitrary waveform, MLS

In addition to audio testing services, Core Sound also offers on-location recording, editing and mastering services in the NY City area at competitive rates. Please call us at 201-801-0812 to discuss your needs!

In Stereophile magazine, Wes Phillips wrote:

That sense of scale and deep immersion in the acoustic was also evident in "Linden Lea," from the all-women chamber vocal group Angelica's The Beautiful Treasure: Songs from Near & Far (CD, Angelica). Recorded in the South Presbyterian Church at Dobbs Ferry, New York, by Len Moskowitz, the singers are placed deep in the acoustic--and through the CTH-8550, very deep. On "Over the Hills," the chorus is joined by hurdy-gurdy and hand drums, and the differences in scale were extremely well delineated by the darTZeel. Then there was the setting of Loreena McKennitt's "Tango to Evora," which again adds the hand drum plus a guitar and sets soprano Melanie Anderson against a gentle wash of harmonies. It's a quiet song, and a very passionate one. The CTH-8550 preserved all of that while giving me intense goose bumps. Analytic it may be, but cold? Not hardly! (If you're a fan of John Atkinson's recordings of Cantus, you should just go ahead and buy Len Moskowitz's Angelica discs.)

For pre-sales consulting or to place an order, call Core Sound at 1.888.538.6744 or 1.201.801.0812.

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