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Core Sound, 300 Ogden Avenue, Teaneck NJ 07666 USA,
Toll Free Tel: 888-937-6832, Tel: 201-801-0812, FAX: 201-801-0912

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Core Sound Binaural microphones are our most popular microphones for taping concerts, lectures and rehearsals. Refined continuously since 1990, there are no better sounding or more rugged microphones available in their price range.

(All of our mics now come with black clips, and a right angle plug is now available as an option!)


Binaural microphones come in pairs. When one is placed in or near each ear they record exactly what your ears hear. When you play a binaural recording back over good quality headphones, you hear exactly what you heard at the time of the recording. The effect is quite startling -- besides preserving a high fidelity version of a performance, good quality binaural microphones preserve the ambience of the recording site. The positions of the performers, the reverberation and echo of the room, and the audience reaction are all captured precisely. Binaural recordings provide the most realistic recordings you've ever heard.

The Core Sound Binaural (CSB) microphones provide a level of sonic performance unmatched in their price range. When concerts and lectures recorded using the CSB microphones are played back on quality headphones the fidelity is simply startling. The ambience of the recording site is preserved faithfully. Localization of instruments is extremely precise. Their transient response is clean and fast, typical of condensor microphones, and they provide very solid bass and crystalline highs. One customer, a very knowledgeable and well travelled recordist, says that they compare very favorably with the binaural microphone set offered by Sennheiser at more than four times the price. Others have favorably compared them to Neumann and Nakamichi products.

The microphones are very unobtrusive; many customers have called them "stealthy." When in place, they look like eyeglass retainers, the devices that athletes and librarians use to ensure that their glasses don't fall off. The microphones themselves are amazingly small. When the cord is routed down a shirt or sweater, there's little evidence that you are creating a very high fidelity recording of a sound event. (We strongly recommend that before you record, you obtain permission to do so.)

CSB microphones have been sold to customers all over the world, including the United States, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, England, Scotland, Norway, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Serbia, South Africa and many others.


The two microphone cartridges are each mounted in their own satin-black metal shell. The shell is approximately the size of a jelly bean: roughly a quarter-inch (.6 cm) in diameter and a half-inch (1.2 cm) long. Being all metal, the microphone mounts are very durable. The black finish is heat-fused plastic and is much more durable than paint. Removable black light-duty foam windscreens are provided. Heavy duty windscreens are available.

The microphone cable can enter the shell in one of two locations: the side or the bottom. We now offer three mounting options: two for the side cable entry and one for the bottom cable entry.

For the side cable option, the shell can have either a fixed (included in our standard mic set) or a removable miniature alligator clip (optional) attached to its base. The clip can be used to attach the microphones to any convenient mounting surface, including your eyeglasses, lapels, collar, shoulder, hats, headband, lighting grids and many others. The alligator clips are finished in black and their handles are covered with a pliable black plastic. The fixed clip is permanently fastened to the microphone shell. The removable clip sits on a black nylon disk that snaps into and out of the microphone shell.

For the bottom cable option, the cable enters the shell from the bottom of the shell, on the surface opposite the microphone face. This allows you to easily insert the microphones into a set of elastic eyeglass holders ("Croakies"), sew them in a bandana or mount them in a hat. They have no alligator clips so you have to be creative about how you plan to mount them. You can use velcro strips, double sided foam tape or whatever you can dream up!

A very flexible shielded cable exits the base of each tube toward the rear of your head. The cables from the two microphones join into a single cable roughly twelve inches from the microphones. The cable runs for six feet and terminates in a high reliability, multi-pin locking connector for the connection to the battery box; also connected to the multi-pin connector (in a "Y") is a two foot cable terminating in a gold-plated mini-stereo straight 1/8" (3.5mm) phone plug -- other connectors can be supplied on request. (October 4, 2002: A high quality right angle plug is now available as an option.)

If necessary, the cable can be easily split for its entire length, so that the microphones can be separated as much as 12-feet apart. This is especially useful if you use the microphones for interviews: one microphone can be mounted on the interviewer and the other on the interviewee.

For binaural recordings the cartridges are aimed outward (not forward) much as your ears are. This copies the human ear, ensures a true binaural pickup pattern, and accurately captures sonic information coming from all directions.

The microphones can also be used as a classic stereo (not binaural) "spaced array" with each microphone placed eighteen inches to two feet from the other. One user says that this configuration provides excellent stereo imaging. This fellow clips his microphones to the light grid over his club's stage. Another user clips the microphones to the shoulders of his jacket.


The CSB microphone sets are based on a pair of Matsushita (Panasonic) miniature omnidirectional electret condensor cartridges. They are electrically and mechanically modified to provide a more linear sound-to-voltage transfer function and to eliminate mechanical resonances in their bass response. The modifications add more than 20 dB to the microphones' undistorted dynamic range, flatten and extend their low frequency response, and all but eliminate recorder overload distortion.

Before Core Sound's modifications, the Matsushita cartridge's frequency response is specified flat within 1 dB from less than 40 Hertz to more than 15 kiloHertz. Typically they are within 1 dB up to 20 kiloHertz and down less than 5 dB at 30 Hertz. After modification, the modified cartridges sound better than that, typically within 1 dB from 20 to 20,000 Hertz. We match the pair to within one dB of each other. Sensitivity of the modified cartridges is approximately -66 dB (0 dB = 1 Volt per microbar). The microphones are nominally omnidirectional but their pickup pattern is modified by the absorption and reflection characteristics of your head and outer ears. Their noise level is typical of 1/4-inch electret condensor microphones, approximately 30 dBA. This is comfortably below the noise level of the Sony DAT and MD recorders' microphone pre-amplifiers and the ambient noise level at concerts. Thanks to our modifications, the CS Binaural mic set has a dynamic range of over 90 dB. They are designed to operate into a nominal impedance of 10 KiloOhms.

The CSBs provide the highest sound quality (e.g., when using a DAT recorder), and very low distortion operation at the high sound pressure levels typical of rock concerts (from 110 db to 140 dB SPL). In addition to the two matched microphones, the CSBs come with a battery box containing a nine volt battery, associated electronics (top quality metallized polypropylene capacitors hand matched to 1%, and 1% metal film resistors) and a high reliability, locking multi-pin connector. Use of the battery box allows us to modify the microphone cartridges for much improved linearity (less distortion) and expanded dynamic range. The battery box is not a pre-amp; it simply provides the correct voltage to power the mics and also houses the optional bass roll-off filter.

The battery box is roughly half the size of a cigarette pack, is made of sturdy die cast aluminum, and is finished in a durable black crinkle finish. The battery lasts approximately 500 hours and should be replaced at least once a year. (Be sure to disconnect the microphones from the battery box when they are not in use.) The output to the recorder is a mini stereo phone plug; other connectors can be supplied upon request.


Our microphones have a very flat and extended low frequency response. In some cases, particularly where the hall has an emphasized bass frequency response ("hall boom"), you are recording near a room boundary, the air conditioning system rumbles, traffic noise filters in from outside, or the room's sound system is equalized strongly toward the bass, it is desirable to roll off the low bass frequency response.

To address this we offer two battery boxes with bass roll-off filters. One has a fixed-response bass roll-off filter. The other offers a switchable filter.

The switchable box has a very high quality, locking mini-toggle switch mounted on the outside of the box under the mini-XLR jack. It is switched between flat response and the bass filter response very easily, but the locking toggle lever must be pulled outward to switch filter positions, and so can't be accidentally switched.

When used with recorders like the Sony PCM-M1 and TCD-D8, the bass roll-off filter rolls off frequencies below 120 Hertz at 6 dB/octave.

In general, we don't recommend that you have only the bass roll-off filter unless you regularly note too much bass in your recordings. If you want to be able to select between a flat and a rolled-off response, we recommend having the switchable box, or two fixed-response battery boxes on hand: one that's flat and one that has the roll-off filter.


If you find that you need a longer cable, we can supply a 15-foot extension cable made using the same cable we use for our microphones. It has a gold-plated stereo miniplug on one end and a stereo mini-jack on the other.


When recording loud sound sources with your CSB microphones we recommend using your recorder's low sensitivity (-20 dB) setting. When recording exteremly very loud sound sources, either use an external attenuator cable (available from Core Sound) or use your recorder's line level inputs.

To prolong battery life, disconnect the microphones from the battery box when not in use.

Avoid installations that would abrade or cut the cable. Do not clip the microphones to their cable and do not severely bend the cables at the points where they enter the microphone cartridge shells.

The cable can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.


Want to know how mics from other manufacturers compare to our mics? We can tell you -- just ask! Send email to:

One of the most important features that make our mics special are the modifications we perform on the mic capsules. No other manufacturer offers such modifications. The modifications add over 20 dB of dynamic range, dramatically reduces distortion at higher sound pressure levels, flattens the frequency response, reduces the microphones' self-noise (hiss), and better matches the microphones' sensitivity to popular DAT and MD recorders' microphone pre-amps to eliminate mic pre-amp overload problems. The results are crystal clear recordings of even the loudest concerts, recordings that capture the fine details of delicate musical passages and low noise.

Comparing our Core Sound Binaural mics to a pair of mics with unmodified microphone capsules, here's what one customer said:

I have recorded about 10 hours worth of music with either set of microphones on a Sony MD R-50 [MZ-R50] recorder. Both sets of mikes worked very well. I record classical chamber and ensemble music concerts played by myself or my friends, for our own personal use. I also plan to use recording to help in practicing and rehearsals.

While you seem to advertise the primary advantage of the [Core Sound Binaural] mikes as being in recording very loud sound sources, I hear a clear increase in sound clarity and a clear decrease in the noise level with the [CSB mics], even at fairly low sound levels. While the [unmodified mics] would be quite sufficient for recording rehearsals for learning purposes, the [Core Sound Binaural mic] gives recordings of recitals that sound "fairly-near-to-professional,"though not quite as good a job as our university A/V engineers do with about $3000 worth of equipment. But quite good enough to already be hunting around as to who would transfer my second-ever MD recording to 30 CD-R copies at a reasonable rate. ...

Thanks from a satisfied customer.

ORDERING (Prices are current)

We are happy to accept orders via email, phone, mail and FAX.

The Core Sound Binaural microphone set (modified microphones and non-switchable battery box, including all cables and fixed clips) is $230; add $30 for a battery box with the switchable bass roll-off filter.

A fixed-response battery box (either flat response or with the bass roll-off filter) without microphones is $59. A switchable filter battery box is $89.

A 15-foot extension cable is $28.

A dual XLR-M to stereo mini jackq adapter cable is $28.

Please add $15 for the removable clip mounting option.

Shipping: Within the continental United States, shipping and handling via UPS is $7.50. Premium shipping is also available: Next Day Air shipping is $27, and Second Day Air is $18; please add $3 for West Coast and South. Shipping via U.S. Postal Service Air Parcel Post to Europe, South America, Africa, Australia and Asia is $28; $20 to Canada. Shipping via US Postal Service Express Mail to Europe, Asia and Australia (typically two or three day delivery) is $34; $25 to Canada. Only New Jersey residents must include 6% sales tax.

Payment: Payment is via credit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express), personal checks, money order (available from the Post Office or bank), traveller's cheques, wired funds, cash or certified check, US funds only. Please allow some additional time for personal checks to clear the bank prior to shipment. COD shipments are available in some situations -- contact us for details. Please add 3% for credit card orders. You may wire funds directly to our bank account -- contact us for details.

Checks should be made out to "Core Sound" and sent to:

                                  Core Sound
                               300 Ogden Avenue
                              Teaneck, NJ 07666
Delivery: Our microphones are usually stock items. Orders are typically shipped within one week but delivery times vary with our order load. We can usually accommodate "rush" orders, including same day shipments -- call and ask!

If you have questions, call and ask for Len Moskowitz. He can be reached at (201) 801-0812. His electronic mail address on the Internet computer network is:


To give you a chance to try them out and decide if they're for you, Core Sound provides a 30 day trial period. All microphone sets returned within 30 days of shipment qualify for a full refund (minus shipping and handling charges) provided that they are returned in as-new condition.


If you'll send us a blank DAT or Minidisc (at least 25 minutes long) and your address we'll be glad to send you a copy of our sampler tape. It has three tracks that were recorded with our Binaural microphones, one with our Stealthy Cardioids and one with our High-End Binaurals. Our address:

                                  Core Sound
                               300 Ogden Avenue
                              Teaneck, NJ 07666


The microphones are sold with a one year limited parts and labor warranty. If a CSB microphone set requires repair during that period, ship them back to Core Sound postage paid with a description of the problem, and then please call us once we have them to discuss the problem. We will repair or replace them and ship them back to you at no charge. No consequential damages are covered by this warranty.


J.P.M. wrote:

Several years ago I purchased a pair of your Core Sound Binaurals. They have since been with me around the world, on some rugged excursions. I hiked through the Himilayas with them and recorded chanting at a Tibetan monastery. I wove my way through the streets of Prague, Budapest, and Varanasi, recording markets, subway trains, and musicians.

Wonderful mics. ...

W.H. wrote:

The sound your product records is amazing and worth the wait. If I close my eyes I can't believe I am not in the recording location.

H.H., a taper in the Netherlands, wrote:

I write you this email... to let you know my experience with your amazing microphones.

About 4 years ago I bought your fantastic Core Sound Binaural Microphone Set. I'm very very happy with it and used them in a lot of situations.

I have recorded a lot of my live performances with my jazz trio or quartet and even recorded a big Symphonic Orchestre in a church in France for a CD recording!! That are really fantastic recordings. ...

Thank you so much for the pleasure I had last 4 years with your microphones!! It's really amazing!!

E.E., a DAT taper in Pennsylvania, wrote:

First I want to let you know that I am just thrilled with the performance of the CSBs I bought recently. Working with a Sony TCD-D100 and using Sound Forge for post processing, I have gotten some remarkable results. Musicians and recording engineers have been extremely impressed by the accuracy and transparency of the recordings. In fact, one locally based act wants to using my recordings of a recent live performance to create a live CD for their fans.

Thanks for making such a great product.

S.S., a DAT taper, wrote:

I recorded my daughter's choir at church last Sunday with my CSB's and my M1. The sound was incredible. Played back through the sound system in our TV viewing room my wife thought we were still at church!

C.J., a DAT and MD taper in Massachusetts, wrote:

I wanted to take a moment to give you some feedback on your CSB's. Feel free to print any portions of this or all of this that you wish.

Some quick background.. I started an MD taper with a Sony omni directional mic. I went to a private show of one of my favorite artists, tried to tape it up close to the stack, and came out a frustrated man. My recording was highly distorted (fortunately someone else also taped the show) and not listenable.

In any event, that's when I decided to upgrade my equipment. While I wasn't looking to spend a fortune, I was looking for quality stealth mics and would pay what I had to for a higher quality recording. I almost spent a lot more, but read SOOO many positive reviews about your CSB's that I gave them a try, with the fear that I hadn't spent enough money to get a great set of mics. While it's true you get what you pay for, I'm so pleased I tried the CSB's instead of spending hundreds more. The quality of the recordings I've captured since are outstanding. (FYI, I've also purchased a Sony D-8 DAT, but I've had success using CSB's both with my DAT and MD)

My first recording using the CSB's, Hookah Brown (Rich Robinson of the Black Crowes) in Cambrige, MA, came out great. I've received feedback from fellow tapers with years of taping experience praise the quality of the recording, rating it an 8.5 or 9 out of 10. I've had others comment, unsolicited on a message board without knowing I was on the board also, comment that my recording could be put out as an official live recording by the band. The tone and balance are that good ! What's amazing is that I had to do very little to get this recording. Bass Roll off and an attenuator cable (your recommendations) were used, I had to stand in a quality spot for the recording, and levels set during the recording, but that's it... Recording was easy.

Perhaps you could get an even better recording by spending more money, but the quality / price ratio is outstanding with these mics. I'm extremely satisfied !!!

P.S. - thanks for taking the time when I call to answer questions.

Nick Georges (owner of "Nick's Picks" Web site) wrote:

The immediate difference you'll notice with these is their massive headroom... The end result, a wonderful sounding pair of microphones that are almost invisible when worn. ...

To get significantly beyond the sound quality of these microphones, you are then jumping into an entirely different price range (like the $980 HEBs, for example). You can easily spend much more on some other microphones out there that just don't give you that much of a boost beyond the performance of the Core Sound models. And as for all of the other spin off companies out there offering a similar product, they just don't offer the level of quality in both components or measured and tested specifications that Core Sound does. There is much to be said for being the original.

See the rest of Nick's review at:

Tom Clack, a respected sound effects recording engineer, wrote:

I wanted to let you know how delighted I am with the omni binaurals. They allow me to record my sound effects in situations where I need both extremely light-weight and discreet equipment. On a recent trip in Belize they proved highly effective in recording the intense sounds of the interior of a small aircraft and the delicate subtleties of a variety of jungles. They also worked well in a crowded New York subway where they not only handled the high sound levels but were discreet enough not to get unwelcome comments and questions from riders! I would highly recommend them to sound collectors whenever it is difficult or impossible to use full-size Mics. Thanks for a great and very affordable product.

(Tom Clack is creator of the Clack Sound Effects Library, a vast library recorded all over the world over the last 33 years, currently available on and soon to be available on CDs).

M. wrote:

...I heard what I think is the best, cleanest, most separated audience bootleg was of the 12/21/02 TSO show in NY and was recorded from the very front row of the Beacon Theater [with CS Binaural mics].

G.P., a MiniDisc taper, wrote:

I have been an avid taper for a few years & have over 100 shows under my belt. I started off using an analog walkman with Radio Shack ($30) microphones. Then, ditched the analog technology for a mini-disc and bought a rather shoddy & cheap imitator of Core Sounds binaurals - the name is not important. The imitators were -decent- but had an affinity for brick-walling under extreme loud circumstances. Seeing as how my taping position, whenever I can, is Front Of Stack I needed a product that not only had a great reputation but also something I knew could withstand extreme bursts of sound. So, I purchased CSBs in October 2002 & have had the best of luck with them.

I have done my very best to find a flaw or even a measurable brick-wall while using CSBs. That is not happening. The loudest & most intense show I've taped was Tool in Kalamazoo, MI 10.18.02. I stood FOS & was convinced that my Sony MD MZ-R700 would overload or the CSBs would overload. Not the case. A pure and wonderful sounding recording results instead. I trust CSBs & they are the only microphones I use. Thank you.

J.D., a MiniDisc taper, wrote:

Just to let you know that the mics and battery box work great...what a difference between what I was using [a Sony ECM-DS70P] and your mics.

E.R., a MiniDisc taper in the US's Deep South, wrote:

I purchased my CSB w/ bass roll-off (and flat) filter battery box over two years ago. I am, admittedly, a music snob, and I am completely sold on the CSB's. Even two years later, I am constantly amazed by the quality recordings these little wonder-mics produce - as is everyone who listens to the recordings.

I have used the CSBs to "document" live concerts including classical, barbershop, country, blues and rock, and the CSBs have performed wonderfully, no matter whether I've had nosebleed seats or front row. I've also used them to capture environmental sounds (rain, wind, running water, etc) for inclusion in relaxation-type compositions. And, they work exceptionally well as a rehearsal aid for the bluegrass group with which I perform. In fact, they perform just as well as my big ol' Neumann-copy studio condenser mic! Unbelievable. ...

Mr. Moskowitz is extremely helpful and professional. I'm sure he'd stand behind the 30-day guarantee... but I'll bet he never gets that chance!

In short, I have yet to find a venue or scenario in which these little beauties do not work unbelievably well. I could not be more pleased w/ the product - and I am overly picky when it comes to recording quality! My only regret about the CSBs is that I didn't purchase them sooner.

M.B., a MiniDisc taper, wrote:

The other night, while doing some yard work, we overturned a rabbit nest in our yard. Three little baby rabbits were sitting there on the dirt. We made a hole in the dirt, put them back in and went inside after marking the surroundings to see if the mother came back. The next evening, it was evident that the mother was spooked by the change in surroundings and she did not come and feed the babies.

So, we took them in, thinking that we could take care of them. Then read on the internet that it is virtually impossible to raise/wean a wild rabbit baby because of certain dietary problems.

So, we decided to reconstruct the nest again, wait until sundown and try to attract the mother back to the nest.

We learned that when we handled the babies, they would emit a loud shrieking noise which I suppose was to alert the mother. So, using my Core mics and my minidisc recorder, we recorded each baby rabbit doing 20-30 seconds of their "emergency" call. Then about 9 pm, we put the babies back in their nest which was reconstructed as well as we could do it.

Then, I placed the minidisc recorder within a few feet of the rabbit nest, turned it on, and ran for cover.

> What happened next was amazing.

Within 30 seconds, the mother rabbit appeared about 20 ft from the nest. In addition, a large hawk or owl, I wasn't sure, flew into the top of the nearest tree and the neighbor's cat came on a dead run toward the sound from a hundred yards away.

The mother rabbit froze. I ran out yelling and the bird flew away and the cat beat a hasty retreat, but the mother remained motionless about 20 feet from the nest.

I took the minidisc recorder and retreated to the house, where we watched to see what would happen. After about 5 minutes, the mother did go to the nest and feed her babies and has done so the last 3 nights. I haven't seen the bird or the cat since.

So, your mics recorded the baby rabbit noise so well, that it fooled the mother rabbit and at least two predators. I'd say that's pretty good, since most animals can hear a lot better than humans can.

R.R. wrote:

Tried them out the other day just around the yard and on my bike. All is well. They sound great.

Sometimes the test for me is with my family. While walking around in my yard, cars would drive by so, of course, the mics would pick up the sound of the cars. I would then have my wife and daughter listen. If their eyes bulge out in amazement at the quality of the sound, then I know I have a good set of mics. Well, not only did their eyes open wide but their mouths, too.

A.S. wrote:

The mics are incredibly good for the form factor and usage model. I use the MD recorder for recording my various practice sessions with the bands I play in. I then transfer the recordings to my PC and burn CD-Rs for everyone. People are always surprised to find out what my "mobile recording rig" is. The mics made a tremendous difference. I always tell people where to find them.

K.L. wrote:

I've had my CSBs about five weeks now, and couldn't be more pleased. I think I read every testimonial on all your mics before ordering, so my expectations were very high. I have yet to be disappointed. I've used them in a wide variety of venues recording an equally wide variety of performers all with excellent results. I enjoy the concerts even more now that I can make a good recording of them to enjoy over and over again, and in some cases the recording sounds better than the concert did to me at the time I was there.

J.H., using a DAT recorder and a Denecke AD-20, wrote:

Recorded Williams: Dona Nobis Pacem with your omnis, Sony D100 and Denecke unit. 80 voice choir, pipe organ, 40 piece orchestra. Playback on Klipschorns + subwoofer is awesome--essentially identical to live performance. Near perfect sound stage...

N.M., a MiniDisc user, wrote:

I just had to let you know that I took your advice and got the Sharp MT-877 minidisc recorder to use with your Core binaural microphones. I took this down to Havana, Cuba and recorded some of the most amazing music i have ever heard! Salsa, Son, Rhumba, Classical symphonies, brass bands, street bands, opera singers and my favorite- a classical pianist named Victor Rodriguez practicing for a recital in a 500 year old cathedral on a 9 foot Steinway grand. His rendition of Beethoven's Appassionata and some Chopin etudes were simply astounding! The recordings were equally astounding! People can't believe how accurate the sound was and what fine timbre and excellent tonal balance i got with these tiny little things! It has opened up a whole new world of recording for me! Thank you once again for making my trip to Cuba truly memorable!

M.V.B., a high school band director, wrote:

I just wanted to write to tell you how happy I am with your binaural microphones, which I have had for about 4 years now. They are incredibly well made and still produce amazingly accurate sound. I have convinced 10 or 11 fellow music educators to buy your binaural microphones for the purpose of listening to and analyzing music rehearsals and concerts, and they all agree with me. Your binaural microphones are probably the most useful tool in a music rehearsal. Students get to listen to what they actually sound like, and teachers can listen at home to rehearsals and spot errors that they missed in rehearsal, thus saving massive amounts of time. Keep up the good work!!

D.U., a DAT taper in Germany, wrote:

...meanwhile I've recorded several gigs with the mics - absolutely FANTASTIC!!! A wide range of fequency and dynamic - congrats to your engineers! I've recorded three Rock shows (Transatlantic and YES). Especially the YES gigs showed all good characteristics of the mics: clearest highs, strong bass and absolutely NO problems with the very high dynamic range. In my opinion many recordings from soundboard aren't as good as these recordings from audience! Though it's very hard to make MD changes in dark concert halls I swiched to a DAT walkman (Sony D8) - I already recorded a jazz gig in a small club also with great sucess.

I just recommended your mics to a friend of mine from Finland.

T., a MiniDisc user in London, wrote:

We spoke on New Years eve when I placed my order for the mic set.

Used them for the 1st time in anger last night & like all the other endorsements I've read, I'm v. pleased with the results. For the record I was using a sony md RZ900. It was an all acoustic show (Emmylou, Steve Earle, John Prine, N.Griffiths & E.Costello in London). I knew it wouldn't be too loud or basey so I didn't use the attenuator cable or the base filter. Set the md to low sensitivity record level & everything worked out really nice. [Did have a perfect seat - 5th row centre, which always helps!].

Next up it's The Who at the end of the month - plan to use the attenuator cable & the base filter.

M.D., a MiniDisc and Digital Video user, wrote:

I bought a set of your binaural mics with a battery box w/ bass rolloff and an attenuator cable about a year ago. I have had great luck recording to minidisc with your mics. I also find them a great addition to my digital video camera.

H.G., a MiniDisc user in Germany, wrote:

I ordered a set of Core Sound Binaural microphones last year via my sister, living in CA (she told me your service was great), and now I want to give you some feedback about them:

I have been using them for recording classical music (mostly opera, but also organ) from the auditorium and I am more than satisfied with their performance. They were usually clipped to my eyeglasses and connected to a Sony MZ-R700 MiniDisc-Player. Even friends sitting next to me did not notice this equipment...

From positions near to the stage the recordings were amazingly similar to the live impression and there is no other noise audible than the rustling of the audience. These characteristics become a bit weaker when the recording position is more distant because of higher noise level (coughing and whispering) and more reverberation. But even from the last row of a large concert hall the voices sound pristine and no distortion is hearable.

All things considered the results are perfect for my purpose and I can really advise these microphones for classical music because of the true image they provide over an astonishing range of pitches and dynamic grades.

A., a recording professional in Canada, wrote:

[They were ordering a second set of microphones!]

Just to let you know that the wire was sent yesterday so you should have it now. ... we are using them for a remix for Bjork...just to let you now how highly we rate the sound of your mics.

i once recorded 30 mins of rain with them. they got soaking and didn't work for a few hours (you can't imagine the sounds they make with water in the circuits!!!) wierd!!! i let them dry and they worked as good as new afterwards. i got a great recording. they are fantastically robust! thanks!

K.V., a DAT taper in Dallas, wrote:

I purchased my Core Sound Binaural microphones about 6 months ago. At the time the guy who took my order asked me to report my opinion back to Core-Sound. First off, let me say that whoever helped me with the purchase was knowledgeable, friendly and not looking to sell me something I did not need. I use the microphones, with my Sony TCD-D100, mostly for smaller venue rock/alt. country performers. I have positioned the microphones under my collar and outside on my collar with great results. I also used them once at a large arena show with a good sound system, but not up front seats, and got the best arena recording I have ever made.

I can't talk about the technical hows and whys of sound quality, but I have been recording concerts since 1979 when I snuck a cassette deck into a Queen concert. The point is I have been doing it as a hobby for a while, all the time searching for ways to improve. I feel now I can say that with these Core Sound microphones I can honestly compete with any recording I have heard sound quality wise, with very little effort on my part.

There is a saying that it's the "cheap man who pays the most", and I believe it. Take it from me. Do not waste your time, effort and money on any other microphone. Ultimately you will feel something is lacking. If you have money to spend on other microphones, send it to me. I'll send you a note telling you to buy Core-Sound. You can't record with the note, but a least you won't waste your time recording shows you know could have turned out better. I only wish someone had done that for me.

J.F., using CSBs, wrote:

I bought the binaural mikes a few weeks back. First off, excellent! I am in the midst of following a band around for a bit - and ... just amazing sound! One night, I was stuck right in between two security guards - so I couldn't pull out the microphones - so they stayed underneath my shirt. I figured I'd hit record anyway and see what happened. Turned out to be a near-perfect recording.

R.G., using CSBs, wrote:

Just want to say I taped three concerts last week with the mics I bought from you. I am very pleased -- they worked GREAT. Thank you for your help.

D.D., using CSBs in NYC, wrote:

But so far, let me tell you, I am really impressed with how real the sounds are when played back. My wife thought I was insane because I started to laugh out loud in the middle of listening some of the pretty mundane sounds of our NYC appartment (including the omnipresent traffic on 2nd Avenue). It sounds more real than reality, it is hard to describe. I will comment further in a few days, but I am blasted!

F.M., a DAT taper, wrote:

I had a chance put the CSB's to use and make my first recording -- binaural style. While I have almost no experience with taping, I still have years of listening experience to compare my results against. I was suprised when my first DAT turned out to be one of the most involving recordings I have ever heard. It shares one of the most important qualities I associate with vinyl: I don't think about the sound, the music just flows. (I taped a PA -- how good could the "sound" be?) Without having other mics to compare the CSB's to, I can still say that they deliver performance well beyond what their price suggests. Beyond just the mics, my opinion of 44.1kHz/16-bit PCM has changed drastically now that I can finally hear the "master tape."

F.M., a DAT taper in Italy, wrote:

I am the Italian taper who bought the CS mikes while visiting Philadelphia. Thank you for the kindness and the quality of the service. I am trying the microphones in a variety of circumstances and many people, musicians included, are amazed by the quality of sound. A Sun Ra tribute I taped in Udine might become a live CD as the band liked my tape better than the one made by their professional sound man using Neumanns and the same TASCAM DA-P1 I'm using.

[Later he wrote again]

I bought your CSB when visiting USA in April, and I'm having a lot of fun with them, plus fantastic memories of my musical travels. Their unobtrusive appearance let me tape quietly in all the environment without having people getting self-conscious. I made great outdoor tapes of street musicians and prayer calls in Turkey in July.

C.R., a MiniDisk taper, wrote:

I recently purchased a set of CSB's with a switchable bass roll off box, as well as a pair of Sound Professionals binaurals. I went out to a festival and took both sets as well as two Sony MDR900's. Me and a buddy split up and taped many of the artists. We found out later that day that the Sound Professional's were not capable of recording the shows to our standards at all. For the rest of the night we used only the CSB's. Back home during mastering we discovered the Sound Professional's microphones had more than a 3db difference between channels. The CSB's provided a cleaner sound, and the channels matched perfectly. My recordings since this time have included Depeche Mode, Radiohead, Dave Matthews, and many others ranging from Acoustic rock to electronica, to festivals. I have captured recordings that exceeded my expectations, and many that others have heard who assume come from much more expensive equipment. There is not a better stealth system out there for the price, and Len will do whatever it takes to work around any hurdles that may arise during the purchase process, as well as long after the sale is done. For Front of Board recordings, and binaural recordings in general, Core Sound is producing the best equipment I have come across.

Thanks again, the music will spread even more now thanks to me and Core Sound!!!.

D.Z., a DAT taper in Baltimore, wrote:

I recently used your a set of your binaural mikes (CSBs) to record a concert and I wanted to tell you the results were simply amazing. This was the first time I have attempted a stealth recording. I clipped the CSBs to my hat and hooked them up to the bass roll off box and ran it right into my Sony D-8. I set the level to a constant -12db and that was all there was to it! At the end of the show I had an EXACT copy of what I had heard. It was spooky! Spooky in a good way.

Anyway - if anyone is looking for a great mike at a great price for live recording THIS IS IT ! I am impressed.

K.C., a DAT taper in New Hampshire, wrote:

first off let me thank you for answering all my questions over the past several weeks (to many questions i am sure), but you were a great help in providing me w/ info to assist in my selection. i purchased a set of the core sound binaural mics with the switchable battery box bass roll off filter to go with a sony pcm-m1 dat deck.

i put the mics to the test their first time out recording 8+ hours of music ranging from rock, thrash, electronica, and more. the mics did not disappoint, i even picked up on some lyrics at home listening to the recording that were very hard to make out at the show.

i had shopped around but continued to hear len's name and the quality products that core sound offered. so i decided to make a purchase. len was very helpful in answering all my "newbie" questions that i had and always had a few minutes to talk. this being my first recording experience and first time using mics i was a little nervous to say the least. simply following len's helpful hints and using his simple, discreet, quality mics was all i needed. my tapes sound excellent even being a first timer. i had read the other users comments on the web page and was still a little skeptical but after using the mics and listening to the play back i am jumping on the band wagon and saying that core sound is your one stop shop. i cant wait to purchase the core sound stealthy cardoid set to cover any recording situation i might find myself in. ...

L.E., a MiniDisc taper in Pennsylvania, wrote:

I bought the Binaural microphone set with switchbox a few months ago. They are unbelievable. Perhaps the best proof comes from this story: I recorded my son playing at the piano using a minidisc player, with the microphones clipped to my shoulders. I then replayed it for my seven year old daughter using the headphones that came with the player. She listens to CD recordings on headphones a lot so she's very familiar with standard sound quality. As soon as the recording started to play she snapped around to see if my son was playing the piano. I had to take the headphones off and put them back on to convince her that the sound was not live. Pretty good endorsement, eh?

D.E., in Japan, wrote:

The mics were positioned just in front of the stage about two feet above the performers' heads and maybe about eight feet from a player front center stage. I simply clipped them to a short ruler slung from a lighting boom -- Having to tape the battery box to the lighting rack at least tripled the installation time -- The mics captured the performances and the audience reaction in a very true-to- life way. Not bad for a novice's first outing. I am looking ahead to compiling performances and making a CD of Osaka comedy.

M.N., a musician and student, wrote:

...I would just like to say how fond I am of your microphones. They are truly amazing in clarity. I have recommended them for a number of my colleagues and professors here at the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music.

J.D., a MiniDisc user in Massachusetts, wrote:

Our new binaural microphone set with the switchable bass roll-off filter arrived a few days ago. My wife, a violinist, was skeptical, but I convinced her to try your mic based on some stuff I'd read on the net (and your return policy). She was blown away! She said that her violin now sounds like a Guarnarius. Recently, when listening to a minidisc recording she'd made, she was caught off guard by our daughter Sarah, who was supposed to be at school, speaking to her from the next room. Of course, Sarah had actually been in the next room during the recording. The accuracy combined with the stereo imaging was uncanny.

M.A., a long time CSB user, wrote:

I've been using your microphones for around five years and have been very pleased with the results. Perhaps you might even have noticed my two recent purchases to replace (and upgrade) my first set of Core Sound mics. ... It's amazing how your microphones can often produce a recording that actually sounds better than the original concert.

E.W., a DAT taper, wrote:

I bought a set of binaurals with the filter for my PCM-M1 DAT and I just wanted to let you know that the quality of sound of show I taped over the weekend was awesome. In some ways, the recording was better than the sound I heard in the venue as the bass was excessive. The filter did a great job of reducing it.

R.D., a long time DAT taper in France, wrote:

The other night, I was listening to a Tori Amos tape I made with your CSB and a D7, a few years back. I listened on my Grado RS-1 phones, into an Ayre K-1 preamp and Mark Levinson 36 DAC. The "you are there" quality was absolutely overwhelming! Thanks you for bringing such beauty in my life. Ciao...

P.P. in Milan (Italy) wrote:

I used this microphones last year at the CSNY concert in continental arena and they are superbs.

J.G. wrote:

I *am* new at this, but I have to say the CSB's have produced a couple *great* recordings despite me ;-) Wonderfully simple product.

D.S., a radio producer, wrote:

The mic set I ordered just arrived, and I have to say:


I produce radio drama and I thought your mics would be good for sound efx. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much from $260 mics. But wow! I just replaced all of my mics with this one set. Thanks. I'm already thinking of how I can exploit the "3D" quality.

P.W., a computer game developer, wrote:

You may remember that a while ago I bough a pair of your mics to record some Motocross bikes for a game. After switching from MD to DAT, the recording went well in very difficult conditions and the game is now out (called Motocross Mania). A number of reviews have mentioned the quality of the bike sounds, so thanks again for your help.

"satisfyingly meaty engine noises",

"the engines sounds are first rate",

sound - 9/10 - "You can hear the roar of the bikes!"

R.B., a DAT taper in Baltimore, wrote:

Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for providing a quality product at an excellent price.

I purchased your Core Sound Binaural mics with the switchable battery box a few weeks ago and have given them a pretty good workout since they arrived. I have used them in several different situations and the tapes have come out uniformly excellent.

I have been patching into other tapers mic rigs for several years now and the few tapes I have made with the CSBs are good enough to go head to head with many of the tapes I have made with the thousands of dollars of equipment that some of these folks have.

The first show I taped was the Ominous Seapods at a small bar here in Baltimore. I was anxious to try the mics out even though there was a soundboard patch available. I taped them to a post about 8 feet or so from the stage halfway between the 2 sets of PA speakers. The sound is even and balanced throughout and the vocals come out cleaner than they sounded at the show.

In the past week I have taped Emmylou Harris, Roger McGuinn and Richard Thompson stealth with the mics clipped to my glasses just in front of my ears. Listening to the DATs on headphones is like starting up the wayback machine and being there again!

C.B., a DAT taper, wrote:

I recorded some music from my hi-fi at home (with the bass filter off) and I must say I am very impressed with the response of the mics. Bass, mid range, treble - its all there. In almost as good quality as the original CD. Wow - way better than my old Sony ECM-TS125 microphone. Highly recommended - certainly a good buy !

C.S., a MiniDisc user in Germany, writes:

In May, I purchased a pair of Core Sound's Binaural microphones (w/ switchable Bass Roll-Off Filter & HD windscreens). This short e-mail is to let you know about my experiences with your product.

What can I say, I'm just completely satisfied! So thanks a lot. The recordings I've made with my Sony MZ-R30 always turned out to be amazing. Before I had received your mics, I used a Sony ECM-MS907, but the MDs I obtained never sounded as "realistic" as recordings made with CSBs. I ascribe this to their extended frequency range and of course to the binaural recording technique. Listening to those recordings (on headphones) can almost transfer you back to the concert. It's simply awesome!

I also have to say thank you for your excellent customer service and your very informative web page. I have already recommended you to a couple of people...

W.V., a MiniDisc user in California, wrote:

Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for everything. Your excellent customer service is a rarity these days, and it's a real pleasure doing business with someone who delivers more than one expects. I received the mics yesterday, a day early since you were able to accommodate my request to ship on Monday. That was a very pleasant surprise to say the least given the delivery horrors I've experienced over the last couple of months.

Secondly, the products themselves (binaural mics) were made exceptionally well with higher quality components and workmanship than I was expecting (great little battery box-looks indestructible!).

Finally, I used the mics in conjunction with a Sharp 722 minidisc recorder in a club having never taped before, and the results are phenomenal. The sound is definitely "live" sounding, but crystal clear and surprisingly accurate given how badly I think I messed up the levels and placement of the mics (clipped to lapels). I can't wait to see what I come up with this weekend.

When I got home, I realized that I never opened up the battery box to verify if there was a battery inside (my foolishness, but hey, I was excited to try it out!). Sure enough, you sent it loaded and the mix was recorded (a big 'thank you' for that). It's the small touches that separate decent service from truly outstanding, and I won't hesitate to recommend your site to anyone who needs recording equipment based on my happy experiences dealing with you.

Thanks again for everything, I hope to do more business with you in the future.

J.G., a beginner in the US, wrote:

WOW - amazing. Spend the little extra $ on this microphone (I bought the CORE SOUND BINAURAL MICROPHONES SET with the Bass Roll off filter, the attenuator cable, and the covers [windscreens] for recording outside) you WILL NOT be sorry.

I am no sound expert at all. I tried to make a recording with a low quality mike and it was terrible. I searched on the internet and found Core Sound. It was well worth the money.

All I did was plug it in to the battery box, plug it into the Sony Mini Disc (I just bought) and attach the clips. The day was windy, and the conditions were not optimal at all, but the sound is great.

Like I said I don't know this or that about music and sound, but I know what my ears like and this microphone makes the difference!!!!

K.B., a DAT user in New York, wrote:

I just wanted to drop you a line saying that your mics kick ass. I have been recording some indoor shows and got some good results, but let me tell you, this weekend I just taped a 5 hour show in a field and it sounds incredible. This show was the first time I got to mount the mics on a mic stand. I was about 200 feet from the stage and the recording came out so crispy I almost fell out of my chair when I listened to recording after the show. The range of sound that these mics pick up is amazing, from the deepest bass to the smallest percussion instrument, everything is captured beautifully on my Sony TCD-D8 with these mics. I got to listen to another guys recording that used some $2000 dollar mics and I could barely tell the difference. You can use this as a testimonial if you want, for what you charge for these mics its one of best $230 dollars I have ever spent. I recommend them to all that want small mics that record big sound, and the fact that I can also use them for stealth recording is just icing on the cake. Keep up the good work!!!!

A.S., a MiniDisc user in the U.K., wrote:

I've been using my mics a lot lately - there has been a series of concerts of electronic music at the planetarium at Jodrell Bank (the site of the world's largest steerable radio telescope) here in the UK using the mics in conjunction with a Sony MZ-R55 portable MiniDisc recorder. The recordings came out so well that the promoter of the concerts ( has released them commercially, and they've been selling extremely well!

A lot of people have asked me what equipment I used to do the recording, and when they saw how small my "mobile studio" is, they couldn't believe it...

M.P., a pro DAT user, writes:

I have been recording environmental audio and studio sounds for 20 years; never have I been so delighted with a portable binaural pair as I was by the Core Sound mics. With a portable DAT, I've captured soundscapes so subtle and so rich in content as to be nearly indistinguishable from the real.

R.H., a Minidisc taper in Europe, wrote:

I've ordered your CSBs last year and already made tons of great recordings with them - thanks!!! I've even beat out some DAT guys with my minidisc and the CSBs.... the very best recording of all happened to be my favorite artist on my birthday last year. What a present! My last recording was good enough that virtually everybody who heard it was totally blown away. One guy wanted to take my speakers apart to see if the band would be hiding in there....

Anyway, I've got a very well-paid student job now and more money to spend, so I thought about upgrading to your high-end binaurals. ...

F., a DAT taper, wrote:

i used your CSB mics to record my friend's hawaiian band on campus they were bloody amazed. ...

N.N., a taper in Japan, wrote:

I thank you for sending me a Core Sound Binaural microphone set. Yesterday, I went to a small studio in my area to record rehearsal of my pal's band; the venue was smaller than expected and a lot of flatter echo were heard everywhere. No right position for placing binaural mics could be found and I finally placed mics at the top of an acoustic piano, without hoping that recording would be done well.

The result was, however, unbelievable! No distortion/saturation and talk about ultra rich stereo image! I've been using my SONY TCD-D8 with ECM-MS907 for last two years, but I've never satisfied with performance of MS907. A head-to-head with Core Sound mics really makes me want to throw MS907 out the window!!

J.S., a taper in California, writes:

Just wanted to let you know my fifth attempt at capturing sounds at a show was my best effort yet! I was very close to the Soundboard at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View on June 16th. I was ~35 rows back and I used the filter the whole time. I am very pleased with the results. Scotts voice is very clear (as opposed to the Sacto Valley Show - where I was ~75 ft back and Scotts voice sounds more distant. I guess the PA system blows over me if I am too close). I screwed up and forgot the clips so I duck taped the mics to my hat and it worked fine.

M.P., in Chicago, wrote:

I bought a pair of your battery box binaural mikes about 3 (?) years ago, for use with my Sony RZ-50 minidisc recorder. I was then an amateur classical musician, and am now a part-time freelancer. The mikes continue to work great -- thanks! ...

Since a lot of the comments on your web page are from stealth tapers of rock concerts pounding at 130dB, I thought you might want someone to affirm they work just as well for visible and "official" recording of quiet and delicate soft music. Of course, a professional sound engineer with several thousand dollars worth of equipment makes better recordings than I do, but the stuff from your mikes is quite sufficient for sharing with other musicians and even selling the occasional CD-R to friends, especially after removing a bit of hiss with a filter on my computer. Plus the minidisc recorder and mikes comfortably fit into my tuxedo pocket on my way to the gig, and the mikes easily snap onto a wire music stand when I'm there.

G.S. wrote:

I have recently received a pair of the csb mics from you. I was referred to you by another recorder that has the csb's as well. I had gotten a few shows from this person, so I new already that the mics kicked ass! But knowing this already before purchasing the csb's, I was still blown away the night I received the csb's. Being a drummer I decided to tap the drums to give them a try. When I played it back on the recorder I was truely amazed at what I heard! I swear that it sounded EXACTLY like what I had heard when I was recording it, down to the bass drum pedal squeaking. I personally thought that it sounded better than what I had heard because I was using the bass roll-off filter and all the low end was gone which left a clean crisp hit of the bass drum and tom toms. These truely are AWESOME mics. As for the shows that I have recorded so far they have turned out great. I hear everything on the recording the way I heard it the night of the show (minus the "hall boom" :'). I must also say thank you for gettting the mics sent out overnight for me. I am very pleased with the csb's and will absolutely recomend core-sound to any one that wants some kick ass stealthy mics. Your product is truely amazing, Its not just cheap parts thrown together. I can see a lot of time was spent to make a superior product that would last for years and years!

T.S., a MiniDisc taper, wrote:

I just purchased a set of your binaural mics with the bass roll-off filter and heavy-duty windscreens. There was a bit of a rush to get them, as I'd ordered them on a Monday, and needed them by that Friday for a music festival in the Southern California desert. Your 2 day air charge was uniquely reasonable (you just get so used to being screwed on shipping nowadays, it's quite refreshing when someone's honest with it -- thank you), and sure as sin, they showed up on time.

Using my MZR-50, I got through fairly tight security without any hassle (gentlemen out there, I recommend a jock with a cup pouch, it works like a charm). I recorded four different bands, ranging in tones from instrumental jazz grooves to vocal-oriented rock to just wandering around a trippy music fest from tent to tent and beer garden to beer garden while recording. In every instance, your mics gave a perfect reproduction of what I heard while at the show. In one wandering around case (when I was recording a band I didn't really care too much about but still wanted to experiment with these new toys), I spinned in a few circles, and in listening you can actually tell when I was facing the stage by how the music revolves around in the headphones -- it's slightly dizzying. Now that was neat and all, but it's when I did the serious recording that the mics truly blew me away.

This fest was my first recordings, and your mics have made me feel like a pro. I stood about 15-20 yards in front of the soundboard, dead center, and set the mics on my lapel in binaural fashion, and left the filter flat. The imaging is terrific. Friends can't believe the quality of the recordings -- the bass still makes you shake but retains it's clarity, and the highs are clean and crisp. I've been collecting boots for some time, and with your mics I've made some of the best boots I've ever owned, and I made them myself.

I'm also planning on using the mics in a way I haven't heard of before. I'm a bassist in a 3 piece instrumental improv jazz/groove band, and we've been recording 24 bit to a Roland 1680 digital 16 track. In addition to all the other mics we have planted on the drum kit, the plan is to pin your binaurals to the drummer's glasses so that we can get a true reproduction of exactly how our drummer hears his kit as he plays it, to fit into the final mix. I have a feeling that his fills and rolls are going to sound extremely wild...

Thanks for making a terrific product, and at a price that can't be beat.

T.M., a MiniDisc taper, wrote:

The mics are incredible (used with Sony mini-disk). The people that have listened are amazed at the quality of the recordings. When I show them the size they don't believe it.

Just returned from a (4) day (indoor) Bluegrass festival. Had the opportunity to record in a large hall (2000 people) and smaller venues. Listening to the results gives you the feeling of being there. The bass roll-off filter is remarkable. Thanks for recommending the purchase.

D.R., a MiniDisc taper, wrote:

Well, I'm not one for testimonials, but you can use this if you like.

I'm impressed! I just got home from recording an African drum performance for the opening of an art exhibition. The room was an acoustic nightmare for percussion: wood floors, little furniture, just indigenous drums and people. I set up my new binaurals with my Sony R55, and decided to switch on the bass roll-off because of the bass booming in the room. Then, I just forgot about the mics (which were attached to a home made mic stand using a Radio Shack microphone base and a T-junction of plumbing pipe. The binaurals were clipped to the end of the T, giving excellent spacial positioning). The sound and music in the room was intense. Sound was high on decibels, great on energy, but I gave up thinking that my recording setup would result in anything other than overloaded boom sounds. Well, I just listend to the recording and it sounds great! Crystal clear, no dropoffs or overloading, with the booming bass sound eliminated. Man, it sounds like a professional recording. I could sell this stuff commercially! It's almost better than the original because it's not overloaded with bass sound. Your binaural mics are outstanding, and worth every cent I paid for them. In the future I may even save up my money and buy your high-end mics, but I am most impressed with my existing mics. Thanks for the attention to detail, to answering my email requests, and putting out a product that delivers what it says it should do.

C.L., a MiniDisc taper in the UK, wrote:

I ordered your binaural mics a few months ago and I must say that I am truly amazed at how superb they sound. I have used them in various venues from very large to very small and the quality of the recordings is excellent. They've also come in handy for recording band practices, we may even use them to record a demo tape. Thanks a lot Len for a great product.

I have been using them with a Sony Mz-r50 minidisk recorder.

J.S., a DAT taper, wrote:

I used the CSBs the other night at the Warfield. KVHW was playing. The sound is excellent. Very happy with the first try. However the real test comes in September with Tori. ...

Thanks for the killer mics!

J.B., a professional drummer in Florida, writes:

I've recorded two rehearsals so far with my new Sony MZR-30 mini-disc recorder. Both were Big Band Jazz--Swing with yours truly on drums. All I can say is "WOW". I wish that you could have seen the look on the guy's faces when they slipped on the headphones. Many whom are "studio musicians". Your mics are truly unbelievable. I have your standard binaural mics along with the bass roll off filter. The bass-trombone player is going to contact you this week. I told him how to get in touch with you. Thanks again for all your help.

L.K., a DAT user in Texas, wrote:

First I have to say that I love your mic set. I have had them for a month or two and they work great! I use them for recording live demos for local bands to make demo tapes or CD's. They work very well in loud as well as soft sound environments. The output is strong enough that in loud situations I just use the line in and I get plenty of signal. The stereo separation is fantastic. ...

W.C., a MiniDisc user, wrote:

I bought a pair of Core-Sound binaurals from you back in May and have been ecstatically happy with them. When paired up with my Sony MZ-R50 MiniDisc, they are truly a revolution in mobile, pro-quality digital recording. ...

Thanks very much... for making this incredible technology available to us mobile audiophiles. I hope to keep referring many people your way.

PJT wrote:

...I must tell you congratulations. I LOVE MY CSB'S!!! I just recorded Dylan/Simon stealth, and it souds as nice as some of the shows I have where people used stands and all... WOW!!!

B.R., a DAT user, writes:

I recently purchased a set of your binaural microphones,and I have to say, it's the best money I have ever spent. I used them with my Sony D-8 to record a Jim Hall performance at a local jazz club. Because I was alone, I was seated at the rear of the club. I really thought this might have some effect on my recording, but to my amazement, it didn't!

The DAT was unbelievable, one of the best sounding live tapes I had ever heard. Kudos to your company for bringing such a wonderful product to the world for such a great price. I also appreciate the time you spent on the phone with me and the advice you gave me, I'm sure other people would have tried to sell a"newbie" like me a more expensive mic set,but you were straightforward and refreshing to talk to. And your hand written note with my package was especially nice.

I'm now saving up to buy the high-end mikes.

B.B., a MiniDisc user, wrote:

THANK YOU. I got the CSB's that you sent overnight for me just in time... I had 30 minutes to get setup and get on the road for the concert I was attending. It was FANTASTIC. I was so worried how it would turn out during the concert. I kept checking the levels over and over. It turned out I could have probably had them up a little higher. This was a larger ballroom/club then I was used to, and I had to stand back a ways because the crowd was pretty young, and VERY rowdy up front. Even as loud as they were, it just came out so clear. The vocals are the best, I can't believe how well they came out being as loud as their music was. The percussion is fantastic too, as noted by a drummer friend.

On the way back home from the concert, everyone wanted to listen. I would give the headphones to them and it was so fun watching their faces just light up as soon as I un-paused it! They kept saying things like "wow thats simply incredible" or "where did you get these mics??" and of course "dude that rocks!" :-) I bragged about how you had personally helped me, being the complete novice that I am with recording live audio. To anyone out there that thinks they don't know where to begin, begin with Core Sound, Len is a nice guy that will answer your questions. And shell out a little more money for the CSB's - I tried both the low-cost and the CSB's. I attend some very loud modern-rock/alternative concerts and the CSB's just outperformed the LC's like a champ. For quieter recordings, the LC-CSB's would probably be alright, but go ahead and get the CSB's - trust me. If last night's concert was the only one I could record, I would still be happy with the money I spent. Thanks Len, and keep up the great work!

A classical music taper in Maryland wrote

Last night I made another fantastic recording of a piano recital in New York, thanks to your CSBs. Considering that not nearly as many people record classical music recitals as rock music, I was surprised to see somebody right in front of me stealthing with the same mics! We've already set up some trades, and he's very happy with your mics as well.

I've been so satisfied with using your CSBs these past couple months that I'm going to recommend them on my web site! ...

F.H., a MD taper in Canada wrote:

First of all I would like to say I purchased a Binaural Core Sound mic from you April 6, 1999. That is the date I placed my order. I made it clear to the sales rep. that I needed the mic before the 10th and he said it would be very hard but he would try. The reason I needed soon was because I was going to a concert in Detroit on the 10th. Sure enough on the 9th the mics arrive. Very relieved and calmed I went around my house recording various sounds just to test the mics out. I never taped a show before, So I figured I might as well test them out before the big date.

Sure enough I was able to sneak my equipment (the core-sound mics and my Sharp 702 MD recorder) in for the Show (Smashing Pumpkins). With the cords leading thru my shirt and the mics individually clipped to each side of my hat I was able to record one of the best concerts ever. I had the battery box on filter and the quality came out really good. I am really impressed with the mics. That was the first show I ever recorded, and to this date when I make copies for other people they ask me how long I have been doing this for because it sounds professional. When I tell them it was my first show their jaw drops in disbelief. They instantly ask me what recording device I used, I tell them my Sharp 702 MD, but that has little to nothing to do with it. I owe it all to your great mics. They deliver the most natural sound I have ever heard any mic produce they are truly one of a kind, definitely worth the $260 I paid and more. These mics only further my interest in live shows and I take all of this more seriously then I ever have. Im going to a show this Fri. to tape and I cant wait because I know it will come out even better then the last.

The service at Binaural is truly exquisite, The hand written letter inside was very nice. I just want to thank you once more. You have a truly amazing product

S.L. from California writes:

I used the D-6 with your microphones to record a concert at the Universal Amphitheater last weekend. ...your microphones performed very well. At playback, the sound was very accurate (down to the last cough in the audience) and pleasant to listen to. ...this was the best live recording that I've ever made/listened to.

K.G. from Ohio writes:

As I use the mics, I'm very impressed with the quality -- on par with my NAK 300's and infinitely easier to get in to the gig -- covert guerilla gear.

S.B. from the United Kingdom writes:

People who hear my tapes say things like "you're kidding me, how did you power those Neumann U87s anyway?".

D.K., a DAT user from Florida, writes:

I just recorded my first concert. The sound is unbelievable. Nobody can believe that the little mikes were used for the recording.

T.K., a DAT user from Washington, writes:

On a price/performance basis your mics are still the winners by a mile, and even if I do spring for Naks or something I will be keeping the CSB's for those occasions requiring complete stealth. I should also mention that the people I trade with have been quite impressed with the sound of the tapes I've made...

K.K. a DAT user from California, writes:

I cannot tell you how much I've enjoyed the sound quality of these little mics. They make quite a difference. In conjunction with my DAT deck, I walk away with some awesome sounding tapes. No one even suspects that I'm taping. I only wish I had found out about you and your mics years ago.

(His order for a second set was included with this comment.)

G.D. from Canada says:

...quite comparable to my Sennheisers, and much less obtrusive. Very stealthy.

S.B., a DAT user from New York, writes:

Source was a DAT tape ([Grateful] Dead, I forget which date) playing through Fried R-4 (I think; their best, anyway) speakers, in a store (DAT's Incredible in NYC). They were compared with a pair of Neumann hyper-cardioids. The Neumanns won . (Yes, I know the Neumanns cost about 15 times what yours do. They didn't win by that much.)

Interestingly, during the recording someone knocked on the door. During the playback, someone went to answer it...

I think your mics are excellent, and I'd recommend them to anyone who's looking for that type. (In fact, I already have.)

G.H. of Maryland writes:

I am very pleased with the sound of the mics for my applications. I am using them as a spaced pair (approximately 2 feet apart) and the frequency response and stereo imaging is very good. I recorded a solo piano and voice act and a rock/jazz band in a small club here. Both sounded quite good on playback. Playback through headphones seems to be especially good.

R.G., a professor at a major U.S. university using the microphones for acoustics/music research, writes:

The mikes are excellent, wonderful sound quality, great response. They allow one to walk unnoticed through a crowd, something a photographer can't quite get away with. With the mikes mounted on headphones, excellent left/right and front/distance localization is possible.

S.F.K from New Jersey writes:

...even though my seating location was pretty lousy my initial reaction is that they are fantastic. The binaural imaging is at times stunning and they seem to have excellent "reach". Needless to say, I'm happy with them.

R.B. of Illinois (a DAT user) writes:

Just recorded an opera this afternoon. Sounds *GREAT*. Thanks for making 'em!

D.K. from Michigan writes:

Well, when I received them I set everything up and walked around recording my normal everyday actions for awhile to see how they sounded. At one point I let our dog inside, so I ended up recording the door opening and closing. She knows that sound and when I played it back she ran to the door to see who was there! Very realistic sound.

S.K. from California writes:

Mine are the battery box version. Let me say at the outset that I am no expert in the world of recording and microphones. That said, I do care a lot about sound quality. I think Len's microphones sound incredibly good for their size, and are made with a real sense of quality.

The first thing I saw when looking at them was that the battery box seems to have been built to withstand nuclear attack, and the wires [connectors] are gold coated and built with quality parts that make a solid, problem-free connection. Later I was impressed with the little touches -- the carefully filed solder connection on the mics and the rubber-dipped handles on the clips.

These things are so covert that people staring at me have simply assumed I was listening to headphones. This can be handy.

As I said, they sound amazing for their size. When listening with headphones, the sense of positioning is very nice. It can be unnerving to hear someone on the recording sneeze when no one is actually standing near you.

I have become familiar with the limits of the Sony Walkman Pro D6C using these mics.

R.G., a DAT user from California, writes:

I took my Casio DA-R100 and your mics to my kid's 3rd and 4th grade music show last night, 1st DAT show! Listening to it on headphones is amazing. The parents talking and coughing all around you, the cameras flashing left and right. The kid's percussion work wasn't quite up to the Diga Rhythm Band, but they had fun and so did I.

L.Z. writes:

...I went over to a friend's house and asked her to sing a couple of songs. She suggested that she sing one of her songs with a very wide dynamic range, and I did so... She listened to the result and was quite blown away, as she said she often gives microphones a great deal of grief.

The second occasion was at a house filk [a kind of folk singing party]... One particular song came out so well I played it for a friend at a music night... I told her where I had gotten the recording and she was quite surprised, as its quality was superior to many commercial tapes.

I experimented further by inviting three friends over to practice.... We had a great time, and they were very favorably impressed with the microphones and quality of recordings I was achieving. They had previously used a 4-track PortaStudio 2 and a single microphone to record themselves using multi-track techniques for a demo tape, and the result they brought with them sounded much less real than what we were recording...

I'm very pleased with the microphones.

D.M., a Mini-disk user from Canada, writes:

I took my freshly charged MZ-1 [Sony's mini-disk recorder], Len Moskowitz's CSB mics, and a blank disk...

Some notes: it sounds *great*. Really great! Except for a couple of people chatting right beside me at the beginning of the concert, the extraneous noise level is very low, and it sounds as good as lots of live recordings I have.

A year later he writes:

...they're fab, I've had mine for a year. I use 'em for classical, not rock, recordings, but the binaural recordings are -- well, I almost wrote unreal, but they're *quite* real. Also recorded the arpeggio (B, F#, B) that the Montreal subway cars makes on takeoff; listening to it with headphones makes me lean rediculously against the acceleration.

After making and enjoying live, binaural recordings, some standard recordings really started to bother me- the question "Where would my head have to have been, for me to hear it like this?" pops up now and then. Inside the acoustic guitar? Among the orchestra? On stage, right in front of the drums? It very much makes you think about what is a natural sounding recording and what's not.

...[definitely a] satisfied customer.

A few years later he again wrote:

Six years and change ago, I ordered a set of CSBs from you, and I've used them well -- I have 35 concert recordings that were good enough to keep.

I'm still happy with the recordings I made six years ago that are as good as live recordings can get.

J.L., an analog cassette and DAT user from California, writes:

I must say after using it with my Sony D6 for the first time, I promptly stopped using my Sony 737 mic. The battery box version of your mic is EXCELLENT. Great sound reproduction.

Since then, I received my Sony D7 DAT player (a most remarkable unit!!) 2 days ago and last night tested it out against your mic for the first time, a live recording of Negativland (with their permission of course) and I am really at a loss for words. The sound captured was very authentic and true to the atmosphere of the concert. Again, I must thank you for the good job you've done. ...I am very satisfied with the player and most importantly it works GREAT with your microphones. I will be recommending your mic to a few of my friends.

J.L. of Finland writes:

I just visited my good friend, which I think as a local audio Guru. I showed him the mikes. He looked the construction a bit and evidently his interest aroused. He picked a portable DAT, hooked the mikes to DAT, used his home speakers as a reference and recorded some minutes Ravi Shankar from CD.

Then he played it back he became quite astonished. He started to ask things like "how much you did exactly pay for these?", "What kind of person is the guy behind these?", "Amazing this stereo space". He is now about to have a try with them in live session in a "city"'s orchestra, possibly with another DAT and two high quality mikes with ball-shape as a reference. Indeed I saw something in his face that I can describe as a lust. This may be too early a question, but would you like to make another pair for him?

"What can I say? This doesn't happen very often, but I think I've now made a very good purchasement.

[He's since ordered a second pair.]

J.P. of Sweden, a DAT user, writes:

Well, I first tried them out recording the local symphony orchestra performing Tchaikovski. I sat in the center of the fifth row, plugged the battery box into the TCD-D3, slipped on the microphones, started the recording, and sat back and enjoyed the performance.

...The music had a great dynamic range, and given my position the musicians had a large front-to-back and side-to-side span. When I came home, I immediately listened to the recording, so my sonic memory was extremely fresh. The result was very good. The mics coped with the musical peaks, and the noise of the recording was low enough to be lost in the ambience. The spatial reproduction of the performance (and coughs, scrapes, and program rustling ) was as good as any commercial dummy head recording I have heard, truly superb.

To be able to produce such a satisfying recording of such a demanding event with the simplicity and unobtrusiveness offered by these mikes is very useful, and something of a revelation.

J.J., a DAT and Mini-disk user from Ontario, Canada writes:

Well, I am very impressed with the microphones. I tried them out first with my Sony TCD-D3 portable DAT recorder by walking around the house as always and then listening to the result. Wow! The imaging was extremely accurate. I am also happy with the flat frequency response and the wide dynamic range of the microphones. I even noticed the noise (> 15 KHz) emanating from my TV set when I recorded in the living-room! The ultimate test, however, was when I captured a thunderstorm on Friday night. I used a stereo arrangement instead of a binaural one but the imaging was nevertheless very faithful. Here again, the microphones recorded the rumble without any distortion. I also tested them with my Sony MZ-1 portable MiniDisc recorder ... and was again impressed with the quality. Thank you for a wonderful job! I know my friends will be equally amazed.

Later he wrote:

Yes, Len's microphones are truly fantastic... They sound great, with a balanced frequency response, extended dynamic range, and are useable for both stereo and binaural recording! They also accept very high sound levels, and are quite small.

I use them with both my Sony TCD-D3 portable DAT recorder and my Sony MZ-1 portable MD recorder. In all my recordings, I get superb imaging.

Another satisfied customer :-)

L.S-M. from New York writes:

Great job! Sounds great!

F.B., a DAT user from Belgium, writes:

The CSB mics reproduce even sounds with really deep bass and very high volume very linear. Because they are omnidirectional, positioning the mics is much easier. Just put your head on a place where the sound is best, and replace it with the mics. ...if you want to record loud music with deep bass, I recommend the CSB mics.

Last weekend I've recorded a gig on the beach with your mikes and it sounds great. I was afraid of the wind although it wasn't that strong, but it caused no distortion at all. I gave a copy to the band and they were amazed and think of using it as a demo. Now they consider purchasing the same equipment.

R.K., a DAT user from California, writes:

The Core Sounds have phenomenal bass. Pipe organ tapes that I've made with CSBs + Casio DA-R100 usually rattle more things in my home than comparable instruments on commercial CDs.

H.S.M., a DAT user from Pennsylvania, writes:

Taped 3 shows this past week and all came out superb. Thanks again.

J.W., a DAT user from Utah, writes:

I took your mics with the battery box up to a gig of ours in Sun Valley and used them with a TCD-D7. Taped the mics about 2 feet apart on a rafter at the end of the dance floor horizontally. This was about 15-20 feet from where we were playing. ...

Anyway, it is the best band recording of us that I've heard so far. The mix sounds like a Grateful Dead recording but with amazing clarity on the drum sounds. I'm impressed by the high hat and the cymbal sounds. Really amazing. They are right on top of the mix and sound very good.

B.G., a DAT user from Sweden, writes:

I got the microphones in the mail on Friday. I was very eager to test them, so on Saturday I took the mics and my DAT player to the cathedral. This cathedral is from the 11th century and the acoustics is very good. I recorded the church organ, and the result was unbelievable good! When I was listening to the recording with my headphones it was almost like being in the cathedral. ...

Some years ago, I used to work in a radio station. I never managed to make so good recordings with the more expensive mics we had there.

So, I just want to say that I am very pleased with the mics you make.

A.L.F., a DAT user from Toronto, writes:

Several people I was with listened to the show on the way back and were blown away by the sound quality. It's probably the best show I've ever taped -- and is good enough to be pressed.

After doing about nine shows with your mics (about half authorized by local bands), I'd like to say job well done on the mics.

They're fabulous.

Bill, a DAT user from Massachussetts, writes:

I'm glad I finally ordered your mics. I've used them for the past month or so, and have been very pleased with them. I wish I had discovered your mics before I bought the Sonic Studios - yours cost less, and they are better. I run the mics into your -12 dB attenuator cord and then into my Casio DA-R100 with -20 dB. I have not heard any distortion at all - very unlike the Sonic Studios.

Thanks for the mics - they are great! I will recommend them to people over the Sonics!

S.L., a DAT user from California, writes:

The Core Sound battery box mics have been working *beautifully*. I've been on tour with Sugar for the last three weeks and have gotten some really excellent recordings with them.

I just got back from Illinois, where I used that set of battery box mics with a rented Denon DTR-80P DAT recorder to tape Bob Mould live in concert. I was wearing an Army field jacket and clipped the mics to the shoulders. If I hadn't known that those were the first two shows I'd ever taped, I would never have guessed. The recording quality is *incredible*. It's a bit unnerving to listen to the tapes with headphones on; I keep hearing people talking behind me.

Thanks for making such a superior product. Rest assured that I'll be recommending your mics to a lot of people. I've already passed your brochure along to someone else (who, coincidentally, happened to be the opening act at both shows).

S.E., a world travelling DAT-user, writes:

I purchased a pair of Core Sound mics (with the "battery box" option) a little while back and just wanted to let anyone interested know how happy I've been with the little guys.

I took them far away, actually, to Brazil and recorded live music in a number of situations with a Denon DTR-80P. I took them everywhere during 7 weeks of travel and use, so I appreciated the ruggedness of the design. The Denon did not fare quite as well, though it mercifully waited until nearly the end of the trip to quit.

The clarity and stereo imaging was always outstanding, especially when I used the mics to record groups of singers. Using headphones, you can actually tell where each person is standing. The overall sound is smooth and extremely "present", and several people have remarked that they thought the DAT recording seemed "better than the original," a remark that these little mics seem to inspire quite often.

Just wanted to say thanks, Len.

S.K., a mini-disk user from Hong Kong, writes:

Last night I gave your binaural mics their first field test: Boston Symphony Orchestra playing Berlioz (orchestral and vocal selections) at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

Results: a beautiful recording!

I am mightily impressed. The mics are considerably quieter than the Sony condenser mic I had been using, and the sound -- as recorded on a Sony MD -- is brilliant and full. I'm definitely looking forward to all the good use I will put this equipment to!

R.A., a DAT user from North Carolina, writes:

They sound great, I'm extremely pleased! Wish to hell I'd bought these instead of the Sonic Studios in the first place. I've been fighting those mikes since last June, recorded 15 or so shows with frustrating distortion almost every time. Yours work better.

...I had the D7 in my pocket, and I'd take it out periodically to set the levels, slip it back in my pocket... and then when the music seemed to be getting louder, pull it out and gasp in horror as I saw themeters hitting 0db. With the Sonics I would have had a very poor tape, but with the CSB's it is better sounding than the Sonics with good levels. ...

Hey, thanks for making these great mikes.

E.S., a professor at a Northeastern university, writes:

As for Len Moskowitz's offer of the demo tape, I do suggest anyone take a listen. I ordered the tape and the mics. His pair of low-cost mics are impressive for their extremely low cost. I would not cancel your order for B&Ks, but the Core mics are well suited to "stealth" recording of sound.

I just received mine and plan to use them to record sound effects for Foley [film sound effects] work that I do, and for an unusual radio drama project where I want to record with extreme portability. Len's demo includes a binaural recording made at a nightclub that is truly startling when you realize the low cost of his mics. If you are a musician who wants to make good cassette recordings of your concerts and are on a low budget, I can't think of any other $200 mic pair that can come anywhere close to the Core Sound mics.

F.N., a DAT user in Pennsylvania, writes:

I received my mics from you just in time for an Eagles show. They were great. It was the best sounding show that I have ever taped!! I want to thank you for your quality mics, and I will highly recommend you to any DAT taper that I know. ...It will be a joy taping with them in the future.

B.C., a DAT user, writes:

Received the mics Friday and went to the nearest club that evening to check them out. So amazing. I'm a very happy customer. Cannot believe the "depth" of the sound. I could not believe the bass and drum sound - perfect.

Anyway, just thought I'd let you know I'm a satisfied customer after only one outing.

Thanks for getting the order out so quickly. I will recommend CSBs to anyone who asks.

K.G., a DAT user from N.J., writes:

I just got back from a Tesla\Lynyrd Skynyrd show. I did not want to tape it since I had lawn seats but I said what the heck and hid the gear and went in. ... When I got home to play the show I was amazed at the quality. There is no crowd noise and the show is clear and crisp. It is as if the band is right in front of me. ... I want to thank you again for making these mics available for us.. they are so good that a guard walked right in front of me and looked at my face and did not know anything... everyone should buy your mics...

M.L., a DAT user, writes:

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the microphones. The workmanship is excellent, but what is most amazing about them is how well they perform.

I used them for the first time at an actual concert last Friday. I was amazed when I listened to the tape through headphones and later though my stereo system at home. The acoustics of the concert hall and the nuances of the performance were very accurately captured. Best of all, the mics were barely noticeable - friends who attended with concert with us weren't aware that I was recording it (until later when they noticed a strange, blue glow emanating from the TCD-D7 in my lap - I've got to do something about that!) and thought I was wearing eyeglass retainers.

S.S., a DAT user, writes:

I just got back from the show I was at. The mics worked wonderfully. I still can't believe that sound that good comes from mics that small and unnoticeable. You just have to see it to believe it. I think that the band I taped may even use some of the stuff for demos or something. Thanks again for everything. I really apprecaite all the help you've given me in the last few days and I will definately recommend the mics to anyone I know in need of some.

W.S., a DAT user, writes:

You might be interested to know that I talked with a taper who's trying to run Sonic Studios into a D7. After numerous pairs of mics, he still has distortion problems. Of course I told him I use Core Sounds without any problem! And they're 1/2 the price!

B.F., a DAT user from Connecticut, writes:

Having read the superlative testimonials for the mic set, I thought I knew what to expect from my new purchase. I still wasn't prepared, however, for the amazing clarity and the spatial perception that was captured to DAT. Listening back to my recording later in a public space, I thought that there were people talking around me, rustling papers, and such, but it was an illusion. I'm used to stereo imaging being in front of me, but with the binaural recording technique made possible by these mics as well as their fidelity, I actually heard imaging *behind* me, exactly as I experienced at the concert. I'm amazed.

H.B., a DAT user in the U.K., writes:

For a long time I have heard of these Coresound mikes. I have been hankering for a chance to try them for a number of years, now, at last, here was the chance. ...

The high point of the celebration was a fly past by the RAF Battle of Britain memorial flight. In this case, consisting of a Lancaster, and 2 fighters, a Hurricane, and a Spitfire. ...

The planes bore down the valley. The low thrum of 6 Merlin engines in perfect synchronization was something to hear. The mikes came through.

We used the recording to play back to the people at Kidderminster station who didn't get a chance to see the fly past. The comments I had on all hands was that people were looking up to seek for the on rushing aircraft.

Having used a succession of mikes, best being a pair of AKG 202es, and my current best an ECM-979, I have to say that these have been the best sounding mikes I have had opportunity to use.

J.S., a DAT user, writes:

I love your mics! I've got the battery box set, and the recordings are incredible. The sound stage and placement is remarkable. They give my recordings what I think alot of live stuff lacks - presence. You can actually FEEL the venue, which I think makes a big difference.

M.C., a DAT user in France, writes:

I've done two recordings, the first binaural, the second stereo. The first was a gig in a pub and the first person to hear the recording said "fantastic!" You could localize all the smalltalks around and even understand what was said (something that you don't in the reality). Me, I would say "Ultra Realism!"

The second was a rehearsal I made in some place. When I began to play the recording (in my earphones) in the same room it was made, I heard somedy move behind me and turned the head to see who was coming. There was nobody: the move was recorded!!!

R.T., a DAT user in Florida, writes:

There aren't too many times that one can say they think they got more than they paid for, but that's the feeling I came away with after recording my first two shows through your mics this weekend. The sound they captured into the Sony D8 was truly superb. I found that by putting my Yamaha DSP into the appropriate surround mode and kicking up the volume I was back at the show again! What more could one ask for?

I was concerned about surrounding audience noise, but (much to my surprise) the mics seemed to do a excellent job of somehow rejecting some of the conversations going on in back of me, as they're not noticable on the recordings. Talk about stealth, I was sitting one seat off the aisle in the 6th Row center section of a small venue with security all over the place and there was never any detection of the "eye glass holders" securely clipped in front of my ears. (I must admit there were a couple of times I could swear they were looking right into the side of my head and were going to say "busted".) Guess you can add another satisfied customer to the already long list. Without hesitation, I'd recommend the purchase of your Battery Box mics to anyone into audience recording.

...Thanks again for an excellent product which I'm sure will afford the opportunity to capture many hours of listening enjoyment.

D.J., a MiniDisc user in Hawaii, writes:

I have had the chance to listen to my MD recording of Jr. Wells and his 8 piece band and I am most favorably impressed with the performance of your mics! The clarity of the recording is incredible; the cymbals (which I always find a bit "hissy") are very crisp, each instrument is cleanly reproduced...

Thanks for such a well manufactured product that is all that it claims to be.

N.V., a DAT user in Canada, write:

Just listening to a few recordings that I made with my D8 and the CSB mics. Boy, I am impressed with how these mics sound!

I have recorded a few classical performances (so far, cello and piano) using a Tascam DA-P1 and a pair of cardioid condensers (either SM-81s or KM-184s), and I was slightly disappointed with the results, miking from about 10'-15' back, 6'-7' off the floor, in X-Y configuration. While I was recording with the DA-P1, I was making a backup DAT using my Sony D8 and the CSB mics (with the D8's preamps set on the high sensitivity setting), and both times, those recordings turned out better! Go figure. The CSB mics seemed to have a flatter, more neutral, and certainly more blended sound on piano and cello than either the KM184s or the SM81s.

R.L., a world traveller using a DAT, wrote:

Yes, you have a solidly-satisfied user, here!

The mics were great, with occasional difficulties involving wind blasts, but otherwise wonderful. Some of my favorite recordings involve the bargaining sessions I clandestinely recorded with the camel and horse vendors at the Pyramids and the sounds we got while we navigated our way through the large Suk, bazaar or Khan El Khalil, which is a "must-do" for all who travel to Cairo.

K.H, a DAT user in Canada, wrote:

I received the battery box set about 2 weeks ago. It is an incredible little microphone! I have been putting it through its paces in a number of difficult recording situations and remain convinced that it is the buy of the century. I have not heard better reproduction of acoustic instruments without paying at least 10 times the price..... even then it is arguable in some circumstances.

Regardless, this is a wonderful product. Once I can scrape a few dollars together, I'm going to order another!

D.R., a DAT user in California, wrote:

I wanted to let you know that I got the mics and had a chance to test them out a couple nights ago when I recorded Joe Satriani at a local medium-sized venue. The tape came out terrific thanks to your mics! I'm not a novice to DAT recording and I've tried using all kinds of microphone configurations before. I've recorded Joe Satriani before using my own home-made mics (VERY similar to yours) but your mics definitely surpass my feeble attempts at mic construction! Bravo!

J.T., a lover of musical theater from the midwest, wrote:

A week before my trip to New York to catch a very important concert, I decided to buy a TCD-D7 DAT Walkman to record the show. At this point, I was a complete DAT newbie, and was horrified when I found that a good set of mics would cost me $800 or more. Enter Core Sound Binaurals! I came across Len Moskowitz's webpage just two nights before I left for NY, and decided to email him to make enquiries. Len replied very promptly and was most patient and thorough with his answers. Most importantly, Len's mics cost merely a fraction of the other prices that I had been quoted. Because I needed the mics in a hurry, Len agreed to meet me in mid-town Manhattan on the day of the concert so that I could record it that night (thanks Len!). I was absolutely delighted when I heard the results! I'm no audiophile, so all I will say is that the sound on my tape is unbelievably faithful to the sound I heard with my own ears at the show!! It's amazing when you consider that each mic is no bigger than the metal eraser "chamber" at the tip of your wooden pencils. Since that show, I have stealth-taped several other rock concerts and musical theatre performances with outstanding results. Also, Len has been most accessible via email to answer queries that I have.. no 1-800 "help" numbers that put you on hold for 45 minutes here! I give the CSB mics my highest possible recommendation!!!

K.V., a DAT user, wrote:

I'm lucky to live in an area with a _lot_ of tapers who have some very serious mics. Often someone will collect 4 or 5 different tapes of a certain show to find the "best" tape of the lot. On occasion, my CSBs (under their optimal conditions, which are relatively easy to achieve while still remaining stealthy) have sounded _much_ better than Neuman or Schoeps tapes (which, admittedly, were not made under their optimal conditions which are very difficult to achieve while staying stealthy). Unfortunately, while everyone else can hear the difference, the guy who spent $3000 on the mics usually can't!

F.H., a MiniDisc user, wrote:

The binaural mics arrived yesterday. I hooked them up to my Sharp Mini Disc recorder, and they were fantastic. Unbelievable! I recorded my wife and I talking, and replay was uncannily accurate as to voice timbre and direction. I didn't think such mikes existed.

I am 100% satisfied and you're welcome to use anything I said as a supporting statement.

D.T., a DAT user in Asia, wrote:

I bought the "battery pack" version of your mics, as did a friend with the same setup. Please add both of us to your list of satisfied customers. I have taped an outdoor percussion ensemble and my favorite music group in the world (several shows in a row) with your mics to my Sony D8, and everyone I've played the tapes for is astounded. Of course, those who like good music also want cassette dubs! I knew what to expect as I had heard someone else's tapes previously, so all I can say is I'm terribly pleased and excited to have such great tapes. I wouldn't have such good tapes without your mics.

The stealth aspect is also wonderful. Someone I didn't feel the need to inform I was taping sat next to me two nights in a row. He never suspected or discovered I was taping. I do suggest that you work out an even stealthier method for taping, as I'm sure that soon people will be on the lookout for audience members wearing "Croakies" and keeping real still!

K.L., a DAT user, wrote:

One of my main concerns was crowd noise. Not being of the boom type, I was expecting much more audience pickup. I clipped the mics to stripped Walkman headphones (just the metal head piece) and pointed them at the speakers. I was directly behind the soundboard and the resultant tape sounds like the real thing. Not perfect, but really good. A friend who tapes soundboard DAT and loves Dylan had only one thing to say, "Make me a CD!!". It was also cool to hear the 2'nd and 3'rd encores which I didn't expect. The mics were dangling around my neck by then, pointing God knows where, and the sound was still great!!

Thanks again for the mics, they're superb. Next assignment, Telluride Bluegrass Festival and the reunion of the "Old and In the Way" boys, besides many others!

C.W., a DAT user, wrote:

I've used the Core Sound mics (borrowed from [his friend]) and I've come to the conclusion that the result is superior to my pair of Audio Technica 831b's. So I'd like to order a pair of "Battery Box" mics. I'll be using the mics with a Sony D7.

P.H., a DAT user from St. Louis, wrote:

I'm the conductor of a 70-voice church choir. Your battery-box mics arrived 2 days before our trip to Italy (many thanks again for expediting the order!). I packed a D8, the mics, a handful of DATs, and a bulk-pack of AAs in a canvas carry-on briefcase and fiddled with it on the flight over. I taped two concerts (one in a 200-seat church, one in a 2000-seater) by clipping the mics to the corners of the briefcase (about 18" spacing), running the leads inside to the D8, and leaving it on the floor in front of the pews. Stealthy, and a fabulous sound.

I then taped a Papal Audience at the Vatican with what I'd call a baffled bi-hip (bi-hippal mics? [grin]) approach -- the D8 in a belt pack with the mics clipped to my belt, one on each hip! ...

Thanks for a terrific job with these mics -- it's amazing how nice a sound they delivered for being so tiny and inconspicuous. The physical engineering and attention to detail are excellent -- a pro job all the way. As they say in Italy, Complimente e Grazie!

T.L., a DAT user in the UK, wrote:

Been meaning to drop you a line to say that I saw B.B. King the other day at The Royal Albert Hall, London, UK. It was a wonderful show... Anyway, I've not heard such a good quality tape from my TCD-D3 ever before. I am especially happy with your mics and can only tell you that my friends are now all requesting copies which I'd managed to avoid before!!

M.A.B., a DAT user in N.Y., wrote:

Just wanted to let you know how great I think these mics are. I use them to record my own band in our rehearsal space and without any hassle at all we were able to get great sound.

One fellow on the DAT-heads mailing list wrote:

As for the thread about mics distorting.. An annecdote--I went to the 11/12 Smashing Pumpkins show, and was at the third row, 11th left of center--which was right in front of the main speakers. It was, needless to say, extremely loud. When I came out of the concert, I literally could hear rings and couldn't hear a car engine. The cores performed very well--as the people on this list who've gotten my 11/12 show can attest to. I figure, if I can put the CSB battery box mics through THAT without having it distort, I can safely say that you're unlikely to have the CSBs distort under any other feasible concert condition. Folks, I've not seen many bands that crank it up louder than the Smashing Pumpkins.

And another fellow on DAT-heads wrote:

Core Sound mics can indeed withstand insane SPL's. A few months ago I taped Tony MacAlpine at a small club, which happened to be the loudest concert I've ever been to. I stood directly in front of Tony's guitar PA. The SPL's were extreme to the point of mild pain (yes, I know, I stupidly left my earplugs at home). Of course, if my ears were feeling mild pain after the dozens of loud metal concerts that I've been to, it probably means that other people would have felt serious pain at this point. :) To make a long story short, the Cores performed exactly as expected. There was no distortion and the tape was crystal clear (the audience was in too much pain to scream).

M. F., a DAT-user from Illinois, writes:

I have been using the Core Sound omnidirectional microphones (with battery box)for the past year in a variety of taping situations- outdoors, indoors, up-front and further back. Overall, I have been very pleased with their performance. They can be very effective in a quiet outdoor setting. I taped Joe Louis Walker and Lonnie Brooks at the Peoria BluesFest. It was at an outdoor venue with excellent sound. I was 25 to 30 feet from the stage and could wander around till I found a sweet spot. The recording was excellent; when you listen to it with headphones, you'd swear you were there.

The microphones are very easy to use. In fact, they are almost foolproof. Clip the mics to your glasses, hat brim or a mic stand; plug in the battery box and plug in the cable. I've used my D-8's mic-in jack at low sensitivity with no problems. Even Keith Emerson's bass bombs at the end of 'Lucky Man' didn't distort! The mics small size and ease of use are ideal for stealth recording.

K.S., a DAT user from Ohio, write:

I had the pleasure of purchasing a pair of your binaural microphones recently (the battery box set). I used them yesterday to record a string quartet performance, and the results were way beyond my expectation. The whole experience of attending a performance and then going home and listening to the recording was breath-taking.

J.L., a DAT user, wrote:

...Now, on to my second reason for writing. I'm mailing you a money order ... for a pair of Binaural battery box mics. I've been considering the purchase for awhile and have finally decided on your mics over MarcSounds and Sonic Studios based solely on examples I've heard from all three. ...

V.D. wrote:

...I appreciate your professionalism and certainly wouldn't hesitate to do further business with your company or recommend you to friends. As I said, I was very impressed with the construction of your mics, especially as compared to the MarcSounds I've seen. And they certainly are stealthy.

S.S., a DAT user, wrote:

Just wanted to let you know that I've used your mics (CSBs w/D8) three times now (Bob Mould acoustic) and think they are great. Some amazing sound from those little guys! I've used the Sonic Studio DSM-6 and think your CSBs have great bang for the buck!

Just wanted to let you know that I think they're terrific.

L.F., a DAT user in Mississippi, wrote:

After receiving my CSB mics yesterday and taping a Bela Fleck show last night and can honestly say that I am impressed.

J.L., a DAT user, wrote:

These mics are impressive. Taking the size into consideration, they're amazing. Not one person noticed that I was recording.

J.R., a DAT taper, wrote:

...First, like pretty much any microphone, the CSB works best under optimum conditions. However, when the conditions are poor, the CSBs do a really good job of producing an acceptable recording - even when the acoustics of the venue are terrible. Conversely, my [another manufacturer's] mics make an awful recording in an awful sounding venue. ...Even in the worst venues, my CSB recordings always sound really warm and they're just SO easy to listen to. Admittedly, some of this warmth is not really accurate, but the final results from your mics have not disappointed me yet.

...I'll spin you a copy of the first recording I ever made with the CSBs - to date, it's still the best one I've done! That's a recording made by a pair of mics sent express mail to me the same day, with a D8 that I purchased only a few days earlier. I can't think of any better proof that pretty much _anyone_ can make a great recording with these mics.

N.E., a DAT user in Switzerland, Writes:

They arrived on Tuesday, and I am completely happy. The mics are even smaller than expected. Design and quality are first class.

My first victim to be recorded was my 10 year old son practicing the clarinet. The result was superb. One thing I appreciate particularly is that correct positioning of the microphones seems to be almost uncritical. Next I recorded the Jimmy Dillon Blues Band in a local club (I'm a blues guitarist myelf). That was also very successful. ...

I'm showing them to everyone. So don't be surprised if you get some new orders from Switzerland in the near future.

J.K., a DAT user in Maryland, writes:

I finally got another chance to use the Core Sound battery box mikes again with the Sony [TCD-D7] Dat recorder. A Jazz trio at a small club in DC. This time I was in a better location and the tape came out magnificent. Close to the quality of a record. I am very impressed.

J.C., a DAT user in Illinois, writes:

The binaural mics I ordered from you were forwarded to me in New Mexico, where I have been on vacation, and I used them in a recording session the next evening. They are every bit as good as advertised. We were amazed at the clarity.

A.S., a MiniDisc user in the UK, writes:

Well, I gave them their first field trial yesterday - I took them & my new portable MiniDisc recorder to a local free festival, held in the great outdoors, to record one of my favourite bands, who happened to be playing a set there. When I listened back to the recording, it was amazing - just like being there all over again! These microphones are deeply fab gadgets, and I would unhesitatingly recommend them to anybody!

G.W., a DAT user in the UK, writes:

I just arrived home from the USA yesterday loaded with hours of DAT recordings done on the new mics. The mics were waiting at the Hyatt Hotel as arranged, many thanks for your excellent service. All the recordings were done of theater organs in Indiana and the results are fabulous. I am more than happy with the results. I will be pleased to recommend them to anyone.

M.S., wrote in the Mini-Disk Mailing list (

Just thought I'd say that I used Len Moskowitz's CORE SOUND BINAURAL MICROPHONES (battery box version) this wednesday night to tape the Lilith Fair in Nashville, TN.

...I must say that the microphones performed AMAZINGLY. I've let many people hear the recording of Sarah McLachlan in particular and without fail a look of disbelief crosses the face of everyone who hears the recordings. The Core Sound mics are amazing. They pick up the full spectrum of sound from deep, rich bass to crystalline highs....ALL BALANCED. I've heard about mics that cost almost $200 and pick up highs great, or mics that pick up bass great....these get it all. If you are looking to tape live shows, YOU WILL NOT FIND A BETTER MIC FOR EVEN TWICE THE me.

I've also used these mics to record acoustic guitar by clipping one to the bridge and another pointing inside the setting the MD to record in mono it blends the two signals perfectly into what rivals some of the best studio acoustic guitar recordings I've heard (ie Tracy Chapman's self titled debut album). The mic on the bridge picks up the crisp strikes of the string, and the mic in the hole adds the depth of the lower tones.

Anyways, I'm sorry for the long post that kinda sounds like a commercial, but I will promise you that I'm in no way connected to Core Sound...I bought my mics with my own cash for the same price you'll pay for them. I've just been so damn impressed that I felt that I had to tell everyone that these mics paired with a MD recorder will produce some of the best "bootleg"/live recordings you'll hear.

B.S., a professional recording studio owner, writes:

I'm currently commissioned to record sounds occuring during emergency medical services rendering. I ride with the paramedics and record everything on DAT. Your mics have thus far produced clarity and sound quality I would have expected only if I could drag my studio mics along. It was the bulk of the phantom power supplies that discouraged this avenue.

These are great mics. In-studio comparisons show them to be on par with my mid priced ($500-$1500 ea) condensers. Neumann's they are not. But performance/price ratio is indeed very high. I'd recommend these to anyone.

S.S., a Canadian DAT user, writes:

I purchased your mics a few months ago and the first recording I made was a National Youth Orchestra (Canada) concert. I was amazed at the sound quality achieved by using the TCD-D8 with the core sound binaural mics so much so that I think I might be using the mics with a dummy head setup to record the EYO's (Edmonton Youth Orchestra's) next CD.

T.F., a DAT user in Rhode Island, writes:

Your mikes are excellent... I just had a chance to try them out in a small jazz club with a moderate amount of crowd noise. They made an excellent recording and surprisingly did not pick up very much crowd noise. They produced a far better sound than my Sony mic (which was made for the D7). Keep up the great work...

P.M., a DAT user in the UK, wrote:

You must be used to hearing comments attesting how amazing binaural recording is. Here's another one. For the first hour (to test them out), I've had them connected to our new Sony TCD-D8 DAT walkman, recording sounds in the office. It's freaky how when someone sneezes, gets up off their chair or opens the door, on playback everyone is fooled, even if they know it's coming.

S.M., a broadcast professional in FL, wrote:

As a broadcast professional, I have nothing but praise for both the construction and customer service provided by Core.

I've used the Core omnis to record a number of club dates and festivals and have had no qualms in broadcasting the results. Since I use the battery box without the bass rolloff, sometimes I eq the original before broadcast. The positive audience response from people knowing nothing about microphones or whether I spent $3000 or $300 on the mics proves the point (to me at least).

These mics are $250 (or so) for the pair, and are made specifically for stealth, or in my case, convenience. I don't expect them to compare with my $2500 AKG or even my Oktavas, but like the Oktavas, there is a price-performance equation to be made, and the Cores stand up to any other in the price range and are better than many costing more. As with any mic, they must be set up and positioned correctly.

I've spent a whopping $250 (or so) with Core, yet whenever I have a question, Len has been more than willing to spend time on the phone with me...

If you want quality construction and excellent customer service in what is, after all, a very specialized field of low-cost miniature microphones, I have no problem recommending the Core mics.

A DAT user in the UK, wrote:

I'd like to comment that the bass filter for the battery box set you sold me worked better than I could possibly have hoped. I was standing in front of VERY bassy speakers ... but the bass roll off compensated beautifully. Thanks.

R.R., a DAT user in The Netherlands, wrote:

On saturday I tried the Core Sound binaurals with my Sony MZ-R30 in a music hall. I sat at the back of the hall (approx.600 seats). ...

Because it was the first time, I was unsure about the recording level; I happened to set it way too low. Nevertheless, the recording (of a recital of Radu Lupu, a world-famous pianist) is really natural, all nuances of Lupu's piano playing are captured. In one sentence: I'm very happy to have bought your mics.

I had a bad moment when the person sitting next to me whispered in my ear (and microphone): ``which piece is this?''. But these experiences --and coughing audiences-- belong to the disadvantages and charms of going to concerts.

D.R., a DAT and DCC user, wrote:

I want to tell you how much I like your mics--I'm no mike expert, but these are the most natural sounding mics I've toyed with. When I use them, I can be confident that the recording I make will sound almost as natural as the sound coming into them. As far as my ears can tell me, they do not "color" the sound in any way; I feel that I'm getting as close to the impact of the original performance as I can get. The battery box pair also have extremelly low-noise; much lower than my Sony ECM-909A, which I used to use as my main mic. Mounting is less of a problem than I expected; I've found that used Perrier bottles work just fine for clipping. People who listen to my tapes can't believe all of the fidelity that come from these two capsule-sized mics!

P.B., a DAT user, wrote:

I had my wife wear the CSBs on a baseball cap (near the ears) while recording and then played the tape back via headphones. I had her sit in the same location to listen to the tape. She was amazed at the three dimensional sound; she said that she could "see" where I was during the recording. She was even more amazed with the sound reproduction of the CSBs than she was when I played my new Sonny Rollins record (Analogue Productions) on my new Rega Planar 3 (it sounded like Sonny was right there in the room with us). The reason I mention this is because she's not into audio AT ALL.

The hand written note you included was nice. Thanks for the personal touch and all of your support.

Y.F., a DAT user in Paris, wrote:

You did a superb job. People don't believe my recording are made with these 'small' microphones. I'm using a TCD D8 and most of the time I'm using the line input.

I've recorded indoor and outside live gigs of accoustic and electric (rock, r&r, jazz) bands and never been desapointed with the results.

I also did once an experience. I plugged the mics into a TCD D8 and a pair of B&K (omni) that I have into a TCD-D7 to record the same band. These are people I really know well, I know their sound and their music.

Your microphones came VERY close for most people that listened to the recording. Since I positioned he mics close to the B&K I used a A/B recording technic (not binoral) so this may have impacted the result but I found the B&K phase respect better and more clear at the top (bass and treble), but considering the price my wife wonders why I bought them.

I'm really happy that now I don't have any more TCD D8 pre amp distortion (even on the micr input). Your mics are the first that I found work well. One of my friends bought a pair from you after he heard the results and I believe you should get more orders from France soon.

E.N., a MiniDisc user, writes

Just wanted to let you know that I'm extremely pleased with the binaural mics. I got a great recording on my Sony MZ-R30 mini-disk recorder of an Indigo Girls concert from the front row by taking your advice and putting the mic in the line in to keep the levels down. People have told me it's the best bootleg they've ever heard!

D.D., a DAT user, wrote:

I got the binaural mics and I am much impressed. I never had any idea they could sound so good. I am so happy I went with them.

S.G. wrote:

Just wanted to thank you for the super prompt attention to my order for a mic....Shipment arrived before noon today...about 15-16 hours after we talked....

M.S., a MiniDisc user, wrote on the MiniDisc mailing list:

Just a note about [how] my brother & I use our MD decks to chronicle his progress as an aspring acoustic guitarist. We've used 2 setups for recording his songs: ...


What we did was clip one microphone to the hole of the guitar, facing inside the guitar to pick up the fuller/lower tones. The second mic was clipped to bridge (where the strings connect to the guitar) facing the strings....this picked up the contact with the strings as well and the higher tones. The mics are then run into the mic input on the MZ-R3 and the record mode is set at MONO. The reason for this is to combine/mix the two mics and get a rounded tone. It works WONDERFULLY! No need to hold any mics, and with the mono record function, you get a 2.5 hour digital music diary.

Later he wrote:

I love the Binaurals, I've recorded three shows with them so far (all small-medium clubs) and the playback is great on headphones. I always record in stereo since the imaging is so striking when listening on headphones. It isn't bad on speakers, either. I've also recorded some ambient sounds, a bus ride, etc. and the results are even better than the loud-music recordings. Little sounds like someone dropping a quarter in the coin box come through very, very clearly.

R.M., in Maine, wrote:

Just wanted to let you know that I purchased the binaural mics and battery box set up a couple of months ago, and have had a lot of fun with them. I live in Maine, where we had a major bad news ice storm recently ( no power or phone for two weeks). I recorded some of the sound of ice cracking and falling with them, and it was quite amazing, a once in a lifetime experience. I stood inside/under an inverted birch weighted by ice, completely surrounded by the sound of crackling ice and moaning wood. I can't wait to put the phones on in August, when it's 90, and we are complaining of the heat!

C.S., a video taper, wrote:

WhoA!!! Man you guys really knew what you were doing! I taped some stuff again last night. These things work beautifully. ... I can't say how happy I am with these mics. I actually recommended them to a friend, he is probably going to buy a set pretty soon. Thanks for your help!

L.B., a professional trombone player in TN, wrote:

I've been enjoying my mics. They seem to work just fine and the sound is so very realistic. Even in my studio ... I'm able to record a student and on playback say. "That's how you sound!" and mean it.

Thanks for your suggestion that I get the MZ-R50 - It's the best purchase I've ever made in stereo recording equipment. Paired with your mics it is an unbeatable pair.

Later he wrote:

I suppose you don't remember me, but I've been using your binaural mics for some time now and I am VERY happy with them. ...

I must thank you... these mics have been the envy of everyone who has seen them --- then they hear the result and can't believe it. I think you will be hearing from some of my fellow musicians soon.

M.L., in Japan, writes:

My first reaction after playing with them for 10 minutes: these things are ****ing cool. (Excuse me.)

I played some music on my stereo and started to record with the binaurals clipped to my glasses at about the position of the opening of my ear.

I was making some tea and walked away from the stereo to put water in a cup. When I played back the recording I had the sensation of walking around the kitchen even though I was sitting.

Then I experimented by recording while tapping a few solid objects surrounding me. I played back with my body in the same position and had the erie experience of feeling like I was tapping the same places without moving my arm. Strange. ...

One further observation I forgot to mention. This is the only recording of my voice that I've ever heard that sounds like me speaking.

Thanks, Len. You have a great product. I will recommend to friends and musicians.

T.N., a DAT user in Washington state, wrote:

I received your mics last Wednesday and decided to try them out 2 days later by recording my friends' rock and roll band. (I use a Sony D8.) The accoustics of the hall were less that ideal, but the recording was excellent. I made a CD and gave it to my friends; they were surprised at how well it turned out. I like the mics!

M.D., a DAT user in Australia, wrote:

You might remember me. I order a pair of mics off you about a month ago. In the last two weeks I've been following U2 around Australia for the four shows here. I recorded them all with your mics and a Sony TCD-D8. I am extremely happy with the results. More than happy actually. At two concerts I sat way up the back and was down the front for two others. All came out great.

Thanks HEAPS!!!

R.E., a DAT user, wrote:

First of all, let me say a word about the CSB mikes which I purchased about two months ago. I've only used them for some "serious" recording the last couple of weeks and am quite pleased.

I recorded a concert in which I played yesterday with three opera singers and am rather amazed at the quality of the sound, especially of the voices. The logistics of the setup required rather close miking (about five feet from the singers) with the mikes in a stereo array configuration about 12" apart facing up. I have never heard a vocal recording with this dynamic range before, especially with such a clean sound!

I also had a chance to use them in a "stealth" situation last week, where I recorded a rehearsal of "Carmina Burana" with 80 piece orchestra, 150 voice chorus and three vocal soloists. I would have been shot by the Musicians' Union for that one had I been found out! As it was a rehearsal with only a handful of people in the hall and some of the lights on, I couldn't really get the mikes into a good position nor quite far enough apart for a good stereo spread without them being seen. But even though the result was almost mono, it's still quite acceptable. Again the clarity and dynamic range are remarkable. Both of these recordings, BTW, were made with an unmodified Sony D-100, using the -20db microphone input setting.

I find the CSB's are more than worth the price.

D.D., a DAT sampler in Missouri, wrote

On another note, I wanted to tell you how much I've been enjoying the binaural mics more than I'd ever imagined. With just them and my TDC-D100, I have been able to do field sampling so incredibly easily and with amazing quality. My new album is full of ambient noise I've recorded **in the field,** for the first time with quality I've been proud of. And the same mics also did a great job of recording a way-too-loud rock concert last week. This is just what I've been wanting for years!

W.S., a DAT user, wrote:

I'm having a great time with them. People hearing my recordings assume that I've used expensive non-stealth mics. They are very impressed with the quality of the recordings. Although you and your mics deserve a lot of praise, I generally don't tell them what mics I used (to preserve the stealthing possibilities). Sorry, but I guess that it's the nature of this product.

M.L., a DAT user, wrote:

I recorded an MMW show in 96 with your CSB-BB mics. I just got in some filler of that same show recorded with Nak 300's. Doing a side by side comparison, the difference is extremely minimal. ... I've found that the CSBs when used right in front of the music really "put you there" when you listen to the recording. It can actually sound like your on the stage at times. Pretty cool.

I've had the CSB's for 2.5 years, and they still work great.

Thanks for the cool products. 8^)

K.N., a sound-artist in the UK, wrote:

...thank you for my microphones which arrived safely (and inexpensively - thanks!) today - in the middle of a thunderstorm, which I immediately recorded. I'm now playing it back and feeling thoroughly wet - the sound quality is excellent !

M.R., a MiniDisc user, wrote:

I'm using the CSBs discreetly clipped to the frames on my glasses.

Just recorded my first concert with the binaural mikes. Wow, from all the reports I've read about how good they are I really was surprised at just how *really* good the recording came out. Incredibly clear and dynamic - it really does sound 'professional'.

I was also really impressed with how even though my ears were distorting with the volume the recording still came out undistorted. It certainly sounds as good as any other live recording I have.

It was done on a Sharp minidisc incidentally.

G, in the UK, wrote:

Just a quick note to say that I've used your mics a few times now, and they are excellent. I've had a few problems, but that's to do with the deck I'm using. I think the mics even had a little beer spilt on them (too close to the pit) at one show, and they still work! :) I've also used them when my friends and I have gone down to a studio and had a jam, great way of storing ideas. Well, thanks a lot.

Mike, a DAT taper, wrote:

I actually gave two of the recordings I made to a guy who turned them into CDs and distributed them quite widely. I don't like the fact he made a profit out of them but that's another story. Anyway, people, independent of myself who bought the CDs have written to the mailing list concerned on numerous times posting about the exceptional quality of my recordings. But anyway... EVERYONE, including myself, is blown away with them. I'm not writing this to butter you up by the way... :-)

M.L. wrote:

Hey, I just want to say THANKS! The way you run your business is amazing! Not only did you get the mics out to me almost instantly, but you actually care, and have been a huge help! I want to let you know that I have been to 3 Pearl Jam shows, and recorded them all, 2 from real close, and one from nosebleed, and they all sound AMAZING!!! Like A sound know what you are talking about when it comes to mics... I will definitely stick to your mics, and recommend you to EVERYONE I know!

K.V.D, an MD taper, wrote:

Approximately 4 months ago I purchased your CSB mics with the full spectrum battery box. I have had amazing results, and have blown the minds and created some jealous hearts in other tapers with AKG and Nakamichi mega buck models. ...

P.S. I rarely listen to studio releases anymore as my recordings on MD are better!

J.S., an MD taper in Sweden, writes:

Let me just tell you that I have made some GREAT recordings during the past month with the binaurals. I am using a Sharp MD 702 minidisc and I think the sound is equal with DAT recordings.

I have recorded two shows. The first in Stockholm Globe Arena, a 13,000-seater. I was sitting in the 4th row in front of one of the stacks with the mics mounted to my glasses and the recording is really amazing. Some friends who are big tape collectors and have great demands on sound quality have been very impressed. The sound is crystal clear, well balanced and there is no disturbing sound from the audience.

The other recording was made at the Wembley Arena in London, a 10,000-seated venue with really bad acoustics. But as I was sitting at the 12th row, again in front of one of the stacks, the sound on my recording is IMO far better than the DAT tapes being made when the same artist played at Wembley last year. It sounds like he is singing directly into the binaural mics!

So thanks from a very satisfied customer.

S.H., a DAT user in Denmark, writes:

Thank you so much Len. I have been incredibly happy with your microphones and my danish friend whom I ordered a pair he loves them as well. I have since talked two other people into ordering them as well. So you make a great high quality product that you should be proud of!

A.R., in the U.K., wrote:

Just a short note to thank you for the ultra-quick service that i got ordering my mic's (Swichable Battery Box Binaurals)!! i really didn't expect to see them that quick!

I've had loads of fun recording stuff around the house and testing to see if i can get them to distort! which may i add i have failed at!!

The bass-roll of filter make's such a difference! my brother recorded him self playing his bass at a good volume and clipped the mics to the logo on his amp...the mic's being about 5mm away from the speaker!

We where amazed at the quality of sound! we both agreed that the quality of sound was way beyond what we had expected!

I then tried them recording my guitar and was impressed once again....

I can see my self using these mics a lot more than i had imagined!

M., an MD user in New Jersey, wrote:

Hi, I called you last Monday. Ordered the binaural microphone for my Sony MZ-R30. I needed it for Friday, had it Wednesday. Friday night, I went to see Pearl Jam at the E-Center in Camden NJ. I fiddled with the microphone during Mudhoney's set to check which settings would be appropriate. It was hard to figure out what the problem with the sound, Mudhoney or the microphone. Well, it turned out after the show and Pearl Jam did their wonderful performance, it was Mudhoney's distortion, not the microphone. My ears were ringing the whole ride home as I listened to Pearl Jam again. Once Saturday morning rolled around, I fell in love w/ the recording. There was some crowd noise between songs and at points people should have kept their mouths shout and let Eddie Vedder sing alone. And of course a few hand claps, but that is what live shows are all about. Above all the microphone picked up the music in great quality. I used the Bass filter and it sounds great. Thank you for this great piece of equipment.

J.J., a minidisk user, wrote:

Wanted to send you a 6+ month note on using your binaural mics. I bought them in late Feb. '98. Using them with the MD Sharp 702 has enhanced my concert enjoyment by many, MANY times. I record nearly all concerts I attend and have even found favorite bars to record shows at because of acoustics.

I must say the mics have yet to dissapoint and have also lead a few friends to buy MD products so that they can get some concert dubs.

Thanks so much for the fine product and keep up the great work,

K.S., a DAT user, writes:

I've been happily using a pair of CS Binaurals for several months now. The sound quality never ceases to amaze me.

J.S. wrote:

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the amazing microphones. Not only do they record live music and samples amazingly, but I have found them quite useful for recording guitar in my home studio. I realize this message looks exactly like all the others you receive, but I wanted to make a special point to finally tell you how much I appreciate your services. (I have a feeling you have gotten quite a few orders in the past year, core sound is the buzz of the web!)

P.S. in the UK wrote:

BTW, I recently traded for a recording of John Zorn's Masada group (from Seattle last month) made on CSBs. The sound quality is really superb and about the best audience recording I've heard! It's a binaural recording and sounds great on headphones.

G.K-C., an MD user in the UK, wrote:

Thanks for sending the demo MD which finally arrived on the morning I was packing up to move apartment! I dug out my player, listened and was very impressed. Please find below my order for a pair of Core Sound Binuarals. ...

S.H., an MD user in NJ, wrote:

I want to try another show, but so far with the 1st recording, they were just as good, maybe better then the guy next to me with $3,000 worth of Mics, D/A converters, Pre-Amps going into a DAT. I was using the CSB and my Sharp MD. I'll tell you, they were REALLY close... you need some good headphones or speakers to tell the difference! : )

S.E., a minidisk user in the UK, wrote:

The mics were waiting for me when I checked into the hotel. I was very impressed with your service.

I roadtested them for the first time last night. I plug them into the line in on my minidisc, and hit the record button. (I didn't play with I was trying not to be too obvious....)

Although the recording level was a bit low, the MD came out crystal clear, and sounds great. I'm amazed how idiot proof the mics are.....

Thanks, and I'll recommend your mics to all my friends.

Dr. Les Turoczi wrote a review for the "Stereo Times" Web magazine.


(If you prefer to order by mail or FAX, there's a form that you clip just after the online order forms.)

Core Sound Binaural Microphones

Core Sound Binaural Microphone Set (Switchable Bass Roll-off Filter) $260
Core Sound Binaural Microphone Set (Fixed Flat Response) $230
Core Sound Binaural Microphone Set (Fixed Bass Roll-off Filter) $230
Right Angle plug option $10
Removable Clip option $15
Replacement Removable Clip (one) $12.50
Dual XLR-M to Stereo Mini Jack Adapter Cable $28
15-foot Extension Cable $28
Heavy Duty Windscreens (pair) $10
Replacement Fixed Flat Response Battery Box For CSBs and CSSCs $59
Replacement Fixed Filter Response Battery Box For CSBs and CSSCs $59
Replacement Switchable Filter Response Battery Box For CSBs and CSSCs $89
Please don't forget to order shipping -- see below!

Shipping Within The US

Priority Mail (US Postal Service) $7.50
2nd Day Air (all except South and West) $18
2nd Day Air (South and West) $21
Next Day Air (all except South and West) $27
Next Day Air (South and West) $30

International Shipping

Air Parcel Post (insured, all countries except Canada) $28
Air Parcel Post (insured, Canada) $20
Express Mail (insured, all countries other than Canada) $34
Express Mail (insured, Canada) $25


ITEM                                QUANTITY       PRICE          PRICE
                                     |       |         |
Core Sound Binaural mic set          |       |         | 
 (Includes microphones and fixed-    |       |   $230  | 
  response battery box)              |       |         | 
Check if bass roll-off filter desired:       |         |
Core Sound Binaural mic set          |       |         |
 (Includes microphones and battery   |       |  $260   | 
  box with switchable filter)        |       |         |
                                     |       |         |
Extra Battery Box (fixed-response)   |       |   $59   |
                                     |       |         |
Check if bass roll-off filter desired:       |         |
                                     |       |         |
Extra Battery Box (switchable filter)|       |   $89   |
                                     |       |         |
                                     |       |         |
Right Angle 1/8" (3.5mm) plug option |       |   $10   |
                                     |       |         |
Mounting option (circle one):        
                                     | Fixed Clip 
                                     | No Clip 
                                     | Removable Clip   | (add $15)
                                     |       |          |
15-foot Extension Cable              |       |    $28   |
                                     |       |          |
                                     |       |          |
Dual XLR-M to Mini Jack Adapter Cable|       |    $28   |
                                     |       |          |
Heavy duty windscreens (pair)        |       |    $10   |

                                   SUBTOTAL:                ____________ 

                                   SHIPPING/ HANDLING:      ____________ 

                                   SALES TAX (NJ
                                   residents only):         ____________

                                   CREDIT CARD
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